dfrf-enterprises-logoIn a Youtube video that surfaced back in early June, rather than disclose purported SEC filing registration details, Daniel Filho instead laid out his escape plans:

Based on the events that occurred over the last four weeks, especially on the last week, particularly in the last two or three days, we are being attacked for hundreds of thousands of times, basically every single day.

Today we don’t have one single point of failure, but we have several points (and) we can rotate it.

We can shutdown one point and upload in a matter of seconds.

Filho was at the time under FBI investigation, with the above comments believed to have been made around the time he realized he would shortly be facing arrest.

Today the DFRF Enterprises drama continues, with information from Filho suggesting his hydra business model plans are being put into effect.

Filho’s latest communication to DFRF Enterprises investors, like the statement issued a few days ago, is believed to have been initially released through Facebook to a group of top DFRF insiders.

daniel-filho-ceo-dfrf-enterprisesIt is dated July the 16th, with Filho (right) beginning with an apology:


To all DFRF Members;

On behalf of DFRF family, we would like to apologize for the momentarily delay and for the inconvenience caused by the present technical and legal situation under US jurisdiction, however we do have good news to share with everyone.

The “good news” is a series of 25 bullet points and goals, outlining Filho’s hydraesque plans for DFRF Enterprises:

1- All members will receive a satisfaction dissolution agreement of the current membership with DFRF Enterprises LLC (Florida – Massachusetts).

2- All members will receive a spreadsheet showing the current balance in the account.

3- All members except from USA and Canada will receive new agreement under new rules and regulations from DFRF under new jurisdiction.

4- The balance will be 100% reported as credit under the new agreement except for residents in USA and/or Canada.

The reason Filho is abandoning the US is because he’s currently wanted by the FBI on the charge of wire fraud.

Rather than clear his name and prove that DFRF isn’t a Ponzi scheme, Filho is instead on the run. He is believed to have fled the US sometime in June, prior to a warrant being issued for his arrest.

monita-chan-dfrf-manager-canadaThe mention of Canada stands out as odd, suggesting Filho might also be under investigation there.

Back in May, the British Columbia Securities Commission issued a DFRF Enterprises investment fraud warning.

DFRF promotional videos also routinely featured top investor ringleaders from Canada.

Failing that, it could also just be Filho weary of US and Canadian authorities working closely together to track him down. Not really sure what the point of that is however, given revelation of the “new jurisdiction”will instantly give authorities leads to follow up on.

As to where this new jurisdiction might be, if I had to guess I’d say Hong Kong or the BVI. Portugal and Brazil are also remote possibilities.

What follows next in Filho communication is pretty standard Ponzi pseudo-compliance:

5- Considering the current legal and corporate status, all credits will be reported as “bonus” instead of interest earned.

Also for those that contributed under the expectation of conversion into public company under US jurisdiction, we’ll also report the suppose valuation of the expected “option” as “bonus” to all Members, means that the credit to be reported under the new contract and new jurisdiction will be the contributions plus the valuation of the “options” never converted into shares but now DFRF will consider the value and report to all Members as “bonus” not deposit or interest.

6- Any financial denomination except US Dollar and Canadian Dollar are accepted under our new operating structure.

7- Residents in the United States or Canada “can not” in any way participate as individuals in our program, except those who possess or who register companies outside American or Canadian jurisdiction (International Business Company, Offshore Company, etc.) and under the laws of the country where they are registered as company only.

DFRF provides periodically income reports to all Members for tax purposes (IRS); and the Member regardless where his company (IBC, Offshore) is registered, he must report financial activities in the country where the Member resides.

Whatever DFRF Enterprises choose to call their 15% a month ROI is irrelevant, with the scheme likely to inevitably trigger international money laundering alarms regardless.

As I understand it DFRF Enterprises hasn’t been able to pay investors for months. Suggesting financial institutions already have Filho and DFRF on their radars.

8- The access to new platform will be send via E-mail to all Members.

9- The application for the debit card will also be send with the new contract.

10- Our new system have several options to: reload the debit card, and request funds electronic-transfer to an external account that will run through agents and financial institutions in favor and benefit of the Member, also the possibility to transfer credit internally among members or third parties (MIT).

Who Filho plans to use to release these debit cards should be interesting, what with the FBI having already been in contact with Visa about the scheme.

Be it Visa or any other provider, tracking the same names appearing on the card previously issued through Visa shouldn’t be all that hard (the FBI likely already has this information through prior dealings with Visa in the case).

11- The new insurance policies will be issued separately and under the new structure and jurisdiction.

12- We’ll accept assets under the new jurisdiction similar to the current program.

13- Resident Members from USA and Canada, we can refer as “suggestion”, a few options to form international business companies in places where they will be accepted also will be properly able to report all financial activities to the authorities where Member resides.

14- We will allow new contributions and new registrations under our new platform, however no credit will be accepted in American or Canadian currency. New coordinates and multiple options will be presented to Members for contributions.

15- International Business that are not associated “directly” with the United States or Canada, but they operate with North American or Canadian banks, all contributions must be send in foreign currency, Member must request to the issuing bank to make the conversion (exchange) of US Dollar or Canadian Dollar to foreign currency before submit any contribution.

As you can see above, as Filho’s communication continues, things start to get pretty ridiculous.

What you’re now looking at is a concerted effort to facilitate international money laundering for the purposes of Global Ponzi fraud.

Filho’s plans might sound good on paper, but putting pseudo-compliance into practice… well, let’s just say talk is cheap.

16- We’ll announce the calendar to all Members (invitation) to visit all our facilities: administrative, operational, financial, production, also Member’s will be invited to participate directly in our social, humanitarian and philanthropic projects once all relevant licenses became available and official under the new jurisdiction for this particular purpose.

Now we’re clearly in pie-in-the-sky territory.

On what planet to FBI fugitives hold YouTube tea-parties with investors to broadcast to the world?

And “facilities”…? DFRF Enterprises is a Ponzi scheme, what facilities are needed to run it?

17- The current contributions, even if not officially producing anything under the jurisdiction and currency of US, remain virtually generating resources in the same form and proportion, however, we will report all production “virtually” generated as “bonus” and not as interest.

Only after the new platform became official and comply with all applicable rules and regulations under the new legal jurisdiction, then the contributions and proceeds will be denominated as legal terms, namely, interest and / or dividends.

18- We will begin to issue the settlement (Satisfactions Dissolution Agreement) to all North Americans and Canadians Members by the end of the current month of July 2015.

19- We will not accept new applications for new members neither contributions under the current program DFRF Enterprises LLC company (Florida – Massachusetts); Contributions will only be accepted after registration of the new contract under new tax, legal and financial jurisdiction.

20- We will assist all Members to address any discrepancies for the settlement of the current membership also moving under the new DFRF jurisdiction.

21- The new customer support service will be available shortly and will include support in multiple languages.

22- Our offices in USA and Canada, will only serve to consultant for foreign citizens but not to operate (No contributions, no registrations, no agreements). All current Managers will be called as consultant and will only access to the new system for verification purpose.

23- International Events and meetings will occur periodically also marketing tolls will be available except in the United States and Canada.

24- Our growth projected for 2015, has been overcome and we’re achieve highest levels.

25- DFRF news channel will be effective from August 2015, we’ll periodically inform our results to Members and to the general public; also new tools for advertisements, shopping channel, promotions, awards, events, and especially our social works with the effective participation of Members, which will be periodically selected.

As they say, if you believe any of that – I’ve got more than a few bridges to sell you…

Our immediate goals are:

a. Revoke the existing contracts and formalize new DFRF contract under new jurisdiction.

b. Settle all residents Members in the United States and Canada.

c. Fix the tax, legal and financial status of DFRF Enterprises LLC (Florida – Massachusetts) with the local authorities in US. Modify the company’s activity (Articles of Corporation) to serve only as international consultancy to foreigners.

d. Maximize performance trough our new system for contributions, reload cards, withdraw and MIT.

e. New terms and conditions to secure all Members.

f. Advertise showing our facilities at all possible levels (administrative, production, etc.)

g. Disclose our “current” financial and operational capacity, proving and demonstrating that our basis was never compromised even under the current investigation.

We welcome all Members to the new generation of DFRF family, here you make the difference and together we serve humanity transforming lives for better.

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho
President / CEO
DFRF and Affiliates.

Purely from the viewpoint of those still deluded into thinking Filho’s plans might actually be acted on – Best case scenario? Filho pumps DFRF Enterprises full of pointless pseudo-compliance and is arrested by the FBI at some point.

Worst case scenario? Filho is arrested by the FBI before any further fraud takes place.

At this point no matter what Filho does, the fact remains that nothing legitimate can come out of a $15 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Anything built off a foundation of fraud is tainted, with the fraud itself needing to be addressed before ideas of future business are even entertained.

In the case of Filho and given his pyramid scheme history in the US, that’s going to be jail time.

According to Filho, all of the above is to be “put into effect” by the end of July, 2015 – giving him just two weeks to see it done.

Any takers on there being a boatload of unforeseen problems along the way?