Through myWorld Enterprise Program, Lyoness is still “all about positions!”

Five years ago we covered leaked Lyoness internal video, in which owner and CEO Hubert Friedl laid out the company’s business model.

It’s all about positions, positions, positions, positions.

By making downpayments one can acquire positions in the Lyoness system.

I don’t go out to merely register someone, it’s not about registering people for the cashback card. Then I could as well just register you at the nearby swimming pool.

Five years later, nothing has changed. [Continue reading…]

MinerWorld under criminal investigation in Brazil

MinerWorld, an MLM cryptocurrency touting 12 month mining ROIs, is under investigation in Brazil.

Yesterday Brazilian Federal Police and the Public Ministry announced they were investigating MinerWorld, on suspicion the company is a pyramid scheme. [Continue reading…]

DBTC ICO Ponzi scheme busted in China, $13 million in losses

DBTC was a short-lived ICO primarily targeted at Chinese investors.

Zhang and Li Mou conceived DBTC last October, but didn’t actually launch an ICO until March 28th this year.

And what an ICO it was.

Clearly targeting gullible idiots with too much money, top DBTC ICO investors paid $478,000 each on the promise of a daily $12,768 ROI. [Continue reading…]

Eagle Bit Trade Review: 8.5% weekly ROI crypto trading bot Ponzi

The Eagle Bit Trade website names Edson Júnior as President of the company. No additional information is provided.

Further research reveals affiliates naming Edson Junior Amaral (right) as Eagle Bit Trade’s CEO.

Other than ascertaining Amaral is from São Paulo, Brazil, I was unable to put together an MLM history.

The Eagle Bit Trade website domain (“”) was privately registered on January 2nd, 2018. [Continue reading…]

Vitae Global collapses, drops MLM as Viba Global

The fallout of Vitae Global’s legal battles with Valentus has emerged, following the collapse of the former.

Visitors to the Vitae Global website are informed the company ‘is no longer in business as of Thursday April 12th, 2018.[Continue reading…]

D9 Clube owner arrested in Dubai, to be extradited to Brazil

With seemingly little to no local regulation of fraudulent activity, Dubai has emerged as a favorite for MLM underbelly admins.

Following the arrest of Danilo Santana at the behest of Brazilian authorities however, I believe we’re about to see our first Dubai MLM related extradition. [Continue reading…]

SwissGolden scammers arrested in Nigeria, $601,600 recovered

SwissGolden was a cycler Ponzi we here at BehindMLM reviewed back in 2014.

While the company traded in euro and represented it was operated out of the UK, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, turns out a Russian and two Nigerians were behind it. [Continue reading…]

Top USI-Tech promoter Justin Verrengia sends FBI after critic?

Justin Verrengia was one of USI-Tech’s top US-based investors.

After USI-Tech collapsed in the US, Verrengia, who is based out of Florida, began scrubbing the internet of his association with the Ponzi scheme.

Most of Verrengia’s promotion of USI-Tech, primarily through his “Crypto Alchemy” Facebook group, has since been made private or deleted.

I did however find one Nigerian USI-Tech affiliate claiming Verrengia

is the highest earner in usi-tech, he made about 51 BTC in just 72 days. Yes, I said 52 BTC.

I have known Justin for a while in other business online so this result is typical of him.

The video description of a deleted video, in which Verrengia and Mike Hobbs explain USI-Tech’s Ponzi scheme business model, reads;

Mike Hobbs and Justin Verrengia were top leaders in another huge MLM company, and now they are making huge amounts of money in USI-Tech.

In this video, Mike and Justin explain the USI-Tech packages, how to buy them, how to get your first BitCoin, what and how USI-Tech pays, and how to reinvest your packages or withdraw them at the proper time.

A sales page for Verrengia’s Crypto Alchemy Facebook group states that viewers who provide their email address will gain access to a

FAST START training where Justin Verrengia shows you how he has made over $500k in 60 days with USI Tech!

Jeff Sherwood is a former USI-Tech investor from Tennessee.

A since-deleted post on Sherwood’s “Bitcoin Millionaire Journey” website suggests he got involved in USI-Tech in late December, 2017.

The place I began my research today was USI-Tech because I wanted to find out exactly what it is and how are they able to pay me back 140% on the Bitcoin I buy packages with.

I think that’s pretty neat!

When I was doing my research this question kept coming up under all of the search results: Is USI Tech a scam?

What I found from most of the people who are saying that USI-Tech is a scam or a ponzi scheme is they don’t actually know anything about the company and most of them are trying to promote scams themselves or have been unsuccessful with other money making opportunities so they just call everything a scam.

One thing that I have learned while building a successful online business is you have to listen to the right people.

For now, I’m off to try to buy more Bitcoin so I can buy more USI-Tech BTC Packages.

I’m going to stack as much Bitcoin as I can now, so that when the price goes up I’ll be sitting in a good position!

Evidently one of the “right people” Sherwood listened to was Justin Verrengia.

Unlike Verrengia, who made “huge amounts of money”, when USI-Tech collapsed in the US Sherwood lost money.

Realization of his losses and those he knew, eventually prompted Sherwood to start publishing videos on USI-Tech and promoters like Verrengia.

His efforts lead to a visit from three FBI agents. [Continue reading…]

Redwood Scientific Technologies under investigation for FTC Act violations

BehindMLM recently reviewed RengaLife on April 13th.

While I didn’t personally come across any suspect marketing claims as part of my research, it has emerged RengaLife’s parent company, Redwood Scientific Technologies, is being investigated for suspected violations of the FTC Act. [Continue reading…]

BitConnect investor alert issued in Ontario, Canada

Three months after its collapse, the Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning against BitConnect. [Continue reading…]