Average Joe Profit System Review: $5 Ponzi gifting hybrid

average-joe-profit-system-logoThere is no information on the Average Joe Profit System website stating who owns or runs the business.

The Average Joe Profit System website domain (“averagejoeprofitsystem.com”) was registered on the 30th of December 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals the skye ID “products4uplus” provided as a support contact in the Average Joe Profit System FAQ:


This ID correspondes to a Twitter profile, bearing the name “Johnny Ganoza”. Ganoza is also one of the admins of the official Average Joe Profit System Facebook group:


This strongly suggests Ganoza is the owner and operator of the Average Joe Profit System.

johnny-ganoza-admin-xtreme-pro-systemJohnny Ganoza (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the admin of Xtreme Pro System.

Xtreme Pro System, a $45 in, $300 out Ponzi scheme, was launched in late 2014. In early 2015 the SEC shutdown Achieve Community, a similar matrix-based Ponzi scheme.

The shutdown of Achieve Community was cited as a primary reason for Ganoza shutting down the Ponzi side of Xtreme Pro System.

Today Xtreme Pro System advertises a “blogging system”, which affiliates can earn $5 per sale of.

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Unascos to scam US investors (again)?

unascos-logoJamison Palmer was one of the ringleaders who sold the uFun Club Ponzi scheme to US investors.

Through uFun Dominators and other Facebook groups, Palmer was instrumental in pitching the billion dollar Ponzi scheme to US investors.

jamison-palmer-ufun-club-utoken-Ponzi-investorSeeking Ponzi riches, Palmer (right) even went so far as to relocate from the US to Thailand.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Palmer’s efforts was the now notorious YouTube video in which Palmer claimed Thai authorities had given uFun Club the all-clear.

Those claims turned out to be bogus, with Thai authorities cracking down on uFun Club back in April.

After learning of arrest warrants issued against his fellow top investors, Palmer fled Thailand and returned to the US. He’s currently believed to be hiding out in Indonesia.

Having laid low since April, now it seems Palmer is eager to continue his Ponzi scamming through Unascos.
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iGrow Network Review: $50 a month recruitment scheme

igrow-network-logoiGrow Network began life as vLeaf (also known as Leaf International or Vision Leaf), an ad-credit Ponzi scheme with a matrix recruitment backend.

vLeaf launched in 2012 and collapsed after a brief run.

In 2014 the scheme resurfaced as Leafit, with Founder and CEO Lawrence Sowell at the helm.

Leafit sought to distance itself from its vLeaf Ponzi days, by branding itself as a “people’s app”.

The basic gist of the mobile app was that it allowed users to post third-party images on social network. Those images contains products, which the Leafit app tagged and attached affiliate shopping links to.

Someone buys the product through that link, Leafit gets commission and then splits that revenue with its affiliates.

Tacked on to that was a recruitment scheme, which also saw Leafit affiliates paid to recruit new affiliates.

Ultimately Leafit failed, with the website today notifying visitors that the Leafit “product is no longer available”:


michael-green-ceo-igrow-networkThe latest incarnation of the opportunity is the iGrow Network, which launched mid last year.

Listed as CEO of the iGrow Network is Michael Green (right), former Vice-President of Sales in Leafit.

Lawrence Sowell is still on board but appears to have taken a behind the scenes role in iGrow Network.

Sowell was promoting iGrow Network in Asia earlier this year:


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Babener weighs in on FTC Vemma lawsuit

vemma-logoWell-known MLM attorney Jeffrey Babener has been in contact, with his views on the recent FTC illegal pyramid scheme lawsuit filed against Vemma. [Continue reading…]

uFun Club General Soonpan surrenders, claims deception

ufunclub-logoAs the arrests in the uFun Club pyramid scheme case in Thailand top 80, the latest suspects nabbed are high-profile ringleaders.

Arriving on a flight from Qatar yesterday morning, retired Maj Gen Athiwat Soonpan and his wife reported to police shortly after their arrival. [Continue reading…]

UK politician wants whole town signed up as Lyoness affiliates

lyoness-logoHailsham is a civil parish and the largest of the five towns in the Wealden district of East Sussex, England.

Back in February, “representatives from Lyoness” were invited to give a ‘short presentation to the Hailsham Forward Executive‘.

According to their website, the Hailsham Forward Executive

was born out of the Mary Portas Vision for revitalising Town Centres.

Hailsham Forward is a Town Team Partner, is supported by the Government, and has received £10,000 funding to undertake projects to improve the business community in Hailsham.

Heading up Hailsham Forward is Chairman Rob Slater and Vice-chairman Nick Collinson.

According to Collinson’s personal website, he’s

a Conservative Party Candidate for Hailsham Central and North Ward.

“I was first elected in May 2011 and then subsequently re-elected in May 2015 to both Hailsham Town Council and Wealden District Council.”

As per Hailsham Town Council’s March 12th Business Enterprise Committee Agenda, referencing a meeting that took place in February:

Representatives from Lyoness made a short presentation to the Hailsham Forward Executive earlier in the day.

The loyalty scheme and card they provide allows the public to get cashback from millions of retailers across 45 countries and local businesses the ability to get repeat business via the cards incentive to shop in a Lyoness Merchant.

There are further benefits for both the public and business that are signed up and then introduce more members and businesses to the scheme.

The Hailsham Forward Executive is keen to look at creating a Hailsham Forward branded card with Lyoness and gain the income benefit to the project by introducing both local people and businesses to the scheme; whilst giving these groups the ability to earn
rewards and gain loyalty with their customers.

Further work will need to be done over the coming months to establish this.

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The Wealth Dynasty Review: Five-tier matrix Ponzi cycler

the-wealth-dynasty-logoThere is no information on The Wealth Dynasty website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Wealth Dynasty website domain (“thewealthdynasty.com”) was registered on the 19th of May 2015, with a “Chetan Varma” listed as the owner. An address in Maharashtra, India is also provided.

I was unable to find any further information on Varma, with his MLM history if any remaining unclear.

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My Money Mover Review: $10 a month recruitment scheme

bbp-marketing-logo-my-money-moverThere is no information on the My Money Mover website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The My Money Mover website domain (“mymoneymover.com”) was registered on the 26th of June 2005, with “BBP Marketing” listed as the domain owner. An address in the US state of Florida is also provided.

As per the My Money Mover website,

How long has your company been in business?

We have been running several different businesses for over 36 years, the last 10 on the Internet.

Further research reveals “Lyle Diehl” to be the owner of BBP Marketing, through which he markets a series of MLM opportunities.

According to the BBP Marketing website:

We have been in the Network Marketing Business since 1996. During that time we have built many large downlines with several different programs.

We own the programs below and all have been operating successfully and making commissions for their many members for years.

“Programs” listed on the BBP Marketing website include

  • My Automated Sales System (link defunct)
  • Fully Automated Sales Team ($25 recruitment scheme)
  • My Pay Day (matrix-based recruitment scheme)
  • My Classified Ad Blaster ($19.95 recruitment scheme)
  • My Reseller Club (matrix-based recruitment scheme)
  • My Cash Promotions (feeder for My Reseller Club) and
  • My Money Mover

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What Vemma is up against next Thursday

vemma-logoThere’s a lot of talk in the MLM industry now surrounding the FTC’s temporary shutdown of Vemma.

A lot of folks seem to think this was some sort of knee-jerk reaction, the setting of an example if you will, initiated through blind vengeance with a complete lack of evidence.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, and today we take a look at what went down on the 21st of August. [Continue reading…]

Cash Money Bucket Review: Four-tier $10 matrix cycler Ponzi

cash-money-bucket-logoThere is no information on the Cash Money Bucket website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Cash Money Bucket website domain (“cashmoneybucket.com”) was registered on the 20th of October 2014, with Robert McAtamney listed as the domain owner. An address in Queensland, Australia is also provided.

McAtamney first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the admin of the recently launched One Time Infinity Ponzi scheme.

Cash Money Bucket would appear to be the precursor to One Time Infinity.

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