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iX Global collapses amid ongoing SEC investigation

iX Global has collapsed. On a “final global call” held on June 24th, founder Joe Martinez confirmed an ongoing SEC investigation into the company.

iX Global securities fraud continues with CloudX

Following the collapse of its short-lived IN8 NFT Ponzi scheme, iX Global has tripled down on securities fraud with CloudX. In a nutshell, iX Global’s CloudX is a variation of the “node positions” model, except blockchain has been swapped out for web hosting.

Details of the iX Global & Joe Martinez investigation in India

A May 1st report from India’s Directorate of Enforcement has provided insight into the ongoing fraud investigation into iX Global and CEO Joseph Martinez.

As requested by SEC, iX Global fraud case dismissed

Following a motion from the SEC, its $49 million securities fraud case against iX Global and Debt Box has been voluntarily dismissed. The court ordered the dismissal on May 28th, also ordering the SEC to pay costs.

Debt Box promoter Ryan Bowen dismissed from SEC case

Debt Box promoter Ryan Bowen has been voluntarily dismissed from the SEC’s case. A stipulation filing also provides clarity on how the SEC intends to handle the case going forward.

iX Global’s & Debt Box’s IN8 NFT grift collapses

iX Global’s IN8 NFT grift, purportedly running on Debt Box’s technology, has collapsed. As per a March 27th message to investors on IN8’s website;

SEC sanctioned for “bad faith” in Debt Box fraud case

A court has found the SEC getting some dates wrong in its Debt Box case constitutes bad faith. Financial sanctions have been imposed and the SEC’s request to dismiss the case for refiling has been denied.

iX Global & Debt Box continue securities fraud with IN8 NFT grift

Between the SEC suing it for securities fraud and Indian authorities arresting money launderers, iX Global’s original forex and crypto mining ruses are dead. In an effort to continue violating US federal securities law, iX Global has announced a new NFT “rewards” grift.

SEC opts to dismiss iX Global case after internal review

In light of date errors made in presenting its case, the SEC has opted to voluntarily dismiss securities fraud proceedings against iX Global and Debt Box. The revelation was made in a January 30th surreply filing, made in response to why the SEC shouldn’t be sanctioned.

Indian authorities freeze ~$77,000 tied to iX Global

Following executed search warrants on January 11th, Indian authorities have frozen Rs. 6.4 million (~$77,000 USD). In a January 12th press-release, the Enforcement Directorate revealed the funds were tied to iX Global and TP Global FX.