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BoN overturns CBI Global Ponzi funding decision

The Bank of Namibia successfully overturned a court decision, requiring it to fund Coenraad Botha’s collapsed CBI Global Ponzi scheme. I know that’s an utterly ridiculous sentence but uh… welcome to Ponzi regulation in Namibia.

Court orders Bank of Namibia to fund CBI Global Ponzi

A court has ordered the Bank of Namibia to fund CBI Global. The Bank of Namibia is Namibia’s top financial regulator. CBI Global is a Ponzi scheme. Oh dear.

GSB Gold Standard Bank, Dafri Bank fraud warnings issued

The Central Bank of the Comoros has issued a multi-scam fraud warning for Gold Standard Bank and Dafri Bank. As per the BCC’s 15th June warning;

Coenie Botha reckons running CBI Global costs $62K month

Coenie Botha’s latest legal grift in Namibia has seen him claim running his Ponzi scheme costs $62,150 a month. This is based on a March carve-out, which saw the Bank of Namibia required to unfreeze enough for CBI Global to meet its “day-to-day operations”. CBI Global is a collapsed MLM crypto Ponzi scheme run by [Continue reading…]

Coenie Botha misrepresenting CBI Global’s VASP license

When you visit CBI Global’s website the first thing you’ll see up top is a VASP registration message: CBI Exchange (Pty) Ltd is a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Namibia – Read our VASP Disclaimer Instead of registering CBI Global with the BoN, Coenie Botha thought he could pull [Continue reading…]

CBI Global investors drowning in fees, KYC & withdrawal limits

The greater the efforts Coenie Botha goes to keep his CBI Global Ponzi running, the harder his investors get screwed. The latest is 16% deposit fees, withdrawal fees, KYC roadblocks and hard daily withdrawal limits.

CBI Global securities fraud warning from South Africa

CBI Global has received a securities fraud warning from South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

CBI Global’s Coenie Botha sues BoN for right to scam people

The problem with ignoring Ponzi schemes, apart from inevitable widespread losses, is people running them start to believe they’re above the law. “Scamming is an inalienable right, how dare you stop me!” That sort of thing. We’ve seen it in South Africa with Cherie Marks and Mirror Trading International. Charles Scoville in the US took his [Continue reading…]

Coenie Botha funneling CBI Global investors into GSPartners

Coenie Botha is funneling CBI Global investors into the GSPartners Ponzi scheme. The move follows the Bank of Namibia freezing Botha’s business and personal accounts last month.

CBI Global collapses again (Coenie Botha’s 4th Ponzi collapse)

CBI Global has collapsed for a third time, marking owner Coenie Botha’ fourth Ponzi collapse. Rather than just admit he’s spend invested funds, Botha is sticking to his regulatory coverup.