autoxten-logoFor those following AutoXTen, last week saw a split in the membership of company.

On one side you had Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson, who left the company to work on their own new opportunity, Fast Profits Daily.

And on the other, Jeff Long and previously silent partner Franco Gonzales continuing on with AutoXTen.

At the time of the leadership split, Jeff Long made an announcement;

When you have top leaders leave a program to move on to other ventures, you’re naturally going to hear a lot of rumors, “spin” and stories from members cross promoting and inviting their teams to move to other programs…

This is just the way it is… expect it. And manage your own business accordingly.

Read as is, it implies that either Chandler and Scott, or others within the AutoXTen memberbase were shamelessly cross promoting other ventures they were involved in.

Turns out that whilst part of this might be true, the straw that broke the camel’s back might not have been Scott and Chandler at all, but rather Long and Gonzales themselves.

The problem with the AutoXTen business opportunity was always that after launch, there simply wouldn’t be enough momentum to keep the company going.

Out and out AutoXTen utilise a recruitment driven business model and with no retail sales or associated commissions, existing members must keep on recruiting to keep the matrices rolling and earn money.

For the founders, at launch when a tens of thousands of paid members instantly cycle, they enjoy a nice handsome reward (rumoured to be around $700,000 each for AutoXTen), but then what?

They know they can stick with the program and enjoy the much smaller residual income it brings in, but deep down they know they’re never going to capture that pre-launch excitement and cash flow they got prior to the launch of the company.

That’s when things start to falter.

In the case of AutoXTen, with over a hundred thousand harvested emails, it’s a mighty attractive memberbase to try to pitch your next opportunity to.

In the case of Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson, I’m not entirely sure when they came up with the idea of Fast Profits Daily, but I’d wager that sometime after the launch of AutoXTen they got restless and began formulating another pre-launch.

As such, naturally they’d be the obvious choice to cross promote their new opportunity to the AutoXTen memberbase.

But what about Jeff Long and Franco Gonzales?

Left holding the bucket with AutoXTen, these two marketers themselves are no doubt painfully aware that signups have massively slowed down and thus this directly impacts their monthly incomes.

No matter how well they market the opportunity, with recruitment requirements tied into commission payouts, it’s only a matter of time before AutoXTen dies a slow pyramid scheme death.

Knowing this, in the meantime Long and Gonzales appear to have creating alternative business opportunities to capitalize on the upper tier AutoXTen membership content.

SMS Dailys launched just a few days ago and upon examination, strongly indicates that Gonzales and Long are simply rebranding and providing subscribers with a stripped down ‘lite’ version of AutoXTen’s ‘AxT VIP Round Table Coaching Club‘.

In addition to this they’ve also centered the SMS Dailys compensation plan around recruitment (like AutoXTen, you cannot subscribe to SMS Dailys as a retail customer), and have chosen SMS’ as a delivery content system as they are then able to harvest working phone numbers of potential leads for future business opportunities they create or decide to promote.

Don’t believe me? Well, at least one Fast Profits Daily member is marketing the opportunity with the following spiel;

The reason Brent and Scott left AutoXten was that one of the Owners, Franco, illegally used the Corporate email address lists of members to promote Jeff’s and Franco’s new business venture- SMS. Brent and Scott had different business visions than Jeff and Franco.

Now granted anyone promoting Fast Profits Daily has a vested interest in luring people away from AutoXTen and anything Jeff Long and Franco Gonzales are involved in, but curiously to date neither side has come out and properly explained the all but sudden breakup of the AutoXTen leadership.

So where does that leave us?

It probably means that both parties in some way are guilty of cross promotion in one way or another. By way of mutual agreement that they’d rather keep this under wraps from either AutoXTen’s or Daily Fast Profit’s members, neither party can implicate the other in cross-promotion without fear of being labelled as such themselves.

When people defend blatant pyramid schemes with throw away lines such as ‘it’s only a $10 investment, who cares?!’, what they fail to realise at the time are the greater implications of such scams.

Ultimately, whoever was cross promoting what, doesn’t change the fact that the ultimate losers are both company’s member bases.

These are the people who will jump from one company to the other promoted by these online marketers in search of riches… oblivious to the fact that each is nothing more than a recruitment driven pyramid scheme designed to be nothing more than a lead generator and quick cash injection for those running the opportunity.

You’re never going to be succesful in these programs because long term the idea of a recruitment driven opportunity just doesn’t work.

Sadly, with founders Robinson and Chandler claiming ‘thousands have joined Fast Profits Daily in the last 24 hours‘, it appears many are still no closer to realising this obvious truth.