People like you really make me laugh…seriously, we are not stupid, we’ve been around the block, we know what we’re doing and you are simply just WRONG with everything you’re saying here.

-Jeff Long, co-founder of AutoXTen

Back when AutoXTen members were still adamant that joining AutoXTen and getting others to join it was a legitimate business model, I hypothesised the true nature of the AutoXten business;

As it stands the membership counter is running at 82898 members who have signed up.

Multiplying this by $10 gives an instant revenue injection of $828,980, and if just 10% of those people go on to cycle once (ie. they recruit a few people), AutoXTen stands to make a gross profit of $1,657,960.

If 50% of people cycle, AutoXTen turns over 8 million dollars. That’s more than enough for the three founders to share amongst themselves and a pretty decent return for a few months of hyping up AutoXTen’s prelaunch.

Barely a month after launching, turns out this is exactly what’s happened.

In an email recently sent out to AutoXTen members, the company advises that two of its founders, Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson have left AutoXTen to ‘move on to other projects…

As I hypothesised, it appears Chandler and Robinson are happy with their initial payout (which I estimate would have easily been over a million each) and have decided it’s not worth their time continuing the scam.

That leaves us with Jeff Long and some other guy Franco Gonzales who Long seems to have pulled from somewhere.

Naturally Long and Gonzales are playing down the departure. They claim that

the rumor that we are shutting down is just that…A RUMOR.

We have fixed the issues in our programming, we are continuing to pay commissions just as we have for the past almost 6 weeks and we are going STRONG!


When you have top leaders leave a program to move on to other ventures, you’re naturally going to hear a lot of rumors, “spin” and stories from members cross promoting and inviting their teams to move to other programs…

This is just the way it is… expect it. And manage your own business accordingly.

Sorry guys but there’s absolutely no way to put a positive spin on two of your founders abandoning the company just over a month after launch. I don’t buy it and nobody else should either.

Far more probable in my opinion is that whilst Chandler and Robinson are content with their cash injection following the initial matrix cycles, Long and this Gonzales guy are going to try and milk AutoXTen for a while just yet.

Will AutoXTen be around in the months to come? Watch this space!