Antares Trade has received a securities fraud warning from Belgium’s Financial Service and Markets Authority.

As per the FSMA’s March 4th warning, Antares Trade

offers investment services in Belgium without respecting the Belgian financial legislation.

Antares is not authorized as an investment firm in Belgium. Antares is therefore not allowed to provide investment services in Belgium.

This is the equivalent of a securities fraud notice in other jurisdictions.

BehindMLM reviewed Antares Trade in May 2020. Based on its business model and use of AND points, we concluded Antares Trade was a Ponzi scheme.

Following their own investigation, the FSMA agrees;

The system this company offers clearly resembles that of a pyramid scheme or, at the very least, a Ponzi fraud.

Antares Trade is fronted by founder “Alex Richter”.

Richter doesn’t exist outside of Antares Trade marketing, marking him as a prime Boris CEO candidate.

Based on current Alexa traffic estimates, Antares Trade is currently being promoted in Egypt, Madagascar and Saudi Arabia.