Young Living CA survives motions to dismiss, case stayed

Ascira Review: Videos and travel discounts

At the time of publication Ascira’s website is parked with a “coming soon” message.

Despite having held at least one “VIP event” and actively marketing their opportunity, Ascira has yet to launch an online presence.

Our Ascira review is based on a presentation given by International Brand Ambassador Steve Martin, on or around February 16th, 2019.

Heading up Ascira is founder and CEO, John Sachtouras (right).

Sachtouras made a name for himself in Organo Gold.

Sachtouras joined Organo Gold in 2009 and, according to Greek Reporter USA, was making over $400,000 a month by 2013.

Not sure when he left Organo Gold but in July 2018 Sachtouras signed up with Jeunesse.

That didn’t work out, and by April 2019 Sachtouras had joined FutureNet corporate.

FutureNet started as a simple matrix cycler Ponzi. By 2019 it had jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and was selling its worthless FuturoCoin.

In June 2019 FutureNet collapsed. The company announced a shitcoin fork reboot, but as of yet that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

That brings us to Ascira which, despite the March 1st date on their website, is already in prelaunch.

This is based on at least one company event being held and leaders already in place.

Speaking of Ponzi schemes, let’s take a look at Ascira’s International Brand Ambassadors:

John Sachtouras introduced Steve Martin as part of FutureNet’s “corporate team” last June:

Hans Joerg “Happy” Hartmann and Gerti Navisotschnig are also from FutureNet:

Daniel Grenon has fronted a string of failed Ponzi schemes. We last came across him in September 2019, as the co-founder and the face of FXTV Global.

Andy Hansen’s Aspire Worldwide pyramid scheme collapsed in 2014. Victim losses at the time were pegged at $5 million.

Last we heard Hansen had fled regulators in Australia for the UK. Apparently he goes by Andrew now and has a beard.

Does any of this warrant a preemptive conclusion of Ascira as a business?

Of course not, that’s what the rest of this review is for.

But it does seem Sachtouras has assembled a certain type of marketer to front his company.

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Isagenix lawsuit accuses Modere of “unethical behavior”

Isagenix has revealed a lawsuit filed against Modere and a group of its distributors.

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RF3 World Review: Turning a blind eye to illegal med claims

RF3 World was founded in 2013 and operates in the personal care MLM niche.

The company is based out of Malaysia and headed up by President Nazeri Omar.

According to RF3 World’s “introduction CEO” page on their website, Omar (right) is ‘a millionaire in this multi-level direct sales business‘.

He has also been involved in the import-export business, construction, financial services and trading.

While I found a ton of curated RF3 World marketing material featuring Omar, I wasn’t able to verify his MLM history.

At the time of publication RF3 World appears to primarily be marketed in India.

Alexa estimates 99.3% of traffic to RF3 World’s website originates out of the country.

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OneCoin promoter uses Ruja Ponzi show in marketing

It doesn’t take long into a listen of Jamie Bartlett’s BBC documentary, The Missing Cryptoqueen, to realize it isn’t in support of the Ponzi scheme.

If you’re a OneCoin die-hard and still promoting the scheme however, there’s a good chance you didn’t listen to it.

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Tranont products marketed as coronavirus preventative

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Mark Scott’s sentencing likely to be pushed back to May

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Kuvera palms off Ponzi losses to Westmyn & Travis Bott

Rather than take responsibility for investor losses, Kuvera Global has palmed them off to Westmyn.

Westmyn in turn is tied to the recently busted BitClub Network Ponzi scheme.

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18K Ronaldinho Ponzi collapses, investors sue

18K Ronaldinho has collapsed, leaving investors unable to withdraw imaginary returns.

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Net Leaders & DasCoin a pyramid scheme in Poland

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