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Resort Cruise Club Review: Cash gifting and travel

There is no information on the Resort Cruise Club International website indicating  who runs or owns the business. The domain ‘’ however was registered on the 5th of April 2012 and lists a Randal Williams from Prosperity Formula LLC as the domain owner. Randal Williams (also known as Randy Williams, photo right) first popped up BehindMLM’s [Continue reading…]

Profit Racer Review: Fast Profits Daily rebooted

The fundamental problem with recruitment driven matrix scams is that once the new recruits dry up, the commissions stop and the entire business comes grinding to a halt. Matrices stop filling with new members, existing members stop cycling out and before you know it the owners have abandoned ship and domain names are simply left [Continue reading…]

Fast Profits Daily members pay new member’s fees

The cornerstone of the recently launched Fast Profits Daily business opportunity is the principle that new members need to keep joining the business in order for existing members to get paid. Despite the multiple matrices inside the compensation plan, if new members aren’t joining at the bottom of the Fast 1 and 2 matrices – [Continue reading…]

Fast Profits Daily Review: AutoXTen with retail

Within days of Brett Robinson and Scott Chandler cut and running from AutoXTen, the duo announced they would soon be launching a new MLM startup. Fast forward a few weeks later and yesterday saw the launch of their latest venture, Fast Profits Daily.With the memory of AutoXTen still fresh in mind and the knowledge that [Continue reading…]

Was SMS Dailys the reason AutoXTen founders split?

For those following AutoXTen, last week saw a split in the membership of company. On one side you had Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson, who left the company to work on their own new opportunity, Fast Profits Daily. And on the other, Jeff Long and previously silent partner Franco Gonzales continuing on with AutoXTen. At [Continue reading…]

Fast Profits Daily: Here’s what we know so far…

In record time following the abandoning of their last get rich quick venture, AutoXTen, founders Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson shortly announced thereafter that they’d be launching yet another matrix based opportunity, Fast Profits Daily. In doing so, Chandler and Robinson have brought on board a third founder, Randal Williams. Williams seems to have made [Continue reading…]

Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson abandon AutoXTen

People like you really make me laugh…seriously, we are not stupid, we’ve been around the block, we know what we’re doing and you are simply just WRONG with everything you’re saying here. -Jeff Long, co-founder of AutoXTen Back when AutoXTen members were still adamant that joining AutoXTen and getting others to join it was a [Continue reading…]

AutoXTen Review: Legally turn $10 into $199,240?

Make no mistake, the premise of a one time investment of ten dollars potentially turning into nearly two hundred thousand is an attractive proposition. Legalities and scams aside, the claim itself is definitely more than enough to warrant a closer look by someone and that’s exactly what AutoXTen are counting on to spread the word. [Continue reading…]