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Kristijan Krstic Ponzi empire extraditions on hold

US authorities’ efforts to extradite Kristijan Krstic and several accomplices have hit a roadblock. In a decision handed down either earlier this week or late last week, the Belgrade Court of Appeals has overturned previously granted extradition requests.

Kristijan Krstic indicted again in New York on Bitcoiin charges

After being indicted in Texas last July, prosecutors in New York have now filed a second indictment against Kristijan Krstic.

Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire indictment details

Although we became aware of indictments handed down to members of Krsitijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire last week, they remained under seal – meaning we didn’t have access to any details. As a result of the arrest of Krstic’s accomplice Haojia Miao, a redacted copy of the indictment was made available on his Texas case docket [Continue reading…]

Kristijan Krstic Ponzi accomplice arrested in California

Haojia Miao, aka Haljia Miao and Stan Miao, is part of Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire. Miao, a Californian resident, was arrested by the FBI October 7th.

Kristijan Krstic Ponzi accomplice extradited, charged in US

The first Serbian member of Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire has been extradited to the US. Antonije Stojilkovic was arrested in July 2020 in Belgrade, on behalf of US authorities. Stojilkovic consented to extradition, and was escorted by FBI agents to Texas on February 4th. Stojilkovic is now facing charges related to participation in Krstic’s $70 [Continue reading…]

Bitcoiin’s John DeMarr arrested on securities fraud charge

Bitcoiin insider and top promoter John DeMarr has been arrested ‘for his alleged participation in a coordinated cryptocurrency and securities fraud scheme’. DeMarr’s indictment details one charge of conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

Kristijan Krstic and Ponzi empire accomplices sued by SEC

Kristijan Krstic and his Ponzi empire accomplices have been sued by the SEC. The civil lawsuit follows Krstic’s arrest in Serbia late last year.

Kristijan Krstic’s int’l crime syndicate smashed by FBI

Kristijan Krstic, a serial fraudster linked to a number of scams, has been arrested in Serbia. Serbian authorities arrested Krstic back in July, following a joint investigation with the FBI. Details of Krstic’s case are murky. There’s a bit of coverage out there but absolutely nothing pertaining to what he’s facing in the US.

GoSolar Mining Review: Monthly ROI crypto mining Ponzi

GoSolar Mining provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. According to the company’s “about us” page on its website, GoSolar Mining expanded its financing to individual clients since 2017. GoSolar Mining’s website domain wasn’t privately registered until November 2018. The scheme itself appears to have only launched in late 2019. [Continue reading…]

Steven Seagal fined for not disclosing Bitcoiin Ponzi payment

In early 2018 Bitcoiin, not to be confused with bitcoin, launched its B2G pump and dump altcoin scheme. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from the plethora of MLM shitcoin Ponzi schemes out there, Bitcoiin employed Steven Seagal as its Brand Ambassador. On Wednesday, the SEC announced it had issued Seagal with a formal cease [Continue reading…]