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Jason Cardiff incarcerated if Aug 31st deadline not met

Even before their July 24th contempt hearing, the Cardiffs continued to serve up fresh delicious popcorn. On the eve of their contempt hearing, Defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff filed nearly 1000 pages of unsolicited, unexplained exhibits, without leave of court. What is more, they failed to comply with sealing procedures under the Local Rules for [Continue reading…]

Payza co-founders plead guilty to money laundering

Payza co-founders Firoz and Ferhan Patel have pled guilty to money laundering fraud charges. The pair were indicted back in March 2018, with the guilty plea bringing criminal proceedings against them to a close.

Crowd1 permanently banned in Philippines, appeal denied

Crowd1’s appeal to the Philippine SEC has been denied. Effective immediately, Crowd1 is permanently banned in the Philippines.

BitClub Network crim case continued to November 2020

Following a request by the DOJ, the BitClub Network criminal case has been continued through November 2020. The reason for the delay in proceedings is designation of an “unusual or complex case”.

Jason Cardiff furious over losing VPL Medical

Two days after assuming control of VPL Medical, the Redwood Receiver shut it down. Jason Cardiff was furious, prompting a twenty-eight page rage filing demanding removal of the Receiver. Spoiler alert: Cardiff was denied.

Infinity2Global trial delayed to March 2021 due to COVID-19

Richard Maike and his Infinity2Global co-defendants have won themselves some reprieve, following a decision to postpone their criminal trial to March 2021.

Mind Capital securities fraud C&D issued in Texas

Mind Capital has received a securities fraud emergency cease and desist order from Texas. As per the Texas State Securities Board’s order, Mind Capital (Mind Capital OU, Mind Capital Tech SL) is not registered to offer securities in Texas.

Jay Noland dodges NetForce contempt sanctions… for now

Jay Noland has dodged contempt sanctions for violating his NetForce Seminars fraud injunction. The FTC sued Noland and NetForce Seminars back in 2000. NetForce Seminars was found to be a pyramid scheme and an injunction prohibiting Noland from engaging in any pyramid sales scheme” was issued. The FTC sued Noland and Success By Health for [Continue reading…]

Preliminary injunction granted against Cardiffs & VPL Medical

Following a Temporary Restraining Order issued last month, a preliminary injunction has been granted against Jason Cardiff and his company VPL Medical.

Silviu Catalin Balaci pleads guilty to BitClub Network fraud

BitClub Network defendant Silviu Catalin Balaci has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to offer and sell unregistered securities.