The People’s Options Review: Daily crypto mining/trading ROI + lottery

The People’s Options provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The People’s Options website domain (“”) was first registered on December 18th, 2015. The domain registration was last updated on December 23rd, 2016.

Steven Tiffany of Papa Group LLC is listed as the owner, with an address in the US sate of Minnesota also provided.

Further research reveals this address is actually that of a UPS Store.

I wasn’t able to find any information on Steven Tiffany’s role within The People’s Options.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

LuLaRoe seek to force mommy blogger to disclose whistleblower sources

LuLaRoe are a fashion-based MLM company that have been around since 2012.

Christina Hinks, a former LuLaRoe affiliate,  is a “mommy blogger” who goes by the alias MommyGyver.

MommyGyver is also a website, on which Hinks frequently blogs about LuLaRoe.

Much like what we publish here on BehindMLM from time to time, MommyGyver’s articles on LuLaRoe are of the whistleblower variety.

As I write this a Google search for “lularoe” on MommyGyver returns two hundred and thirty-two hits, most of which are accounts from former affiliates and staff (either directly or as source-material).

Hinks (right) claims since she started blogging about LuLaRoe she’s been contacted by “thousands”of past and present affiliates

The latest article on MommyGyver, dated September 23rd, details the story of Phil.

Phil is purportedly a former LuLaRoe customer care employee who claims he was fired for caring too much.

Phil explained to me that he had really loved his job.  So much so, that he justified making less than half of his previous hourly rate with Wells Fargo as- “Ok, because I felt fulfilled and better as a person.”

Phil represents the pay was not good at all, but the reward for helping the scores of women that called in for answers was well worth it to him.

Phil reports that he started to notice a change in the caliber of people LuLaRoe was hiring.  They went from truly caring individuals to young and cocky people that he often heard bragging about the way they treated people that called in.

He said they hire uncaring people.  “If you’re a person that doesn’t care about people, they like you.  Before, it was different. Now, it’s just all greed.”

“These kids will just hang up on you.  Tell them (callers) that ‘it is what it is’, is there anyone higher than you I can speak to?  No. Then just hang up on them.”

Yesterday was just like any other day- until his friend and colleague who he had taken under his wing was terminated for reporting having anxiety from working in the same call center.

He remembers that- “When he was hired, Jordan Brady told me to help him out.  He was a ‘blue’, please take care of him, Phil.” He told me.  What Phil didn’t know was 30 minutes later, he’d be following his friend out the doors forever.

Martha called him into the office, and that’s when he saw the envelope.  After a year and six months of what he felt was LuLaRoe taking precedent in his life- the culture becoming his culture- he was handed an envelope and given the explanation that- “This isn’t the right fit for you.”

Another alleges deals made with LuLaRoe warehouse staff made at the expense of affiliates, who were unable to fill customer orders due to product shortages. Other articles cover the use of copyrighted works on LuLaRoe leggings without permission.

LuLaRoe see the claims made in these articles like these as “confidential and proprietary business information”.

The company doesn’t want this information in the public sphere, and through legal means seeks to put an end to it. [Continue reading…]

Titus Community Review: Towah scammers launch Titus Coin

Titus Community operates in the cryptocurrency niche and is headed up by CEO Maxim Moneta.

As per Moneta’s Titus Community corporate bio;

He is from Ukraine but has the last five years lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been involved in several startup IT projects.

Presumably Titus Community is operated out of Sweden, however the company appears to consist of shell companies in various European jurisdictions.

Titus Community is the operating company in the Titus sphere.

The community and networking model is essential in the creation of many distributors able to link online and offline merchants to the Titus Coin world.

The linked companies will join Titus Community loyalty program and offer various discounts and cash backs.

30% of the profits from these services is used to operate Titus Community Ltd and profits are forwarded to Titus Invest Ltd.

Titus Invest Ltd is a holding company registered in Malta, holding the Intellectual Properties and 100% of the shares in Titus Community Ltd.

Titus Invest Ltd is owned 90% by Maddox Business Services Ltd, London, UK and 10% by VIP Coin Sparkassa Financial Union.

VIP Coin Sparkassa is a Swedish Financial Union and as such under control of the Swedish Financial Inspection according to the law (2004:297).

Seems pretty extreme for an MLM company no?

Of note is the mention of Fennas Finance, which Titus Community states

is an external service engaged by Titus Community and Titus Invest to deliver software for direct sales activities, payment services, compliance services and some operational functions.

Fennas Finance first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in 2015, as part of the Icon Sachs Limited Ponzi scheme.

With the ownership of Ichon Sachs Limited also unknown, I concluded Fennas Finance was “a shady payment processor run by persons unknown.”

And here’s where things get really murky…

Swedish incorporation records for VIP Coin Sparkassa list Elena Anguelova Chipkovenska, Tor Anders Petteroe and Henning Witte on its Board of Members:

Tor Anders Petteroe is the CEO of Towah Group, a payment processor responsible for millions of dollars in Ponzi losses over the years.

Towah processed funds for Bidify, Funky Shark, Wenyard and Conligus. All Ponzi schemes whose respective collapses resulted in widespread investor losses.

The owner of Towah, Harald Ekker, recently launched his own Ponzi scheme, Crowdbridge Global.

In 2013 Norway’s FSA opened an investigation into Towah Group, however nothing appears to have come of it. Ekker and Petteroe remain at large.

Who Elena Anguelova Chipkovenska is I have no idea, but she’s the (Russian/Ukranian) link between Towah and Fennas Finance.

“Moderbolag” is Swedish for “parent company”. Ie. Anders Petteroe owns Fennas Finance, which means he was also behind Ichon Sachs Limited.

This is a crucial link because VIP Coin Sparkassa is responsible for selling Titus Coins to Titus Community affiliates.

VIP Coin Sparkassa has been issued 200 million Titus coins. These are to be sold to members of the Titus Community.

Or in other words, VIP Coin Sparkassa (Anders Petteroe) controls all of the money going in and out of Titus Community.

Everything else built around that is just for show.

And so now you know why, instead of appearing as a legitimate MLM company, Titus Community’s corporate structure looks and sounds more like an organized crime syndicate.

Read on for a full review of the Titus Community MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Joseph Craft banned from appearing before SEC as an accountant

Continuing their pursuit of professionals who enabled the $3 billion dollar Ponzi scheme TelexFree, the SEC today announced it has banned Joseph Craft from appearing before them as an accountant. [Continue reading…]

TelexFree civil case resumes, SEC files second complaint amendment

With criminal proceedings against TelexFree’s James Merrill completed, the SEC filed for a lift on the stay that froze their civil case back in 2014.

That motion was granted on September 12th, which will see the SEC resume proceedings against TelexFree, Carlos Wanzeler, Santiago De La Rosa, Randy Crosby and Faith Sloan. [Continue reading…]

KulaBrands hoping to launch $40,000 target IPO

I’m not a fan of KulaBrands’ business model. I see it as crowdfunding manipulation where theoretical ROIs are emphasized over the actual viability of sponsored projects.

Typically crowdfunding backers have an interest in the project (be it a product or service). This spurs genuine demand, with enough people sharing that demand seeing the project funded.

In KulaBrands that’s still possible but polluted by a financial incentive.

To their credit, KulaBrands saw moderate growth throughout 2016 till about August this year. Alexa estimate traffic to the KulaBrands website has since gone into decline.

With the MLM business opportunity alone failing to sustain itself, KulaBrands filed a Form C Offering Statement on June 9th. [Continue reading…]

Italian OneCoin affiliates provided letter template demanding refund

The OneCoin affiliate investor pool is currently divided into two camps.

The first group of investors are those who believe the points in their backoffice are actual money.

Since inception, all OneCoin affiliates have been able to do with their points is transfer them to other affiliates.

Under the guise of trade with third-party merchants, in reality this is how OneCoin’s DealShaker platform works.

The second group of investors realize they’ve been had but don’t have an out.

OneCoin is a shady enterprise run by individuals who spend most of their time in hiding.

OneCoin support don’t honor refund requests because they know the backoffice points are worthless.

In Italy, where OneCoin has been banned for being a pyramid scheme and fined, consumer protection organizations are working to provide Italian victims of OneCoin with a solution. [Continue reading…]

BTChamp2 Review: BTChamp gifting scam rebooted

BTChamp2 appears to be a reboot of BTChamp, launched earlier this year in January.

BTChamp2 is linked directly from the BTChamp website through the referral ID: “BTCHAMP ADMIN”.

The original BTChamp was a six-tier gifting scheme run by Kasa Navakantha Rao (right).

Alexa statistics for the BTChamp website suggest the scheme went into decline around May.

With constant recruitment crucial required to sustain a gifting scheme, the decline of BTChamp has likely prompted the launch of BTChamp2.

Read on for a full review of the BTChamp2 MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Priority Investment Review: 7-12% monthly ROI from a Euro solar plant?

Priority Investment provide no specific information about who owns or runs the company on their website.

On the “About Company” section of the website, Priority Investment cites “Delta-Alpha Group Ltd” as its “management company”.

Delta-Alpha Group Ltd was incorporated in the UK on April 19th, 2017.

The London address used to incorporate Delta-Alpha Group Ltd is used by over thirty companies, suggesting it is a virtual forwarding address.

Delta-Alpha Group Ltd’s sole listed Director Arasakumar Jayaraman cites his country of residence as India, further supporting Delta-Alpha Group Ltd (and by proxy Priority Association) exists in the UK in name only.

The company appears to be wholly operated out of India.

Other than previously incorporating a few generic sounding investment companies, Jayaraman doesn’t appear to have any prior MLM executive experience.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Young Living fined $760,000 for trafficking rosewood & spikenard oil

Following an investigation into the illegal trafficking of essential oils, earlier today the FTC announced it was fining Young Living $500,000.

The company is also required to pay $135,000 in restitution and $125,000 as a “community service payment”. [Continue reading…]