One of the core problems a Ponzi points MLM cryptocurrency faces is getting their altcoin listed on a public exchange.

In addition to hitching B2G to Dragon Mining Tech and several “scam within a scam” companies (Bitcoin Trading World, Crypto Mining Space, Palilula Mining etc.), Bitcoiin have been heavily touting public exchange adoption over the past month.

If the scammers behind Bitcoiin and Dragon Mining Tech are to be believed, B2G is set to debut on two public exchanges by the end of the week.

Whatever strings Bitcoiin are pulling to make the listing happen though don’t seem to be enough, with the company also launching an astroturf campaign.

At the moment B2G is only tradeable on Thorex, a private exchange run by Dragon Mining Tech and Bitcoiin’s owners.

B2G currently has an internal value of $48.9 on Thorex, allowing Bitcoiin victims to trade internally.

The problem is Bitcoiin investors scamming other Bitcoiin investors can only go on for so long. They need new buyers outside of Bitcoiin to pump money into B2G and that’s where Binance comes in.

In an email sent out to Bitcoiin victims, the company puts forward bullshit claims about API migration issues.

We understand that many clients are anxious to start trading their B2G coins, but please bear in mind that being a Proof Of Work Mineable Coin which there are only a dozen or so in the world it has taken some of the major exchanges some time integrate B2G’s API through Thorex for pricing and to integrate B2G’s wallet and on top of that to connect to the Dragon Mining B2G mining pool for proof of circulating supply.

It has been a tedious task and hence the reason why Thorex has limited ability to buy and sell B2G’s during this integration process.

With all that being said we will be announcing this week two major exchanges that we have already secured listing with and we shall email, tweet and post on our website the moment the listing is live.

The two public exchanges Bitcoiin promise B2G will appear on by the end of the week aren’t named.

They’re likely to be smaller exchanges who, provided the price is right, aren’t likely to examine the validity of B2G too deeply.

I’m not in any way suggesting Binance is a 100% legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, however there does appear to be some hiccups in getting them to list B2G.

To combat this and “fast track” B2G onto Binance, the company has asked

all B2G coin owners create an account.

If you do not already have one with Binance using the link below.

The email contains a Binance referral link (29179605), which if any Bitcoiin affiliates sign up through, will provide Bitcoiin’s owners referral commissions.

After creating or accessing an existing Binance account, Bitcoiin directs its investors to

submit a request to them to add “Bitcoiin B2G” as a trading pair on Binance as you are 1 of almost 100,000 people who are owners of B2G, this will create enough volume of B2G owners that have an account with Binance which will expedite our potential listing.

Bitcoiin’s owners appear to believe flooding Binance with “random” requests for a B2G listing from seemingly unconnected client accounts will get it listed.

Despite a public listing likely to crash B2G’s made up $48.9 value after an initial hype pump, getting listed on an external exchange will allow current Bitcoiin victims to offload onto new victims.

It will also allow Bitcoiin’s owners to launder more of their pre-generated B2G stash in exchange for real money.

Make no mistake, that’s the end goal here.

To what extent Bitcoiin are able to dupe public exchanges into listing B2G is unclear.

If we learnt anything from BitConnect though, it’s that no matter how much of a blatant scam an altcoin is, somewhere out there is a public exchange willing to list it.