dfrf-enterprises-logoDaniel Fernandes Rojo Filho is currently on the run from the FBI. After conducting an investigation into Filho’s DFRF Enterprises, the agency booked Filho on one count of wire fraud and sought his arrest.

Rather than defend himself and prove DFRF isn’t just a $15 million dollar Ponzi scheme however, Filho instead fled.

The latest in the developing saga has seen Filho interviewed by radio host Beto Moraes, in which Filho professes both the SEC and FBI investigation into DFRF are based on a “lack of information”.

Moraes’ interview with Filho took place on Tuesday the 21st with a purported 25,000 listener-base.

A translation was made available yesterday via BehindMLM reader DMPontes (full video is at the end of this article), on which this article is based.

Moraes kicked off the interview with a brief introduction, acknowledging that Filho is a fugitive on the run and that DFRF Enterprises is currently “going through a thousand problems”.

daniel-filho-ceo-dfrf-enterprisesOff the bat the first question Moraes asks Filho to clarify is how the FBI and SEC, referred to as “two of the most credible institutions” in the US, have come to allege Filho (right) is running a Ponzi scheme.

[1:22] Well, they actually conducted the investigation in order to ascertain and try to find out what we do, how we do it, where, if we really have what we claim we have and if we are what we said we were.

BehindMLM first reported on DFRF Enterprises back in February, identifying it as a Ponzi scheme which promised investors a perpetual 15% a month ROI.

[1:43] However I always said in all videos and presentations that we, for reasons of self-protection, will not announce, on whose behalf, which ownership and where we would have registered, recorded and operating our activities and our financial management.

Filho himself has connections to the notorious Sinaloa Cartel, however whether they are involved in DFRF Enterprises and to what extent is unclear.

It would certainly explain why he’s being so secretive about DFRF’s operations though.

And least of all explain why an otherwise legitimate business would feel the need to “protect itself” and fail to disclose basic operational information.

[2:10] That’s the reality, they (the SEC and FBI) actually reached a conclusion without having the information.

And due to a lack of precise information, they could not… (at this point in the recording the audio is mysteriously cut out for ten seconds)… presentation because we will demonstrate to the US government all that is being done now.

Of note is that neither the FBI or SEC have represented in their respective litigation a lack of information on DFRF Enterprises.

The SEC referenced details banking records in their complaint, which revealed pretty much off all of Filho’s claims regarding DFRF to be bunk.

Similarly the FBI presented enough information to “establish probably cause”, with the full extent of their investigation and evidence collected as of yet unclear.

In his defense, Filho claims that DFRF’s gold mines

[2:38] are being filmed, recorded (and) testimonials of people are being taken (from) people who manage, control and govern our production.

(All of this) will be demonstrated, all our financial activities, which we have in fact, legally and for real, all of this will be presented to the US government immediately after we make settlement agreements with DFRF affiliates residing in the US.

Notably, Filho fails to address why this information couldn’t be disclosed to US authorities when he was first made aware of investigations into DFRF.

Ditto why Filho chose to flee instead of sorting out what he clearly attempts to represent as minor misunderstandings.

[3:11] After we remove any business activity in the US, and members in other countries receive new contracts from DFRF, via international channels that have nothing to do with the US, neither with US currency, then settlement will be made immediately.

Again, Filho fails to disclose why DFRF Enterprises cannot operate in the US or pay investors out with US currency.

I can think of one reason…

[3:34] We almost already have everything ready.

It is a technical issue to initiate payments (to investors) and these payments will be made very soon.

This is our strategy, to settle, to demonstrate, to prove, to make settlement with the IRS and make it clear and lead to public knowledge with the news, that is to say, show and prove the truth.

This is our strategy with the US government. To enter into a final agreement, if necessary, to honor with any kind of procedural penalty caused within the code of the SEC.

What Filho is referring to above is the Securities Act, and obvious violations DFRF Enterprises has committed by way of offering unregistered securities.

A rather strange admission to make, considering Filho has previously claimed DFRF Enterprises is registered with the SEC.

Also strange is Filho’s assumption that by paying US DFRF investors their owed ROIs, that somehow that will make him square with US authorities.

Whether or not Filho truly understands what he is facing is unclear, but it’s my understanding that FBI fugitives who intend to carry on defrauding people shouldn’t expect to go unnoticed (wherever they might be hiding) for long.

Comments later made by Filho suggest ego might have had a role in the decisions he’s made, with common-sense taking a back seat.

[5:23] I will not hide under any bed, I will show my face in public in the media channels available today in marketing through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, showing what the company is doing.

Projects the company is engaged in for the immediate, medium and long-term worldwide.

Is it to recover? No it’s to maintain our image.

[6:09] Now the information will be brought to the public.

How? I’ll put it through the media.

Then immediately not only will we reclaim our reputation, we will also maintain our personal and corporate integrity.

That is our immediate project in terms of recovery.

We will publish the maximum possible of all that is true, which we are doing for the benefit of the members and for the benefit of society.

Once again I have to point out Filho fails to explain why this information was not disclosed to US authorities and why it has to be kept secret.

One other point of contention is Filho’s dismissal of his previous Ponzi bust.

[4:45] The plan is very simply, Beto.

You take everything I just said in this interview, ie. proving, because I had a very similar experience in the past where I was not charged.

This time they formulated an accusation but this accusation is improper.

We are proving that the charge is improper and will keep showing which is our capability and the ultimate goal.

Back in 2009 Filho was indeed not criminally charged, but he was ordered by a court in Florida in 2009 to forfeit millions of dollars in assets.

Assets fraudulently obtained via the operation of an alleged Ponzi scheme.

Looking forward, Filho has vowed to pay out DFRF Enterprises investors on July 29th.

[7:32] We will be putting now contracts for settlement and the new contracts for accession with the company internationally on the 29th of this month.

(On) July (29th), all will receive also adherence to cards, they will receive the new sum insured, a plan with the new strategy… later on the 29th will be presented, published and announced to all members.

This is our time, this is our forecast and we are prepared legally, economically and financially to do both delivery, dissemination and payment, and most importantly, to resume with our project legally speaking worldwide and keep on benefitting members and helping those who really need.

This is our goal.

Looking back at all the promises Filho has made in the past, it’s hard to take anything he says at this point seriously.

[8:30] We will not change the (investment) plan.

I’m not scared in this situation, but it is necessary to prove to justice and this being done, will be done.

So I want to tll all (DFRF) members who are listening and those who are curiously seeking information:

The company (DFRF) is a legal company, registered in America but changing its headquarters to another country.

We will continue operations and legally speaking it is financially super-solid.

Our activities are not paralyzed and (we) will prove immediately we have much more for the future.

You will receive your settlement contract and the new contract and we will announce and show to the world what is our facts and mission.

Yet for now at least, Filho’s appearance on Beto Moraes’ show is an attempt to appease Brazilian investors, both in Brazil and in the US.

In the meantime the FBI continue their hunt for Filho, and a preliminary injunction hearing in the SEC case is scheduled for the 28th of July.

Stay tuned…