OneCoin lose “secret” Abu Dhabi bank account

Following a large number of bank account closures in 2016, OneCoin began to get very secretive about their banking details.

Previously accounts for affiliates to deposit invested funds into were provided in the backoffice. Today affiliates need to go through designated “leaders” who route invested funds into OneCoin’s accounts.

Ari Widell, author of the Scam Detector blog, recently discovered that one such account was held with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in the UAE. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin warning issued by Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Center

Citing previous OneCoin pyramid scheme warnings from Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission, the government’s Consumer Rights Protection Center has today issued their own warning. [Continue reading…]

BTC Global Review: Five tier subscription-based bitcoin gifting

There is no information on the BTC Global website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The BTC Global website domain (“”) was privately registered on December 20th, 2016.

Alexa currently estimates that 83% of all traffic to the BTC Global website originates out of Nigeria. This strongly suggests that whoever is running the company is also based out of Nigeria.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Speed Feeder Review: 2×2 matrix three-tier Ponzi cycler

If you visit the Speed Feeder website with a referral link, you’re presented with a message from Clay Montgomery.

This matches the Speed Feeder website domain, which Montgomery registered on August 4th, 2016.

Montgomery (right) claims he launched Speed Feeder as an alternative for people who can’t afford to join his Exitus Elite and Digital Altitude downlines.

For the past 6 months I have been building two separate high ticket businesses. Digital Altitude and Exitus Elite.

While I have earned a substantial amount in commissions in both programs, I learned something along the way that ultimately paved the way for the birth of Speed Feeder.

For every 1 person who joined my business, there were at least 3 other prospects who really loved the opportunity and the products and wanted to join but simply did not have the means to come up with the money.

The original Exitus Network launched in 2014 as a $12,000 cash gifting scheme. After it collapsed Exitus Network was rebooted as Exitus Elite in mid 2016.

Digital Altitude combines chain-recruitment and pay to play with “wealth building” courses that cost as much as $27,997.

Alexa traffic estimates for both Exitus Network and Digital Altitude show a slump in the last quarter of 2016.

Other MLM opportunities Montgomery has signed up for include Empower Network and the collapsed My Advertising Pays and Infinity2Global Ponzi schemes.

With both Exitus Elite and Digital Altitude dependent on affiliate recruitment, their respective slowdowns have likely prompted Montgomery to launch Speed Feeder.

Read on for a full review of the Speed Feeder MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Judicial investigation initiated against Laurent Louis (OneCoin)

Following a complaint from a OneCoin victim last November, Laurent Louis was the subject of a criminal complaint.

The victim claims Louis convinced him to invest 50,000 EUR on the promise of a 1000% ROI “or even more”.

Louis (right) stands accused of pyramid selling, fraud, violation of banking laws and money laundering.

Louis is a former Belgian politician who is banned from running for office till 2021. Unable to work in his chosen profession, Louis has turned to a life of crime.

Authorities allege Louis is a major promoter of OneCoin in Belgium. He’s allegedly pocketed 100,00 to 200,000 Euros in referral commissions for convincing two to three thousand locals to invest.

Yesterday the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office announced they will be escalating the case to an official judicial investigation. [Continue reading…]

Instant Revshare Review: 150% ROI adcredit Ponzi scheme

There is no information on the Instant Revshare website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Instant Revshare website domain (“”) was privately registered on December 23rd, 2016.

Further research reveals Instant Revshare affiliates citing Rob Nunes as the owner of the company.

Nunes (right) along with Tricia Greelish are the sole admins of the official Instant Revshare Facebook group.

Rob Nunes first appeared on BehindMLM back in 2012 as the owner of Leverage 5 To Infinity (pass-up pyramid scheme). Nunes was also co-owner of the Mega 2×2, Prosperity 3×2 cycler scams (2010).

Read on for a full review of the Instant Revshare MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Right Rise Review: UK speeding fine revenue sharing?

There is no information on the Right Rise website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Right Rise website domain (“”) was first registered on February 19th, 2014. The registration was last updated on January 21st, 2016.

Ronald Allison is listed as the domain owner, with an address in Manchester, UK also provided. The same address is provided on the Right Rise website.

Right Rise was incorporated in the UK in April of 2016. Ronald Allison is the sole is listed as the sole Director of the company.

Further research reveals the UK address provided actually belongs to Manchester Business Center, who sell virtual mailing addresses.

As such it appears Right Rise exists in the UK in name only.

A YouTube account bearing the name “Ronald Allison” began uploading Right Rise marketing videos about a month ago. The videos are low quality and appear to be Fivver type gigs.

No information on Ronald Allison is provided by Right Rise or otherwise publicly available. It is extremely likely that Allison, as represented by Right Rise, doesn’t actually exist.

At the time of publication, Alexa estimate that Japan is the largest source of traffic to the Right Rise website (42%).

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

FutureNet announce plans for altcoin pump & dump scheme

FutureNet launched with a cycler Ponzi back in 2014. New investment began to dwindle in early 2016, prompting the launch of FutureAdPro.

FutureAdPro is an adcredit Ponzi scheme, through which FutureNet promise affiliates a $60 ROI on $50 deposits.

Having built up Ponzi ROI liabilities for a year, FutureNet’s latest revenue ploy is the launch of its own cryptocurrency. [Continue reading…]

$52,000 OneCoin scammer taken hostage by victims

When you’re sitting on the internet all day posting inspirational memes and marketing your lastest MLM underbelly scheme, it’s easy to forget you’re pitching to real people.

As two OneCoin scammers in India recently found out, some victims are all too willing to take matters into their own hands. [Continue reading…]

BTChamp Review: Six-tier bitcoin cash gifting

The BTChamp website identifies Kasa Navakantha Rao as admin of the company.

Rao is based out of India, which is presumably where BTChamp is being operated from.

Back in September Rao was marketing ZarFund, a bitcoin-based cash gifting scheme. Earlier in 2016 Rao was promoting Power Hashing, a 25 month ROI Ponzi scheme.

Read on for a full review of the BTChamp MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]