Billions Trade Club has received a fraud warning from Mexico.

As per a June 19th FaceBook post by CONDUSEF;

Billions Trade Club is not a financial entity regulated or supervised by CONDUSEF.

It is not registered in our financial Services Provider Registration System (SPIRES), so it does not have the status of financial entity authorized to offer investments or financial services in Mexico.

By failing to register its passive returns investment scheme with CONDUSEF, Billions Trade Club commits securities fraud in Mexico.

Billions Trade Club is run by a former executive of the Smart Business Corp Ponzi scheme.

Officially Billions Trade Club operates through Quantum Leap Company LLC, a shell company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. CEO Jorge Rodriguez however runs Billions Trade Club from within Mexico.

In its response to CONDUSEF’s warning, Billions Trade Club sought to gaslight the regulator by denying the company illegally solicited investment in Mexico.

In light of this notice, it is IMPORTANT to make it clear that Quantum Leap Company LLC does not offer services or products that involve resource acquisition through the Mexican Financial System.

We appreciate this publication and validate the recommendations issued by the CONDUSEF in Mexico.

We reiterate to the public that Quantum Leap Company LLC, whose trademark is Billions Trade Club, is not a regulated or supervised financial entity in that country and has not used expressions or performed activities reserved for regulated financial entities in Mexico.

Billions Trade Club solicits investment in tether (USDT). This is done on the promise of up to 9% a month.

As of May 2024, SimilarWeb tracked 59% of Billions Trade Club’s website traffic originating from Mexico.

Instead of pointing this out, CONDUSEF responded to Billions Trade Club’s gaslighting by treating them as a regular consumer.

In light of confirming Billions Trade Club operates illegally in Mexico, its primary source of recruitment, why Mexican authorities don’t round up Rodriguez and his accomplices remains unclear.