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TelexFree funds used to purchase Florida apartments

Brazilian prosecutors allege Carlos Costa, co-founder of TelexFree Brazil, used investor funds to purchase ten apartments in Florida.

Valentus SlimRoast health warning issued in Singapore

Singapore’s Health Science Authority has issued a health warning pertaining to Valentus’ SlimRoast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee.

Two more OneCoin domains offline, under investigation

Two more of OneCoin’s website domains have been pulled offline. DNS records reveal the domains were pulled due to an investigation by domain registry EurID.

Traffic Monsoon 2nd appeal gone, Receiver to subpoena bank

On November 26th the Tenth Circuit dismissed Charles Scoville’s second filed Traffic Monsoon appeal.

Jacques Poujade files RengaLife contempt order appeal

Rather than comply with an order directing him to follow several monetary and asset surrender orders, Jacques Poujade has filed an appeal. Poujade is appealing an October 29th order, which imposes monetary fines running into tens of thousands for non-compliance.

Crowd1 under regulatory investigation in Norway

The Norwegian Lottery Authority has revealed it has an active investigation into Crowd1.

Wantage One claims Austrian securities fraud appeal filed

Wantage One claims it has filed appeal against a decision by Austria’s Financial Market Authority.

Zhunrize Ponzi final judgments top $132 million

Zhunrize and owner Jeff Pan have been hit with $132 million dollar final judgments.

David Pike, second OneCoin money launderer arrested

US authorities have arrested a second OneCoin money launderer, David R. Pike. Pike worked with convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark S. Scott. He was apprehended after lying to federal agents about laundered OneCoin money.

Derrick Keller cleared of Eagle Gates Group charges

A Bangkok court has found Derrick Keller not guilty over his association with the Eagle Gates Group Ponzi scheme.