The Uhuru Tribe Ponzi scheme has collapsed, prompting owner Coenraad “Coenie” Botha to reboot the scam as CBI Global.

BehindMLM readers first reported the switch to CBI Global in late October. Due to a typo however, we were only able to confirm the reboot today.

CBI Global’s website is full of generic marketing copy. This is best demonstrated by CBI Global’s website FAQ, which is still populated with template text:

As with Uhuru Tribe, company ownership details are not provided on CBI Global’s website.

On October 31st however, Coenie Botha appeared in a CBI Global livestream to promote the company:

Despite CBI Global’s website domain only being registered in March 2020, the description on the company’s livestream video reads:

A time to reflect, learn and see what the future holds in for CBI on its 3rd year celebration.

This appears to be an attempt to pretend Uhuru Tribe didn’t exist and was CBI Global all along.

As for MLM, CBI Global appears to be more of the same. While no specifics are provided on CBI Global’s website, you can check out our Uhuru Tribe review for an overview.

CBI Global continues to market UHC Ponzi points, which can be converted into BTC, ETH “or the token you want” through CBI-X, an internal exchange.

As with Uhuru Tribe, CBI Global will collapse when withdrawals exceed new investment.

Given Botha can set the internal value of UHC Ponzi points as he sees fit, expect some manipulation before the towel is inevitably thrown in again.


Update 2nd July 2021 – CBI Global has collapsed. Payouts were disabled on or around July 1st.