fast-profits-daily-logoWithin days of Brett Robinson and Scott Chandler cut and running from AutoXTen, the duo announced they would soon be launching a new MLM startup.

Fast forward a few weeks later and yesterday saw the launch of their latest venture, Fast Profits Daily.With the memory of AutoXTen still fresh in mind and the knowledge that Fast Profits Daily was going to be yet another matrix driven MLM, the big question was ‘how was Fast Profits Daily going to be any different to AutoXTen’?

Robinson and Chandler have remained silent on why they left AutoXTen, but with the announcement of Fast Profits Daily, it appears they didn’t seem to wholly agree with AutoXTen’s business model.

With no retail sales and a recruitment based compensation plan, there’s no doubt AutoXTen is just a membership game… have Chandler and Scott learnt their lesson and brought something new to the table, or are we merely looking at yet another recruitment based matrix opportunity?

Let’s find out.

The Company

When talking about Fast Profits Daily the company, it’s hard to avoid Brent Robinson and Scott Chandler’s pasts. The reality of the situation is they helped co-found AutoXTen, which itself launched merely months ago and seems to have now all but ground to a halt (as any recruitment driven opportunity inevitably does).

Looking back, there’s a few things that stick out in my mind.

The first is that given the timing of Fast Profits Daily’s launch announcement, either Robinson and Chandler were busy working on it whilst they were over at AutoXTen (meaning they were only looking to cut and run with the launch profits and weren’t interested in the long term viability of the company), or they have hastily slapped together a new program in the two weeks since they left AutoXTen.

Either scenario doesn’t instill any confidence in Fast Profits Daily. If the first is true, then that brings into question the character of both Chandler and Robinson.

How could they with a straight face promote AutoXTen as a viable business opportunity knowing full well they were just milking it for the pre-launch matrix cycles?

And how do we know Fast Profits Daily isn’t yet just another scheme the pair will abandon in another few months? Sure, we could take their word for it that they won’t but does that really count for all that much given the last few weeks turn of events?

Meanwhile if the second is true, is two weeks really enough time to cobble together some training materials and launch a MLM company? What chance does such a company have of surviving in the long term?

Ultimately given all that’s happened it’s impossible to evaluate Fast Profits Daily as a stand alone company. This is one launch that has a lot of baggage around it an no doubt a lot of weary members wondering what on Earth happened to AutoXTen.

Despite the silence on both sides of the fence over the AutoXTen membership split, both Chandler and Robinson could do well to explain what exactly happened. We know it’s going to eventually leak out anyway so why not just clear the air and start fresh?

That is of course unless you’ve got something to hide.

The Fast Profits Daily Product Line

Whereas AutoXTen had useless marketing material that existed only to add a whiff of legality to the recruitment driven opportunity, Fast Profits Daily… well actually, it’s pretty much the same.

Integrating Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google 1+ (sic), email list building, WordPress, press releases – it’s all the usual e-book crap nobody wants complete with audio and video components.

Sure some complete novices might get some value of them but when every second Matrix based opportunity it pedaling marketing training tools, you’ve really got to question the differentiating factors between them all.

There’s only so much information that can be written on these marketing tools and given that Fast Profits Daily’s product line only exists to legalize the recruitment driven matrices, there’s a pretty high chance we’re  not looking at any new groundbreaking material here.

If you do want some serious online marketing training, have a search around for some dedicated marketing courses – not some throwaway rubbish attached to a recruitment driven matrix.

Fast Profits Daily don’t mention who is behind their product line but with third founder Randal Williams having a history in internet marketing coaching, it’s a safe bet to say he’s in some way involved in the bulk of Fast Profits Daily’s product line.

Oh and just to add a bit of randomness to the opportunity, Fast Profits Daily also offer you a ‘Diamond Express Travel Card’ which is offered by the Fast Track Resorts Condo Club, which appears to be a company the founders of Fast Profits Daily have set up to offer Holiday Travel of America resort packages.

Holiday Travel of America offer discount resort trips and offer company’s business solutions. Fast Profits Daily enter into a contract with Holiday Travel of America and then pass on the membership to you (and I believe make a cut of each holiday package booked).

Slightly different to AutoXTen but nonetheless perfectly highlighting the irrelevancy of the products when you’re really marketing a money making opportunity that relies on the sale of membership, rather than a product line people genuinely need or want.

The Fast Profits Daily Compensation Plan

At the heart of the Fast Profits Daily compensation plan are a series of 2×3 matrices each with 14 positions (15 including yourself at the top). With you at the top, the Fast Profits Daily matrices look something like this;

With payouts ranging from $500 to $35,000, the basic idea is that you fill each matrix by making product sales recruiting people and then receive a commission payout.

Usually these types of programs don’t last and eventually break down when the new recruits to the opportunity dry up. If I’m reading their compensation plan correctly, Fast Profits Daily seek to get around this eventually stalling of their matrices by introducing qualification to cycle.

To qualify to cycle in any of Fast Profits Daily’s matrices, members must have a minimum of two personally enrolled members or two members from their uplines spillover in the matrix before they cycle. Basically you need two members with you in each matrix you cycle from anywhere in your member lineage (upline or downline), otherwise you don’t get entry to the next matrix.


Note: I’m not entirely sure on these qualification rules, but the above is how I’m reading into the Fast Profits Daily compensation plan.


All of the Fast Profits Daily matrices operate in the same manner and here’s a quick rundown of each of them;

The Fast 1 Matrix

At just $50 to enter, the Fast 1 Matrix is a feeder matrix for the rest of the Fast Profits Daily compensation plan. The idea here is that instead of fronting the $250 to get started on the Fast 2 matrix, you instead rely on fourteen other people to subsidise the cost of your entry.

These fourteen people in turn need their own fourteen people and thus the nature of the Fast Profits Daily compensation is revealed.

Upon finding fourteen suckers members, you cycle out of the Fast 1 matrix with a $100 commission and “free” entry into the Fast 2 matrix.

The Fast 2 Matrix

The Fast 2 Matrix is the main entry point matrix for Fast Profits Daily and costs $250 to enter.

Once your Fast 2 Matrix is full, you’re paid a $500 commission and receive “free” entry into the OverDrive 1 matrix.

The OverDrive Matrices

With a payouts of $5000-$35,000, the overdrive matrices are where you start to make some serious money with Fast Profits Daily.

In addition to this, two new bonuses are introduced with the OverDrive matrices. The first is a ‘Sponsor Bonus’ which rewards your direct upline (sponsor) when you cycle.

The second is a ‘Generational Bonus’ that pays up to 5 levels deep. A Generational Bonus is a commission paid out to you everytime someone in your downline cycles (up to 5 levels).

All you have to do is fill up your matrix with 14 members and you are paid a commission. The commissions paid out in the OverDrive matrices are as follows;

  • OverDrive 1 – $5000 commission + Sponsor Bonus of $1000 + Generational Bonus of $100.
  • OverDrive 2 – $1o00 commission +Sponsor Bonus of $2500 + Generational Bonus of $200.
  • OverDrive 3 – $35,000 commission + Sponsor Bonus of $5000 + Generational Bonus of $300.


Within Fast Profits Daily’s matrices is a feature called ‘jumpover’. Jumpover effectively rewards those that recruit people and penalizes those that don’t

As various matrices cycle as they fill up, the remaining members split into 2 groups and each group becomes a new matrix.

In a nutshell, for each person you bring to the company, or each time one of your downline follows you into an available spot in your matrix, you are awarded one point (up to two points maximum).

When a matrix you are in splits, members are reorganised in the new matrix according to their jumover point value.

Members with 2 points ‘jump’ over members with 1 or no points, and members with 1 point ‘jump’ those with no points.

Thus those who don’t recruit anyone or have smaller downlines due to lacklustre recruiting efforts, could find themselves waiting quite a long time to cycle if they are continually getting jumped over by powerhouse recruiters.

Retail Sales

Fast Profits Daily don’t give any information on retail sales commissions beyond offering a 20% commission on the price of their ‘webucation’ products via a replicated website provided to you by the company.

I was unable to find the price of Fast Profits Daily’s product line as retail, but without the matrix commissions needing to be factored into the price of the products, you’d want to hope the retail price was a more accurate reflection of the training material’s true value.

Joining Fast Profits Daily

Those wishing to join Fast Profits Daily have three options available to them;

A Free Affiliate

A free affiliate can market Fast Profits Daily’s products and make a 20% commission on each sale.

Not paying any money to join the company however, free affiliates are unable tc participate in the matrix based components of their compensation plan.

The Entrepreneur Pack

The Entrepreneur Pack will set you back $50 (in reality you’re paying to join the Fast 1 matrix as outlined in the compensation plan details above).

The entrepeneur Pack includes a ‘combination of eBooks and training videos to assist you in achieving success online‘.

Sounds vague? That’s because it is.

The Expert Pack

The Expert Pack builds on the Entrepreneur Pack by simply offering more training materials. Like the Entrepeneur Pack, with the Expert Pack you’re basically paying $250 to join the Fast 2 matrix (as outlined above).

Note that the Entrepreneur and Expert packs each carry with them an annual fee of $47. This fee is included for one year upon purchase of either pack but is payable annually thereafter.


With the reality that anybody can understand pay $50 or $250 to join, get enough people to join and then walk away with $35,000, training materials become all but a moot point.

You certainly don’t need them to promote Fast Profits Daily and the clear reality that they only exist to add legitimacy to the opportunity is clear.

Looking at the matrices themselves, with the qualification requirements in place, essentially Fast Profits Daily guarantee that the matrices will keep rolling as each member needs 2 (doesn’t matter where they’re from) new members to upgrade.

You can’t buy your way into the higher matrices so in effect nobody gets paid if people aren’t recruiting.

The retail offering is pretty much a joke and I fail to see how anybody, when faced with a $35,000 payout would opt to limit themselves. Not just financially but educationally as you’d be far better off investing in proper online marketing resources from people who aren’t just trying to get you to join the company and fill up one of their matrix spots.

That and the fact that the only difference in purchasing Fast Daily Profit’s products at a retail level and as a member is that you can participate in the matrix based compensation plan, highlights that you’re really just paying the extra for participation in a recruitment game.

You can retail Fast Profits Daily’s products as a ‘free affiliate’, so why do you need to become a member? The only reason to join the company is to work towards recruiting and earning commissions based off those recruitment efforts, plain and simple.

The ‘jump over’ component of the compensation plan was certainly an interesting twist (I’m aware it exists within the ROI Unlimited compensation plan, but I haven’t reviewed them as of yet). Unfortunately though it just further highlights the recruitment based nature of the Fast Profits Daily opportunity.

By rewarding those who recruit more and penalizing those who don’t, you’re giving away the true nature of the game. And in that sense, retail sales all but go out the window.

And don’t get me started on the travel card offering. It stands out like a sore thumb and has nothing to do with the product line or compensation plan. It’s almost as if these guys received it as a bonus offer in the mail or something and opted to make it available to the Fast Profits Daily memberbase.

Folks, what we have here is the re-imagining of AutoXTen with a few extras thrown in to make the program appear legit. At the end of the day though we’re still looking at a recruitment based opportunity and like they always do, Fast Profits Daily too will eventually die a slow death as new recruits dry up.

Regardless of your free entry in upgrading (which isn’t really fee, you’re just relying on new recruits in the Fast 1 and 2 matrices to cover your expenses), Fast Profits Daily is really nothing more than a $250 buy in money game that culminates in a $35,000 payout.

With 14 people required to fill a matrix and the trickle down effect of new recruits required to cycle the upper matrices, we’re looking at hundreds of people involved just to pay out one member $35,000.

Multiply that by every member (one member alone is four 14 position matrices, filled with people who need several 14 position matrices of their own, filled with people etc.), and you’re looking at a system that might be able to sustain itself (via the qualification rules), but still can be boiled down to getting new people in at the bottom and funelling the money to the top.

Throwaway products, recruitment driven matrices and irrelevant extras. It’s not quite AutoXTen, but rather what AutoXTen would have looked like had founders Brent Robinson, Scott Chandler and Jeff Long gave a damn if it was legal or not (or at least presented itself to be).