Sam Lee claims he’s stopped funding withdrawals for the collapsed VidiLook Ponzi scheme.

Describing the fallout of the decision as “a shitstorm”, Lee stated paying out any more money to VidiLook victims was “throwing money into the dunny”.

Lee’s decision completes VidiLook’s exit-scam, which began with an “acquisition” exit-scam last month.

Whereas Lee ran the original VidiLook hiding behind others, he’s come out of the shadows to front VidiLook V2.

VidiLook V2 keeps up the already collapsed “watch ads” facade, but locks returns paid out for for 500 days.

A spreadsheet doing the rounds over the last couple of days represents that VidiLook investor losses at around 60 million. Supposedly VidiLook would have had to generate around $67.1 trillion through ad revenue to pay out ROI liabilities.

In a VidiLook webinar held on May 15th, Lee claims to have spent millions funding VidiLook withdrawals since it collapsed.

It’s important to frame any claims Lee makes about money within the context of him hiding out in Dubai. Any money Lee puts into his new Ponzi schemes is money stolen through his collapsed HyperFund and Hyperverse Ponzi schemes.

Despite owning VidiLook from the beginning and pocketing the majority of invested funds, Lee claims he’s officially only made “just over half a million” in collected fees.

Presumably as part of VidiLook V2, Lee claims he’ll still work on refunding VidiLook V2 victims by diverting fees collected through his new We Are All Satoshi Ponzi.

Outside of that nonsense, Lee pledged to make whole around twenty or so top VidiLook promoters on the webinar still loyal to him.

Lee throws the rest of VidiLook’s “leaders” under the bus.

The world doesn’t revolve around fucking VidiLook, right? *laughs* And it sure as hell doesn’t revolve around beta? (edit: Lee refers to VidiLook v1 as a “beta”)

The only reason I’m interested in helping beta users is because they said, “There’s a beginning, middle and end.”

Because that’s what I always say, there’s an end. And the end is, no more new users on beta.

But if you look at the changes that were implemented … the changes that were implemented means, mathematically, the VidiLook beta will never end.

And the people who benefit are the people who got in and made rank at the top.

Lee states he isn’t worried about retaliation because he “has data on” VidiLook’s top earners.

No one dare touches me in this convoluted scammy crypto space, because I’ve got too much data on everyone. So let’s all be nice.

Despite being the same Ponzi model bound to inevitable collapse again, Lee claims VidiLook V2 “has a clean build, clean slate (and) clean group of people who believe.”

Lee maintains that, as opposed to Ponzi schemes inevitably collapsing because math, VidiLook victims lost money because they “didn’t understand”.

Lee, an Australian national, continues to defraud consumers from Dubai through his StableDao Ponzi platform.

Total combined investor losses between Lee’s Hyper* Ponzis and VidiLook likely exceed a billion.

VidiLook’s website hasn’t been updated since the original Ponzi scheme collapsed. VidiLook’s official Twitter profile was abandoned on March 23rd, 2023.

VidiLook’s official YouTube channel was also recently terminated:

Between Lee and his partner-in-crime Ryan Xu, the majority of funds invested into the Hyper* Ponzis and VidiLook remain unaccounted for.


Update 4th September 2023 – Sam Lee’s VidiLook reboot has collapsed.

Shavez Anwar is rebooting the Ponzi scheme with a new Bitcoin Code Ponzi coin.