Xifra Ponzi collapses, rebooted as Decentra & fleeing to Dubai

Xifra Lifestyle has collapsed. Investors report withdrawals problems beginning late April.

Now the Ponzi scheme is purportedly gearing up to reboot as Decentra. [Continue reading…]

My Trader Coin & Now Mining securities fraud fines in Arizona

My Trader Coin, Now Mining and the scammers behind it have been fined for securities fraud by Arizona’s Corporation Commission. [Continue reading…]

Xifra Lifestyle fined $49,321 for securities fraud in Mexico

Xifra Lifestyle has been fined $985,820 MXN for securities fraud violations in Mexico. [Continue reading…]

My Daily Choice settles Arieyl and “launch team” lawsuits

My Daily Choice, Arieyl and its “launch team” distributors have reached a settlement.

The settlement resulted in a stipulation of voluntary dismissal filed on May 17th.

On May 18th the court granted the stipulation, bringing My Daily Choice’s lawsuit to an end. [Continue reading…]

Andre Vaughn’s bankruptcy settles Youngevity lawsuit

Andre Vaughn’s Feb 2022 Chapter 7 bankruptcy has resulted in a settlement agreement with Youngevity. [Continue reading…]

Sam Lee meets scamlords in Dubai to launch HyperOne Ponzi

HyperTech co-founder Sam Lee, on the run from liquidators in Australia, is purportedly holding meetings in Dubai.

Lee and various scamlords are plotting the launch of HyperOne. They’re aiming to get smaller scammers and victims under them on board. [Continue reading…]

Spellbound Review: Intention candles?

Spellbound, aka The Spellbound Co, operates in the personal care MLM niche.

Spellbound’s website represents the company is based out of the UK…

This website and our communications are created for access in the UK.

…but no specific corporate address is provided.

Spellbound initially launched in late 2020. In mid 2021 the company went through a “relaunch”:

Then in March 2022, Spellbound relaunched again;

As of 25/03/2022 at 8pm, we are extremely excited to announce that Spellbound has become the UK and Northern Ireland’s newest Direct Sales company!

After years of experience and passion behind our incredible products as well as a successful affiliate pilot programme, we invite you to join as a Spellbound Ambassador, share these luxury products and participate in our outstanding career plan.

Spellbound’s third iteration is the MLM company we are looking at today.

Heading up Spellbound are mother and daughter team Caroline Ray and Chanelle Fry.

Caroline Ray doesn’t appear to have any MLM experience, at least not recently. Ray’s Spellbound corporate bio credits here with

a long, successful career in education and (she) previously worked in media.

Chanelle Fry made a name for herself in PlanNet Marketing, a travel MLM opportunity she marketed under “The Travel Tribe”.

Fry also incorporated coaching into her MLM business, marketing herself

It’s no secret that COVID-19 obliterated the travel industry worldwide in 2020.

In late 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to wreak havoc across the world, Fry attempted to resuscitate her travel business with an “Ignite 2020” marketing campaign.

That would turn out to be premature, prompting a direction change with Spellbound circa November 2020.

Read on for a full review of Spellbound’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

ZetBull pyramid fraud warning from Russia

ZetBull has received a pyramid fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia. [Continue reading…]

Kalpesh Patel denies HyperOne –> HyperTech relationship

Following his appearance in HyperOne marketing material, Kalpesh Patel has denied any involvement in HyperOne.

Patel, one of HyperFund’s and Hyperverse’s top earners, claims HyperOne has nothing to do with Hyperverse. [Continue reading…]

HyperOne: Fourth HyperTech crypto Ponzi hoax [updated]

I wasn’t sure if HyperOne was a joke at first.


Update 17th May 2022 – Turns out my spidey sense was dead on, HyperOne doesn’t appear to have anything to do with HyperTech, HyperFund or Hyperverse.

Kalpesh Patel has confirmed he has nothing to do with HyperOne in a recently published social media video.

I’ll leave this review up as a record of what HyperOne was pitching. /end update


The first video uploaded to HyperOne’s official Youtube channel is an old 2018 blockchain bro video featuring Sam Lee.

Lee, along with Ryan Xu, are HyperTech’s co-founders. They’re on the run from liquidators in Australia and are believed to be hiding out in Dubai.

You probably won’t hear much of Xu and Lee, if at all, in HyperOne’s marketing.

Instead we have two of the few people left promoting Hyperverse, Kalpesh Patel…

…and his sidekick Keith Williams:

There are some other names in HyperOne’s marketing but I wasn’t able to confirm involvement so I’ll leave them out for now.

Like Lee and Xu, Kalpesh Patel fled to Dubai to cement his Ponzi legacy.

Patel travels back to the UK from time to time to visit family. The UK is almost as lax as Dubai when it comes to MLM securities fraud regulation.

Keith Williams joins Patel on his Hyper* Ponzi webinars. Williams’ LinkedIn profile places him in the UK.

The other top earner in recent Hyper* Ponzis is Rodney Burton, a US citizen.

As far as I can tell he’s cashed out and isn’t coming back. Burton now spends his time walking around Dubai in his pajamas:

Hyperverse saw Xu and Lee hire an actor to play CEO Steven Reece Lewis.

Lewis is nowhere to be seen with HyperOne. He appears to have been paid off but the content bot is still posting social media cringe on his Twitter account:

HyperOne’s website domain (“hcash.one”), was registered on April 26th, 2022. “Hyper One” is listed as the owner, through the Cayman Island. All other domain ownership details are redacted.

As to HyperTech, it’s a Ponzi factory created by Sam Lee and Ryan Xu.

First we had HyperCapital, then HyperFund, then Hyperverse (short-lived) and now HyperOne.

All MLM crypto Ponzi schemes and, except for HyperOne, all have collapsed.

So with mounting losses and executives in hiding, what’s HyperOne’s marketing schtick?

Read on for a full review of HyperOne’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]