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behindmlm-logoHey guys, it’s that time of year again where I take a week or so off to recharge the blog batteries.

Internet access is usually intermittent when I’m out and about so there probably won’t be any articles posted till I come off break. Will try to keep on top of comments and emails though, but might be delays.

I’ll save things like the WCM777 Receivership report for a breakdown when I’m back in the office and see how we go. Still appreciate the updates and heads up being sent in, I just won’t be able to go over them for a bit.

If something major does happen in MLM world I might set some time aside to try and cover it, but otherwise I think we’re good.

I’ll remove this post when I’m back in action.

Thanks for reading!

60 Second Millionaire: ex-Zeek pimp flees to Philippines

60-second-millionaire-secrets-logoThe 60 Second Millionaire Secrets launched in the first quarter of 2014 and provides a PO Box in Antigua and Barbuda as a contact address.

The company website domain however (“”) is registered to a Tracy Davison, who provides an address in Makiti City in the Philippines.

On The 60 Second Millionaire Secrets website, Davison is identified as the Founder of the company. This indicates that in reality it is being run out of the Philippines and not the West Indies.

Prior to his launching of 60 Second Millionaire Secrets this year, Davison was an affiliate in Penny Matrix.

Penny Matrix launched in early 2011 and using a 2×14 matrix compensation structure, pay affiliates to recruit new affiliates. As long as everybody paid their $7 a month fee, commissions are paid out.

Prior to Penny Matrix Davison was involved in Zeek Rewards.


Tracy Davison the 60 Second Millionaire is currently moving his Zeek Rewards organization of 222,000 people to do PMeBooks. Get in now, while there is plenty of spillover to capture from his organization!

It would appear Davison was using the “60 Second Millionaire” moniker long before he decided to turn it into an MLM opportunity.

In the video itself, Davison reveals

Hello my name is Tracy Davison, I am a millionaire.

I’m a seven-figure income earner in network marketing and in a recent opportunity I was able to build, organically from the ground up, I put in uh fifty eight people personally into this opportunity over the course of about fifteen months.

And then I worked with those people very closely (and) we were able to build an organization of 222,000 people over the course of just fifteen months. Our first fifteen months. That was completely, completely organic growth.

So, I ‘ve come across something recently that I’m very excited about, the company that I did that with went out of business unfortunately. It had nothing to do with me. There were circumstances beyond my control.

But I’ve got this massive organisation of 220,000 people that I’ve got to do something with, and I’ve chosen an opportunity that I think will fit my organization.

Whereas Davison claims Zeek Rewards “went out of business”, the reality is that they were shut down by the SEC for being an $850M Ponzi scheme.

Davison, as a resident of Pleasant Grove in Utah, appears on a list of net-winners in the Zeek Rewards scam who the Receivership is going after:


One can confirm the above Tracy Davison and the 60 Second Millionaire Secrets Davison are one and the same, with this Meetup profile of Davison’s from 2011:


I’m looking for 100 people that want to grow 10k into a milion (sic) over the next year through Zeek Rewards.

Now residing in Makiti City, it would appear Davison fled the US for the Philippines upon learning the Zeek Rewards Receivership intends to sue him and reclaim the money he stole from victims of the scam.

Read on for a full review of the 60 Second Millionaire Secrets MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading...]

SocialZing Review: Zing Pro Plus social media marketing suite

socialzing-logoSocialZing operate in the lead generation MLM niche, with the company’s website claiming the opportunity launched back in 2011:

SocialZing was formed in 2011 when its founders recognized the synergy between social media, prospecting and conversion solutions. Initial technology solutions were soon launched and demand for such began to swell.

Since then, SocialZing has grown to become a leading provider of integrated technology solutions focused on helping agents and organizations invite, present, and convert contacts into new customers.

Whether they were operating under a different name I’m not sure, but the current SocialZing website domain (“”) was only registered in September of 2013.

scott-brodkorb-ceo-socialzingListed as CEO and Co-founder of SocialZing on the company website is Scott Brodkorb (right).

According to Brodkorb’s SocialZing corporate bio,

Scott discovered the power of Network Marketing 23 years ago when he became a distributor for a large Telecommunications Company. Scott has built several large organizations in his networking career while working as a Corporate Executive at a Fortune 100 company.

The only MLM history I was able to dish up was Brodkorb advertising something called “Home Business 2.0″ as an affiliate a few years back.


Home Business 2.0 looks to be a $100 to $300 upfront plus $9.95 a month, with affiliates paid 50% of the fees charged affiliates they recruit (1-up compensation plan).

This was before SocialZing. Whether or not Brodkorp was involved in any other opportunities prior to SocialZing is unclear.

In any event, things with Home Business 2.0 didn’t seem to work out and so Brodkorp went on to launch SocialZing.

Read on for a full review of the SocialZing MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading...]

Race Cycler approach i-Payout to process cycler funds


race-cycler-logoAll but confirming their Paypal and Solid Trust Pay account(s) have been suspended and/or possibly frozen, Race Cycler have sent out an email update announcing they have approached i-Payout.

Sent out to Race Cycler affiliates a few hours ago, Kent Brown writes [Continue reading...]

Kevin Grimes fired from R&R Law (prev Grimes & Reese)?

Eagle-eyed BehindMLM reader James Charles has noticed that all references to Kevin Grimes have been removed from the Grimes & Reese website.

Now calling themselves R&R Law Group, the change appears to have taken place over the last few days. A Google cache snapshot reveals that Kevin Grimes still appeared on the site, and that the name Grimes & Reese was still in use as of August 8th.


Since then, what was once Grimes & Reese have removed any mention of Kevin Grimes (right) from their website. The firm has also changed it’s name to R&R Law Group. [Continue reading...]

Race Cycler the direct successor of TNT Rotator?

race-cycler-logoIn our initial BehindMLM review of Race Cycler, it was noted that affiliates were naming Kent Brown as the owner of the company.

As is typical with the MLM underbelly, the amount of smog surrounding Race Cycler is as thick as a Beijing Monday.

In the aftermath of the failed August 8th launch, Race Cycler affiliates “in the know” have been holding calls where a combination of server errors and payment processor problems have been cited for Race Cycler’s launch delay.

When exactly Race Cycler will launch is up in the air, with affiliates confirming problems with both Paypal and Solid Trust Pay being largely behind the delays.

Paypal have a strict no MLM policy (which extends to its MLM underbelly variants), but the problems with Solid Trust Pay are an eye-opener. Solid Trust Pay aren’t exactly known for their adherence to regulatory compliance, so if even they won’t have anything to do with Race Cycler, make of that what you will.

I have seen iPayout touted as a possible replacement, but nothing concrete. If they do decide to get on board, it’d certainly be sending mixed messages to the industry.

It was only a few weeks ago iPayout kicked Argent Pay to the curb, with the scheme later confirming they had compliance issues in the US.

Anyway, while Race Cycler scramble to find a payment processor desperate enough to take on the risk of managing backoffice transactions for their cylcler pyramid, new information suggests the scheme might be more closely related to TNT Rotator than first thought. [Continue reading...]

MyNyloxin Review: Cobra venom and revenue-sharing

mynyloxin-logoNyloxin is a product of Nutra Pharma Corporation. MyNyloxin is an MLM business opportunity that was attached to the Nyloxin product, circa 2012.

In a press release dated October 2013, Nutra Pharma Corporation reveal that they essentially outsource the MLM marketing for Nyloxin to the True Cash Network (formerly the Text Cash Network).

October 8, 2013 – Nutra Pharma Corp. is providing updates on the sales and marketing activities of TCN, a distributor of Nutra Pharma’s over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, Nyloxin

In September 2012, Nutra Pharma announced the beginning of distribution efforts by the TCN group of direct distributors. Since that time, TCN has worked diligently to introduce Nyloxin to approximately 40,000 distributors in the United States and almost 400,000 distributors globally.

In August 2013, TCN re-launched their company as the “True Cash Network” and have subsequently expanded their internet presence.

They have been working to overhaul their product offerings and have allowed their distributors personal websites under their portal. Additionally, TCN has scheduled marketing efforts in the US that will include internet, radio and television.

Text Cash Network are a long running matrix-based scheme who appear to have gone through as many product changes as they have management.

I first reviewed Text Cash Network back in 2011, when the company initially attached itself to a voucher/savings network. Affiliates weren’t charged to join, but had to watch 5 SMS ads a day to maintain their account.

If they recruited any new affiliates, they were paid $1.50. Advertising commissions were also touted, but at the time of launch there were no specifics provided.

Initially not disclosed on their website, it was later revealed the Brett Hudson was running things as President of the company.

By 2012 the savings/coupon site idea was dead, and as per the Nutra Pharma Corp press-release above, TCN was marketing Nyloxin through their opportunity.

Management seems to have changed by that point too, with the Nutra Pharma Corp release citing a Dalton Johnson as CEO:

The Nyloxin products continue to represent a wonderful opportunity for our distributors,” commented Dalton Johnson, CEO of TCN.

In the same year the MLM opportunity Noca Now appeared. This company initially looked to be a standlone but analysis of the compensation plan made multiple references to TCN.

Noca Cola and Tea were the products behind the Noca Now opportunity, having been merged with TCN’s compensation plan in the same manner Nyloxin was.

The Noca Now website still exists, however the opportunity itself appears to be all but dead.

Again, as per the Nutra Pharma release, TCN renamed itself to True Cash Network in 2013 and continued to market Nyloxin.

steve-gewecke-president-mynyloxinToday the MyNyloxin website credits Steve Gewecke (right) as the President of the company, indicating yet another change of management at TCN.

Exactly how many products TCN have attached themselves to over the years is unclear. They still maintain a website over at “”, however the website only mentions affiliates being able to join “many TCN Opportunities”.

No specifics on the current management structure of the company are provided either.

If you find all of this as confusing as I do, a major contributing factor is that all of TCN’s incarnations are a result of serial-scammer Phil Piccolo (aliases Felice Angelo and Felix Angelo Piccolo) running TCN without actually putting his name to anything.

Earlier this year Rod Cook over at MLM Watchdog reported,

Phil is back under the name: Felice Angelo at If you get on their webinars you can see him under felice. Rik Dietch, the waiora scientiest (sic) is behind it as well.

They say the product is good, But, phil is selling his stock to individuals and giving it away as incentives under the table illegally and running $500 co-ops scamming people out of their money.They only have 300 members.Stop him before it becomes 3,000 or 30,000 scammed, please!

Patrick Pretty then wrote a followup piece on Nyloxin and Piccolo, observing

Piccolo is known as “the one-man Internet crime wave.” If there’s a Piccolo signature, it’s his ability largely (though not exclusively) to remain in the shadows while engineering scams within scams or within dubious “opportunities” in which an affiliate’s success chances are exceptionally low going in.

Piccolo appears to be particularly keen on “programs” ostensibly in the health-maintenance and electronic-technology fields. The “programs” may remain in “prelaunch” phase virtually indefinitely while gathering cash and gaining a head of steam.

Another part of Piccolo’s MO includes suggestions that “opportunities” he pitches soon will “go public” or already are part of public companies. In the TextCashNetwork scheme, for instance, the Piccolo group suggested that TCN was part of Johnson & Johnson, the famous pharmaceutical company.

Both articles are worth a read in their entirety.

Meanwhile I’m left slightly confused over the recent emergence of MyNyoloxin. As per the Nutra Pharma press-release, TCN began marketing Nyloxin back in 2012.

Yet is it only recently that traffic to the MyNyoloxin domain took off:


What the story is there I have no idea, but mid-July is also around the time MyNyloxin review requests trickled in.

In any event, read on for a full review of the MyNyloxin MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading...]

Race Cycler launch “a total failure”

race-cycler-logoWhen a new scheme comes along touting the matrix cycler business model, upon launch one of two things happens;

  1. the scheme launches, early promoters pump their money into it and snatch up the lion’s share of what is deposited after – with the scheme slowing and then collapsing a week or two after, or
  2. the launch is botched and those who were poised to jump in first are left frustrated and angry.

Guess which best describes the recent launch of Race Cycler… [Continue reading...]

Massachusetts Sec Div investigating EmGoldex

emgoldex-logoOne of the more prominent reload scams to rise to prominence after the TelexFree shutdown was EmGoldex.

Shrouded in mystery, the company operates your typical European-based gold Ponzi/pyramid hybrid scam. Affiliate investors buy matrix positions for 540 EUR a pop, and once enough new positions have been purchased (by existing and recruited affiliates), a ROI commission is paid out.

Now, from the guys who brought you TelexFree is a billion dollar Ponzi scheme, comes the announcement that EmGoldex is being investigated. [Continue reading...]

SwissGolden Review: 220 – 9850 EUR gold matrix scheme

swissgolden-logoThere is no information on the SwissGolden website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The SwissGolden website domain (“”) was registered on the 22nd of May 2012, with the registration simply listing the company’s name as the domain owner.

An address in London, England is also provided, however this is a virtual mailing address provided by Regus (£59 a month).

Meanwhile in the SwissGolden service agreement, the company claims to be registered in the British Virgin Islands (a known tax-haven).

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading...]