Following his arrest on March 13th, CBI Global owner Coenie Botha contacted attorney Afrika Jantjies to represent him.

When Botha and Jantjies presented at court, Jantjies was promptly arrested as a CBI Global accomplice.

In addition to working as Botha’s personal attorney, Jantjies was introduced as CBI Global’s Compliance Officer in March 2022.

Explaining what he did within CBI Global, Jantjies (right) stated;

We are the attorneys for CBI. Plus I act as the compliance officer for CBI Exchange Namibia.

If there is anything that is done unlawful or is not in line with the law, then it is my duty to advise my client to desist and stop and comply.

It appears at no point did Jantjies inform Botha he was running an illegal Ponzi scheme.

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) is believed to have begun investigating Botha and CBI Global in 2021. BoN’s investigation would lead to the freezing of CBI Global associated accounts in mid 2022.

After receiving approval to claim operational expenses, it emerged Botha had been laundering funds through Jantjies’ law firm.

BoN appealed the decision and secured a reversal in December 2022.

While we know Coenie Botha has been criminally charged with CBI Global related securities fraud, Afrika Jantjies specific charges have yet to be made public.


Update 19th March 2024 – Afrika Jantjies was released without criminal charges being filed last Wednesday.

Despite being an apparent CBI Global accomplice, Jantjies is currently representing Coenie Botha and wife Charlotte Murove.