Major roadblock for TelexFree victim distributions removed

Unbeknown to me (and I imagine a fair for of you), the Plaintiff’s Interim Executive Committee (PIEC) and TelexFree Trustee have been at loggerheads over investment flow.

Following two rulings that sided with the Trustee on the matter, now a First Circuit appeal decision has also followed suit. [Continue reading…]

Konstantin’s testimony drops one OneCoin bombshell after another

Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial is taking place over the next few weeks.

The highlight of proceedings so far has been Ruja Ignatova’s brother, Konstantin Ignatov, trotted out as a cooperating witness.

Ignatov’s testimony, yesterday in particular, has provided us with a few interesting bombshells.

[Continue reading…]

Konstantin testifies for DOJ, turns on OneCoin and sister

Konstantin Ignatov has appeared as a witness for the DOJ.

Examination by prosecutors spanned questions about his involvement in OneCoin, working under his sister, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott’s visit to the Sofia head office. [Continue reading…]

Cardiffs incarcerated, Poujade fined $5000 a day for contempt

A long history of ignoring court directives has resulted in an incarceration order for Jason and Eunjung Cardiff.

Jacques Poujade, who the FTC allege helped the Cardiffs conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, will also be fined $5000 a day for non-compliance. [Continue reading…]

Silverstar Live & Mahmouds settle CFTC fraud for $75,000

Silver Star Live and owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud have agreed to settle Commodity Exchange Act violations. [Continue reading…]

Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ denied

Charles Scoville’s bid to legalize Ponzi schemes through the Supreme Court has come to an end. [Continue reading…]

Traveling Vineyard Review: Wine monthly autoship done right?

Traveling Vineyard operates in the wine MLM niche.

The company is based  out of Massachusetts in the US, and is headed up by “Chief Grape Stomper” Rick Libby.

Libby (right) claims to have coined the concept of a wine-based MLM opportunity. He acquired Traveling Vineyard following its bankruptcy in 2011.

The concept behind free home wine tasting and Traveling Vineyard had been my idea in 2001 when I worked for Geerlings & Wade, a leader in the direct marketing of quality wine.

If the home party concept could work for plastic storage containers and cooking utensils, why not wine?

I tested the idea with a dozen people and it took off. By 2005, Traveling Vineyard had thousands of independent consultants, who work from home hosting more than 100,000 home tasting events a year in 26 states.

After decades in various sales, marketing and management positions, I had finally fallen in love with a business.

Just when the Traveling Vineyard model had built momentum, a leadership change in the parent company triggered some strategic decisions with which I disagreed, particularly a decision to make changes to the programs we created that supported the self-employed independent wine consultants, our Wine Guides.

The Guides form the heart and soul of the business model. How could I be expected to tell these wine enthusiasts about program impacts to them that I completely disagreed with?

That’s when I left Traveling Vineyard and spent five years doing other things – until I heard about the bankruptcy filing.

I persuaded my wife, presented my case to dozens of friends and investors, emptied my savings accounts (yes, all of them), and made a run at it.

I knew that if our Wine Guides received the support they needed to be successful, the company would get back on its feet.

By November 2010, Traveling Vineyard was back in business. Today, we’re proud to have more than 2,500 happy and satisfied independent Wine Guides in nearly 40 states who love their home based businesses.

Read on for a full review of Traveling Vineyard’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

doTerra drops $5 mill for access to cancer patients

A $5 million dollar donation will provide doTerra access to cancer patients at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. [Continue reading…]

Neora demands pyramid scheme legalization, sues FTC

An FTC investigation has revealed less than 1% of commissions paid out by Neora were tied to retail sales.

Rather than admit the company operated as a pyramid scheme, Neora is suing the FTC. [Continue reading…]

FTC sues Neora (Nerium) for being a pyramid scheme

The FTC has filed a lawsuit against the MLM company Neora (formerly Nerium), and owner Jeff Olson.

According to the FTC, Neora has operated as a pyramid scheme since inception as Nerium International in 2011. [Continue reading…]