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5 Star Signals collapses, over $180,000 in commissions stolen

BehindMLM reviewed 5 Star Signals back in October of 2015. The review concluded 5 Star Signals were paying pyramid scheme recruitment commissions, tacked onto an unregistered securities offering. About a week after our review was published, we uncovered 5 Star Signals was built on years of lies and deception. Hardly surprising given the company’s business model, [Continue reading…]

5 Star Signals issued non-compliance fine by AMF

You dump money into a scheme and in exchange receive a passive ROI? That’s a security and, if your scheme is not registered with the appropriate regulators, soliciting such investment constitutes an unregistered securities offering. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets are responsible for supervising the operation of the financial markets since 1 March 2002. This [Continue reading…]

5 Star Signals threaten extortion lawsuit against whistleblower

Following the revelation that 5 Star Signals was founded on lies and deception, the company has announced pending legal action against alleged whistleblower Emily Mendez. In a blog post titled “Corporate Statement and Legal Actions” published a few hours ago, 5 Star Signals write: Approximately seven months ago it was discovered that Marie Shaw was [Continue reading…]

5 Star Signals forex founded on years of lies & deception

I recently reviewed 5 Star Signals and in conducting my own due diligence into the scheme, identified potential Ponzi fraud and unregistered securities issues. For $497 a month, 5 Star Signals will provide you with access to The first rule about the gold forum is, you do not talk about the gold forum. With a [Continue reading…]

5 Star Signals Review: Recruitment and 3rd party forex

5 Star Signals operate in the forex MLM niche and appear to be based out of Ireland. As per the 5 Star Signals Terms and Conditions: Jurisdiction and venue of any matter not subject to arbitration shall reside in The Republic of Ireland. Heading up 5 Star Signals is CEO Mariska van de Langenberg. As per [Continue reading…]