Infinity2Global trial delayed again to July 2022

Following a September 23rd hearing, the Infinity2Global criminal trial has been delayed to July 12th, 2022.

Richard Maike, Angela Leonard, Doyce Barnes, Richard Anzalone, Faraday Hossienipour, Dennis Dvorin and Jason L. Syn were scheduled to face trial next month. [Continue reading…]

SeedChange scammers reboot Ponzi with new website domain

Scammers behind the SeedChange Ponzi scheme are back with a new website domain. [Continue reading…]

J. Ryan Conley’s TronCase Ponzi reboot collapses

J. Ryan Conley’s TronCase Ponzi reboot has collapsed.

As at the time of publication, the TronCase Ponzi smart-contract has a 0 TRX balance. [Continue reading…]

DeFiNatics: Smart-contract Ponzi scheme in the making

DeFiNatics is an upcoming smart-contract Ponzi scheme owned by Rick Katz.

In his own words, DeFiNatics will launch a smart-contract affiliates can invest in. [Continue reading…]

Frank Schneider extradition decision pushed back to November

A French court’s decision on whether to grant Frank Schneider’s extradition has been pushed back to November 18th. [Continue reading…]

ACN Trump lawsuit anonymous Plaintiffs revealed

Parties in the ACN Trump case have reached an agreement pertaining to the anonymity of the plaintiffs.

In an unusual move, at least for MLM related litigation, Plaintiffs were granted an anonymity protective order in late September. [Continue reading…]

Feds seize Sebastian Greenwood’s prison cell phone

Data recovered from a cell phone seized from Sebastian Greenwood, has resulted in a discovery production delay.

That in turn has pushed back Greenwood’s criminal proceedings. [Continue reading…]

Rodrigo Castro hit with $1.7 million GTC judgment

Rodrigo Jose Castro Molina has been hit with a $1.7 million dollar Global Trading Club final judgment. [Continue reading…]

“Scott Group Defendants” dismissed from OneCoin class-action

OneCoin money launderers Mark Scott, David Pike, alleged money launderer Nicole Janine Huesmann and the Bank of New York Mellon, have each been dismissed as defendants in the OneCoin class-action. [Continue reading…]

Kirill Doronin denied release, locked up till Nov 28

Finiko founder Kirill Doronin has been denied release from custody.

At the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Doronin will remain locked up until November 28th. [Continue reading…]