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Kristijan Krstic’s int’l crime syndicate smashed by FBI

Kristijan Krstic, a serial fraudster linked to a number of scams, has been arrested in Serbia. Serbian authorities arrested Krstic back in July, following a joint investigation with the FBI. Details of Krstic’s case are murky. There’s a bit of coverage out there but absolutely nothing pertaining to what he’s facing in the US.

Bob Roberts dead, Options Rider withdrawals discouraged

Bob Roberts was the public face of the group of scammers behind the BancdeOptions and Options Rider Ponzi schemes. Purportedly operating out of China with a low-key US presence (top US investors were given speaking positions within the company), Roberts’ contact with Options Rider affiliates was typically over the phone. Options Rider held no affiliate events, [Continue reading…]

Options Rider engaging in structuring fraud

A legitimate business triggering money laundering filters? Not likely. For the businesses that inhabit the MLM underbelly, it’s just another day at the office.

Options Rider warning issued by New Zealand’s FMA

When Options Rider first launched, the company claimed to be ‘authorized and regulated by the New Zealand Securities and Exchange Commission‘: This turned out to be a load of baloney, primarily because there is no New Zealand Securities and Exchange commission. The securities regulator in New Zealand is the Financial Markets Authority, who play a ‘critical role [Continue reading…]

Options Rider gunning for one last investment hoorah?

Things aren’t going well at Options Rider. We’ve been getting comments from disgruntled investors complaining about withdrawal problems for months. Comments like this, published only a few hours ago, appear to be reflective of the current situation: I put in 4k, currently at 44k, will I see any pay out? Additionally there also appears to [Continue reading…]

Is USFIA tied to Options Giant Ponzi scheme?

What a small world it sometimes is. A reader sent in a call for review yesterday via a comment on our Options Rider Review. For those unfamiliar with the scheme, Options Rider is a binary options Ponzi scheme operated by Bob Roberts. Roberts is based out of China, where he believes he’s safe from US regulators. [Continue reading…]

Options Rider suspend recruitment, lie to affiliates

Short of addressing whatever problems exist with their business model, we’ve pretty much heard every excuse under the sun from MLM underbelly scheme admins. Usually these are shallow attempts at drawing attention elsewhere from the fraud taking place, which is easily refuted by redirecting the conversation back to said fraud. Every now and then though, [Continue reading…]

Options Rider Review: Managed binary options investment?

There is no information on the Options Rider website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Options Rider website domain (“optionsrider.com”) was registered on the 31st of January 2013, however the domain registration is set to private. On the Options Rider website, the company claims to be based out of Auckland, New Zealand. The [Continue reading…]