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FTC to replace Rule 13(b) with Business Opportunity Rule?

The FTC has announced it is reviewing the Business Opportunity Rule. The review pertains specifically to the MLM and gig economy industries, and is a direct response to the recent AMG Supreme Court decision.

Court declines to change SBH status quo post AMG (for now)

The Success By Health asset-freeze appears to be hanging by a thread. For now at least, a decision has been made to maintain the asset freeze and appointed Success by Health Receivership.

Antares Trade securities fraud warning issued in BC, Canada

Antares Trade has received a securities fraud warning from Canada’s British Columbia Securities Commission.

Antares Trade securities fraud warning issued by Spain

Antares Trade has received a securities fraud warning from Spain’s CNMV. The Comision Nacional del Mercadeo de Valores is Spain’s top financial regulator (SEC equivalent).

Blessings In No Time gifting pyramid scheme sued by FTC

Blessings In No Time, aka “BINT”, was a matrix-based pyramid scheme. On June 9th BINT and husband and wife operators, LaShonda and Marlon Moore, were sued by the Texas AG. Today the FTC and Arkansas AG have followed up with a joint federal fraud lawsuit.

Haskell Trey Knight and wife Emily plead not guilty

At a June 2nd initial appearance and arraignment, defendants Trey Knight and his wife Emily plead not guilty. The pair are facing criminal charges related to wire fraud, dating back to 2016.

FBI celebrates Frank Schneider’s arrest, thanks French police

The FBI are feeling confident about Frank Schneider’s arrest. Two days ago two FBI agents arrived in the French city of Nancy. The reason for the visit was to ‘thank French investigators SRPJ and the BRI after the arrest in April 2021 in Meurthe-et-Moselle of‘ Frank Schneider.

German OneCoin money laundering case approved

As I’m used to covering US legal proceedings, how indictments play out in Germany is a little strange. But bear with me. Last November three OneCoin money launderers were indicted. Those indictments have now been approved by a District Court in Munster, paving the way for a criminal trial.

Toga Limited reboots as Eostre Berhad, banned again

Early last year Toga Limited lost its Philippine SEC registration after authorities identified it as an “investment scam”. Following the regulatory ban, Toga Limited rebranded as Eostre Berhad. This has prompted the SEC to issue a second warning.

PGI Global, Xifra Lifestyle fraud warnings from Peru

Praetorian Group International and Xifra Lifestyle have received fraud warnings from Peru’s Superintendencia de Banca Seguros.