profit-racer-logoThe fundamental problem with recruitment driven matrix scams is that once the new recruits dry up, the commissions stop and the entire business comes grinding to a halt.

Matrices stop filling with new members, existing members stop cycling out and before you know it the owners have abandoned ship and domain names are simply left to expire.

Some admins only ever attempt one recruitment driven scam. Most don’t ever really take off and no doubt the experience leaves most deciding that it’s simply not worth the trouble and liability.

Others seem to just hop from opportunity to opportunity, never really learning anything…

Read on for a full review of the Profit Racer MLM opportunity.

The Company

The first thing I noticed about Profit Racer is that the website bore a striking resemblance to Fast Profits Daily.

Here’s Profit Racer:

and here’s Fast Profits Daily:

Whilst the Profit Racer website makes no mention as to who the admins are, design wise it’s pretty obvious the same person(s) is behind both companies, or at least designed them.

The domain registration information for Profit Racer lists the domain as owned by ‘Prosperity Formula LLC’, operating out Delaware in the US.

The Administrative Contact is listed as Randal Williams (who also goes by Randy Williams, photo right).

Randal Williams is of course one of the co-founders of Fast Profits Daily, along with Brent Robinson and Scott Chandler.

Fast Profits Daily was launched in September 2011 and new memberships seem to have dwindled to the point where at least one founder has decided to move on and try to milk the recruitment cow again with Profit Racer.

It is unclear at this stage whether or not Robinson and Chandler are in with Williams in Profit Racer.

The Profit Racer Product Line

Like Fast Profits Daily, Profit Racer offers members a bunch of training material – presumably authored by the founders.

Silver members get access to a bunch of lead generation materials and Gold members some Google+ marketing guides (along with the lead generation stuff).

All products are bundled with membership to the company and are not available at a retail level.

The Profit Racer Compensation Plan

Profit Racer offer members one inhouse commission system and also access to multiple company co-ops in various other MLM opportunities.

Recruitment Commissions

Profit Racer uses a 2×3 matrix for its recruitment commissions which has fourteen member positions to fill.

Starting with you at the top, two legs branch out from under you, two from each of those and then two again from each of those. The first few levels of a 2×3 matrix look like this:

With you at the top, when this matrix fills with members you cycle out and earn a $50 commission and free re-entry into another 2×3 matrix.

The first cycle commission is paid out as a membership fee to one of Profit Racer’s additional co-op business opportunities (explained below).

Those not wishing to participate in the company co-op can forfeit paid membership to another opportunity, but will then only receive “50 points” when they cycle out of their first matrix.

Profit Racer to no stipulate what these points are or can be used towards, nor whether or not they can be cashed out.

Co-op opportunities

In addition to recruitment commissions, Profit Racer offer members the opportunity to join company co-ops of various other MLM opportunities. The idea is that you join these additional opportunities under the admins of Profit Racer, and leverage the Profit Racer memberbase to potentially earn more.

Profit Racer don’t specify what these additional business opportunities are, but from the descriptions given and the nature to get people to join under you via the co-op, it’s clear that they are all similarly recruitment based MLM opportunities.

Joining Profit Racer

Membership to Profit Racer comes in two varieties, Silver ($13) and Gold ($39).

Both membership options earn the same $50 from matrix cycling but Silver members are only provided with access to one additional company co-op whereas Gold members are given three.


With no retail sales possible with the Profit Racer opportunity membership and the income opportunity itself is what is being marketed.

The matrices rely on new recruits and once they stop joining commissions will stop being paid out. Additionally from the sounds of it the additional income opportunities on offer also are recruitment based so they too will fold once new recruits stop joining.

This is all hardly surprising if you look at the history behind Profit Racer.

First we have AutoXTen, a recruitment scam which launched in mid 2011 and was co-founded by Scott Chandler, Brett Robinson and Jeff Long.

With AutoXTen being nothing more than a shallow recruitment scam (matrices + training tools), Chandler and Robinson bailed just months after AutoXTen’s launch and started up Fast Profits Daily with Randal Williams.

Fast Profits Daily continued the same matrix + marketing tools model but additionally had a retail option to purchase the training materials on offer.

Lasting longer than AutoXTen, it appears Fast Profits Daily has also flopped and less than six months later at least one of the founders (Williams) has decided to get rid of the retail offering, continue the matrix + training model and introduce additional third-party recruitment based opportunities into the mix.

The additional income opportunities are not really part of the Profit Racer compensation plan in that they are entirely paid out by a third-party. Thus at its core, Profit Racer is still reliant on new recruits and if we look at the short-lived histories of AutoXTen and Fast Profits Daily… undoubtedly bound to fail when people stop signing up.

Evidently upon Fast Profits Daily dying, the admins have joined a bunch of other recruitment driven opportunities and have decided to recycle Fast Profits Daily into a recruitment feeder to fund the owner’s recruitment based commissions elsewhere.

The only thing worse than one recruitment scam is one that feeds members into multiple other recruitment scams… and that’s exactly what you get with Profit Racer.

Oh and just one final thought, apparently requesting a refund from Profit Racer makes you a criminal…

ALL Purchases are FINAL and NO REFUNDS are allowed. Any attempts to acquire a refund or chargeback constitute theft and fraud, and are grounds for legal prosecution.

Purchaser will be liable for all legal and administrative cost associated with the chargeback and minimum penalty of $500USD.

Yeah, good luck with that guys.