It seems Bitcoiin and its “Worldwide Ambassador”, Steven Seagal, are determined to press on despite receiving a securities fraud cease and desist.

While we already knew US promoters were continuing to promote Bitcoiin in secret, now we have confirmation the company itself has no plans to comply.

Bitcoiin emerged earlier this year as a typical “we’re going to replace bitcoin” pump and dump altcoin ICO.

On March 7th the New Jersey Bureau of Securities issued Bitcoiin with a securities fraud cease and desist.

The company has thirty days to challenge the cease and desist. To date however there’s been no indication either Bitcoiin or Seagal intend to comply.

Behind the scenes Bitcoiin corporate are sending out marketing updates, which continue to promote BitCoiin’s unregistered securities offering.

According to a recent email issued by the “Bitcoiin Team”, Bitcoiin has purportedly solicited $227 million USD in B2G ICO investment.

This is the result of marketing B2G as the next bitcoin, with the company promises a minimum 300% ROI to investors;

If you missed out on Bitcoin, Don’t miss out on Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G).

Ask anyone who got into Bitcoin before the start of 2017; they reaped the benefits of approximately 900% price increase.

And here at B2G, we are expecting at least three times price increase during its 1st month.

The email also touts the appointment of Seagal as Bitcoiin’s “Brand Ambassador” as a company achievement.

As at the time of publication, Steven Segal’s social media profiles still market his involvement in Bitcoiin.

Instead of addressing securities fraud, the New Jersey cease and desist or plans to operate legally in the US, Bitcoiin instead make on last push for their $5 B2G ICO.

Thank you so much for all your support in our ICO.

Since this week on March 26, is the last day of our ICO, We would like to know if you have already taken the advantage to purchase B2G at its introductory prices during the ICO period or not?

If you are already a proud B2G owner, we appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and we encourage you to contribute more by introducing your friends & family to B2G and take advantage of 4 level of referral commission.

If you are still deciding to invest, we would like to remind you this is the last opportunity to purchase Bitcoiin2Gen at $5 only as the ICO period and the $5 prices will be no longer applicable after March 26.

So, if you don’t want to miss out this opportunity, please contact our sales support and invest now.

Given the hundreds of millions of dollars Bitcoiin claims to have solicited and Alexa estimating the US makes up 44% of traffic to the Bitcoiin website, this is a development that should alarm US regulators.

Whether they take further action against Bitcoiin and affiliates like Don Le, who continue to promote domestically in secret, remains to be seen.

In the meantime Bitcoiin Team’s email suggests Chinese scammers might be behind the operation.

What have we done so far?

* Brand ambassador Hollywood actor Steven Seagal appointed.

* Soft cap $75M successfully achieved.

* Total capital $227M raised so far (Very Near to Hard Cap goals $250M).

What’re the next BIG things?

* Dragon Mining coming up with High-End Dragon Miners.

* Dragon Mining pools.

*Thorex (B2G-in house crypto-exchange).

The links in the email for Dragon Coin point to Dragon Mining Tech.

The Dragon Mining Tech website domain (“”) was registered anonymously on January 23rd, 2018 – around the same time Bitcoiin emerged.

Dragon Mining Tech is a world-class cryptocurrency-mining hardware manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacture of mining ecosystems to mine Bitcoiin2Gen.

Established in 2015 and incorporated in 2018, the firm is headquartered in Shenzhen / China.

Dragon Mining Tech is the joint venture of Dragon Group and Bitcoiin2Gen Group whereas Dragon group takes ownership to 60% of the joint venture and 40% belongs to Bitcoiin2Gen Group.

The reason BitCoiin’s owners have come up with this baloney is because China has banned ICOs.

On the Dragon Mining Tech website, Bitcoiin affiliates can purchase mining hardware.

Of interest is Dragon Mining Tech citing Start Options as a “partner”, suggesting the Ponzi scheme also has ties to China.


Update 28th February 2020 – On February 26th the SEC fined Seagal for failing to disclose he was paid to promote Bitcoiin.