Almost two years after CashFX Group collapsed, whoever is left running the Ponzi scheme is still stringing investors along.

The latest ploy is CFX Legacy, a new website set up for CashFX Group investors to log in to.

CFX Legacy has been set up by Ron Pope and his company The Conversion Pros, suggesting Pope might be running the show.

Officially CashFX Group was run by Dominican Republic national Huascar Lopez. After the Dominican Republic issued a CashFX Group fraud warning in November 2021, Lopez cashed out and disappeared.

Victims of the Ponzi scheme, suspected of defrauding consumers out of hundreds of millions of dollars, have been strung along with promises of a “Phase 2 reboot”.

Last I heard CashFX Group’s “Phase 2” was some baloney forex trading scheme. As of yet though, nothing concrete as materialized.

Seemingly out of the blue, on August 2nd CashFX Group investors received an email from “CFX Corporate Team”.

We are happy to announce the presentation of the new portal for access to your Back-office: Ready and waiting for you to start using it.

Since its inception, CFX was created for the wealth and benefit of its members, with the vision of a unique long-term business.

We understand that this transition may bring some changes and adjustments, but rest assured that our team is working diligently to ensure a smooth and seamless process for everyone involved.

As we move into Phase #2, we are excited to offer a range of new services and opportunities to our community.

If you already updated your profile, thank you for the prompt action, if you are missing some details or did not complete the process yet, in order to facilitate this transition, we kindly request that you update your profile with the correct information, including your date of birth.

This information is necessary for regulatory purposes and will also enable us to send debit cards to your region.

We encourage you to start using the new URL portal for accessing your back office as soon as possible. This will enable you to manage your business network, access educational materials, and stay updated on the progress of the transition.

Please note that the previous access to your back office in the website will be available only until August 5, 2023. After this date, you will need to use the new url portal to access your account.

Moving forward with the scheduled plan, many members who updated their information correctly, have already started receiving debit cards, in order to finalize the process of Phase #1.

All accounts currently in our phase #1 are included, to receive debit cards upon proper onboarding KYC approval.

Continuing with our schedule, the trading operations will be placed on hold effective August 1st, 2023.

We want to express our gratitude for your leadership and trust during this time. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work towards creating a stronger and regulated business model for the benefit of our global community.

Stay tuned for more information in the next few days as we continue to work diligently to provide you with the best solutions and services. Together, we will achieve great success in the future.


CFX Corporate Team

I can’t say for sure but I suspect the reason CashFX Group has switched domains is because, under their original domain, the Ponzi scheme has received no less than twenty-three fraud warnings from various jurisdictions.

The latest CashFX Group fraud warning came from Portugal earlier this year in January. It was the second CashFX Group warning from Portugal, following an initial warning in 2021.

In claiming the move to a new domain is for “regulatory purposes”, CashFX Group isn’t lying but they’re not being entirely honest either.

With Lopez out of the picture since late 2021, naturally who’s running CashFX Group and CFX Legacy remains an open question.

As of August 6th, CashFX Group’s original website remains online on the original domain. Whether this will actually be disabled in the future or not remains unclear.

CFX Legacy has been set up on the domain “”:

“” was registered on July 27th, 2023. If we look at the source-code, we find a Terabit framework javascript pull from The Conversion Pros.

The Conversion Pros is owned by CEO Ron Pope.

Pope was credited as a co-founder in CashFX Group’s early days. As the Ponzi scheme took off, Pope retreated into the background with Huascar Lopez taking center stage.

In CashFX Group’s first corporate webinar, held on September 9th, 2019, Pope stated;

[0:27] Huascar spent a tremendous amount of time, years, in the network marketing industry. Both as a leader and now he’s on the corporate side.

Huascar and I have been working together for several years, about eight years now on different projects. We actually met through the network marketing industry several years ago.

And so, (I’m) very, very excited to be working with him. We’ve been looking for a home run together and we feel with CashFX we’ve found that.

With Lopez gone, it seems Pope is now running what’s left of CashFX Group.

If we look at the pulled javascript file in question, we see it was created by “Jamie”:

Jamie Beck is CTO of The Coversion Pros and President of Terabit.

On its website, Terabit pitches itself as an “Ottawa based web development company”.

As per their respective LinkedIn profiles, Pope and Beck are based out of Nevada in the US and Ontario, Canada respectively.

Ontario issued a CashFX Group securities fraud warning in March 2022. US authorities have yet to take any public action.

Pending any updates on CashFX Group’s CFX Legacy reboot, we’ll keep you posted.