uFun Club Ponzi boss poses with Malaysian Deputy PM

ufunclub-logoWhile questions about why Malaysian authorities refuse to investigate and arrest the ringleaders of a $1.17 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, more evidence has surfaced linking uFun Club management with Malaysian politicians.

Haivng surfaced sometime over the last twenty-four hours, the following image shows Daniel Tay, head of uFun Club (now Unascos), and current Malaysian Deputy Prime-Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi: [Continue reading…]

Rodrigues sells out to secure $200,000 visa fraud bond

telexfree-logoFollowing the posting of $200,000 bail in Sanderley Rodrigues’ visa fraud case, there was a bit of speculation as to where the funds had originated.

For his part in defrauding investors through TelexFree, Rodrigues is currently subject to an asset-freezing injunction.

Through filings made in the SEC’s civil case against TelexFree and Rodrigues, we can now reveal the $200,000 paid was sourced from previously frozen funds. [Continue reading…]

Preliminary injunction granted against Daniel Filho & DFRF

dfrf-enterprises-logoIn addition to a hearing heard in the Daniel Filho criminal case, Tuesday also saw a hearing take place in the SEC’s civil complaint against Filho and DFRF Enterprises.

The hearing was brief and resulted in a preliminary injunction granted against defendants DFRF Enterprises, Daniel Filho, Wanderley Dalman, Gaspar Jesus, Eduardo Da Silva, Heriberto Valdes, Jeffrey Feldman and Romildo Cunha.

The granting of the injunction now sees the above defendants immediately ordered to: [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho criminal case moved back to Massachusetts

dfrf-enterprises-logoLate last week there was uncertainty on whether or not Daniel Filho would retain counsel in time for the next hearing in his Ponzi fraud criminal case.

According to the case docket report Filho did indeed find representation, with a “temporary appearance” entered in on the day of the trial.

Whether or not that means Filho has secured permanent representation going forward or not is unclear. [Continue reading…]

Fast100Now Review: Ten-tier $10,230 cash gifting

fast100now-logoThere is no information on the Fast100Now website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Fast100Now website domain (“fast100now.com”) was registered on the 6th of May 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Mega 2×7 Review: Another Tom Taylor $10 matrix scheme

mega2x7-logoThere is no information on the Mega 2×7 website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Mega 2×7 website domain (“mmega2x7.com”) was registered on the 16th of July 2015, with Tom Taylor listed as the domain owner. An address in the Philippine province of Cebu is also provided.

tom-taylor-admin-wealth4allTom Taylor (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the admin of UltimateAdClub back in February. Taylor then again popped up in March as the admin of MegaCyclerClub.

UltimateAdClub saw affiliates purchase $50 matrix positions and get paid to recruit others who did the same. A lack of interest in the scheme saw the matrix positions later reduced to $30.

MegaCyclerClub similarly saw affiliates purchase $50 matrix positions, on the promise of an advertised $650 ROI.

Interest in UltimateAdClub waned shortly after launch, with MegaCyclerClub generating even less interest. It is likely both schemes being on the path to collapse has prompted Taylor to launch Residual Income Ads in June.

Residual Income Ads sees affiliates buy in for $10 a month and then get paid to recruit new affiliates.

Alexa traffic statistics reveal Residual Income Ads never really took off, which has now prompted Taylor’s fourth launch in seven months.

Read on for a full review of the Mega 2×7 MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading…]

uFun Club investigation scalps former Thai politician

ufunclub-logoAs the uFun Club arrests in Thailand continue, the latest has seen a former Thai politician rounded up and hauled in for questioning.

And while the details of Sirichok Siriwannapha are sketchy, his involvement in uFun Club has provided some insight into the scheme’s money laundering activities. [Continue reading…]

Your Life Ads Review: Random $6 matrix position placements

your-life-ads-logoThere is no information on the Your Life Ads website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Your Life Ads website domain (“yourlifeads.com”) was first registered on the 17th of October 2013. The registration was last updated on the 14th of January 2015 (private), suggesting this is when the current owner(s) acquired it.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Hegemon Group International Review: Insurance and ???

hegemon-group-international-logoHegemon Group International was founded by Hubert Humphrey in January 2012.

The company is based out of the US state of Georgia, with Humphrey serving as CEO (credited as such in his LinkedIn profile).

Somewhat curiously, this title is absent on the Hegemon Group International website, with Humphrey credited only as ‘the Architect of the Leadership Format System‘.

hubert-humphrey-ceo-founder-hegemon-group-internationalFollowing a stint as an Amway affiliate, Humphrey (right) went on to become one of the original members of A.L. Williams & Associates (today known as Primerica Financial Services).

According to Humphrey’s Wikipedia bio, he

began to apply MLM techniques to his A.L. Williams sales organization, initially without the knowledge or consent of A.L. Williams founder Arthur L. Williams, Jr..

His methods became the foundation of the organization, and the growth of A.L. Williams to a sales force of 250,000 registered life agents when sold, and 44,000 registered stock brokers was attributed to Humphrey’s use of leadership training and recruiting in the company.

In 1990 A.L. Williams merged with Primerica to form Primerica Financial Services, which saw Humphrey leave the company.

Humphrey then created Alexander, Inc., which was renamed World Marketing Alliance, Inc. (WMA). The new company was also in insurance and investments, however the product was different. The company concentrated on marketing variable universal life insurance (VUL) and became one of the largest, independent broker/dealers in the country.

Humphrey eventually sold select assets of World Marketing Alliance to Aegon in 2001, which is now known as World Financial Group.

Of World Marketing Alliance, Rod Cook of MLM Watchdog claims

WMA peddles costly and complex packages of insurance and mutual funds much the way Amway sells soap. But how WMA runs its pyramid-style sales structure (Humphrey prefers to call it “the magic of compound recruiting”) is drew (sic) scrutiny from regulators and generating claims of fraud from investors.

Wen WMA insurance and securities went under (as WMA), and Aegon saved it by buying out Hubert Humphrey … they (WMA) were within days of being shut down by regulators.

That was the whole purpose of the Dot-Planet fiasco, as HH wanted to ensure that he had somewhere to move his “team,” if regulators killed the securities side of the business.

After selling World Marketing Alliance to Aegon in 2001, Humphrey then went on to launch World Leadership Group.

Humphrey retained WMA Mortgage Services, Inc., from his sale of WMA, which became the foundation for World Leadership Group WLG.

The flagship mortgage product that was sold was the “Option ARM” – a type of adjustable-rate mortgage.

World Leadership Group and associated companies ceased business operations in December 2008 citing current market conditions in the mortgage and real estate industries.

Four years later, Hegemon Group International was launched.

HGI is the umbrella for Hegemon Financial Group (“HFG”) and The Pella Group (“TPG”). Humphrey reused (the) WMA logo for the new venture.

HFG sells licensed products via Hegemon Financial Group.

TPG also offered non-licensed products in Land Banking, Mortgage Leads, Technology, 2nd Market Annuities, Merchant Services, P&C Referrals, and Debt Management.

Read on for a full review of the Hegemon Group International MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading…]

WUKAR’s Matt Trainer slams Dubli: “They lied to us”

dubli-logoOne of the loudest players in the Dubli recruitment hype that took off last year was Matt Trainer’s team WUKAR.

Through partnership with Tony Rush’s Home Business Labs, WUKAR were responsible for recruiting hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates into Dubli.

As the months dragged on however, it clearly became evident that all was not what it seemed.

Now as Dubli itself is trying to emerge from a battered reputation, WUKAR’s Matt Trainer spills the beans on exactly why things didn’t work out. [Continue reading…]