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Kristijan Krstic arrested in Georgia, extradited to the US

Wanted fugitive Kristijan Krstic was arrested on February 2023 in Batumi, Georgia. Krstic’s arrest followed a request for extradition from the US who, unknown to us, had learned of Krstic’s whereabouts.

Bitcoin Trading World D&R order from California

Bitcoin Trading World has received a Desist and Refrain Order from California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. On June 28th, DFPI cited Bitcoin Trading World and Antonije Stojiljkovic for securities fraud. Just one problem though… Bitcoin Trading World is long gone and Stojiljkovic is already serving time in prison.

Antonije Stojiljkovic sentenced to 3 years prison for Krstic fraud

Following a guilty plea entered back in November 2021, Antonije Stojilkovic has been sentenced to 36 months in prison.

John DeMarr sentenced to 5 years in prison for Krstic fraud

John DeMarr, a central figure in Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. DeMarr has also been ordered to pay back $3.5 million in restitution.

Jaira David sentenced to 3 years in prison for Krstic fraud

Krstic Ponzi empire defendant Jaira David has been sentenced to three years in prison. Upon release David will be subject to two years of supervised release. He’s also been ordered to pay $380,000 in restitution.

BitCoiin Ponzi Compliance Officer & lawyer sued by SEC

The SEC is going after the BitCoiin Ponzi scheme’s Compliance Officer and a purported legal advisor. After receiving permission from the court (the case is currently stayed), the SEC filed an amended complaint naming Keith Gooselaw and Jeffrey Gold as additional defendants.

Did Kristijan Krstic & Xenia Atilano flee Serbia for the Philippines?

Fugitives Kristijan Krstic and wife Xenia Faye Natividad Atilano, have been on the run since August 2021. The crime couple are wanted by US authorities, on charges related to a $70 million Ponzi empire. Following their arrest at the request of US authorities in Serbia, Atilano was released early due to pregnancy. Krstic was released [Continue reading…]

Bitcoiin defendant John DeMarr to forfeit $3.5 million

Bitcoiin defendant John Demarr will surrender $3,513,305.14 as part of his plea deal with the DOJ.

Forfeiture Notice added to Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi indictment

A Forfeiture Notice has been added to Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire indictment. The addition was made through a second superseding indictment, filed on December 28th.

Haojia Miao pleads guilty to Krstic Ponzi wire fraud

Haojia Miao┬áhas pled guilty to one count of wire fraud. Miao (aka Haljia Miao and Stan Miao), is part of Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire. He was arrested in California in October 2020.