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FTC thwarts Jason Cardiff’s COVID-19 mask scheme

On June 19th the FTC filed a fresh motion requesting sanctions against Jason and Eunjung Cardiff. As alleged by the FTC, the Cardiffs have failed to comply with a filed March 31st contempt order. This was followed up by an emergency ex-parte application for a TRO, filed on June 23rd. The FTC’s application was initially [Continue reading…]

Fred Fok fined $71,700 for promoting OneCoin in Singapore

Fok Fook Seng, better known as Fred Fok, has been fined $71,000 for promoting the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in Singapore.

Tycoon69 collapses in Switzerland, regulatory bankruptcy

An FMA investigation into Tycoon69 has lead to the company’s collapse in Switzerland. As per an email sent out by the Vischer law firm, Tycoon69 has declared bankruptcy.

Forsage fraud warning issued by Philippines SEC

The Philippines SEC has issued a fraud warning against the Forsage gifting scheme. They’ve also outed Lado Okhotnikov as owner of the scam.

South Africa’s NCC finally announces Crowd1 investigation

Regulators are belatedly turning up the heat on Crowd1 in South Africa. The latest regulatory body to announce it is investigating the Ponzi scheme is the National Consumer Commission (NCC).

Traffic Monsoon “victim” claims $9 trillion dollars

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has published her first claims report. Detailing where the claims process is at, the Receiver reveals that one Traffic Monsoon “victim” tried to claim $9 trillion dollars.

Official Crowd1 fraud warning from South Africa’s FSCA

Following confirmation on Twitter that Crowd1 operates illegally in South Africa, the FSCA has now issued a formal statement.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle settlements on the horizon

Ahead of the scheduled July trial, it’s looking like a settlement between the FTC and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants is likely.

South African authorities confirm Crowd1 operating illegally

After doing nothing for almost a year while the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme spread like wildfire, South African authorities have clarified the company operates illegally. Well, sort of.

The unsealed BitClub Network fraud indictments

When news of the BitClub Network arrests broke last December, we learned that the grand jury indictments behind the arrest were under seal. And so they remained until all of the defendants were in custody. That condition was finally satisfied last week, following Russ Medlin’s arrest in Indonesia. With Medlin’s arrest came the unsealing of [Continue reading…]