Gift Of Legacy fails to provide company ownership information on its website.

In fact as I write this, Gift Of Legacy’s website is nothing more than a video placeholder with a launch timer.

The company however is being actively marketed on social media.

Gift of Legacy’s official YouTube channel was created in January 2021.

Videos started to appear on the channel a month ago. Those featured in the videos mostly have South African accents.

The first webinar was streamed on Gift Of Legacy’s YouTube channel on October 12th.

Ringleaders running the show are Chris Hattingh and Candice Donadel.

Chris Hattingh is a former Mirror Trading International promoter.

Mirror Trading International was a South African Ponzi scheme that collapsed in October 2020.

South African authorities confirmed a Mirror Trading International investigation in December 2020. Almost a year later nothing has publicly come of it.

Candice Donadel used to run a hair salon. Now she thinks she’s an “earth wizard” and posts whacky conspiracy theories on social media.

In a May 2021 marketing video for Elite Inc., Donadel explains what happened;

[0:30] I went through a lot of staff because nobody got as busy as I did. And I just wasn’t in a happy space.

And then one day I slipped in the salon and completely hurt my back. I was rendered absolutely useless.

So I had three weeks off where I couldn’t do any hair … and that’s how I found out about Niel’s course – just from being flat on my back and looking on FaceBook.

Donadel fell down the Facebook boomer conspiracy rabbit hole, Elite Inc. didn’t work out and here we are with Gift Of Legacy.

Despite appearing to be in prelaunch, in a recent November 11th Gift Of Legacy webinar, presenter Petra Laranjo claims she was recruited by Angela Kilian in January 2021.

Later in the webinar Petra references a “precursor program from 2009”.

This piqued my interest but I wasn’t able to link anything conclusively.

In any event, it’s clear Gift Of Legacy has already launched and was actively recruiting as early as January 2021.


Update 17th November 2021 – Gift Of Legacy’s precursor was Kindred Hearts.

Chris Hattingh claims Kindred Hearts was being run by an anonymous eighty-three year old woman from America.

Hattingh and Donadel claim Belinda Bryandt was their contact at Kindred Hearts.

Bryandt allegedly booted Hattingh and Donadel out of Kindred Hearts because they weren’t from the US.

Gift Of Legacy’s website domain was registered in July 2021.

Chris Hattingh and Candice Donadel announced Gift Of Legacy’s launch on September 28th.  /end update


Read on for a full review of Gift Of Legacy’s MLM opportunity.

Gift of Legacy’s Products

Gift of Legacy has no retailable products and services.

Affiliates are only able to market Gift of Legacy affiliate membership itself.

Gift of Legacy’s Compensation Plan

Recruited Gift of Legacy affiliates buy into a four-tier gifting scheme.

Gifting payments within Gift of Legacy are tracked via a 2×3 matrix.

A 2×3 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Level three of the matrix is generated in the same manner and houses 8 positions.

When a Gift of Legacy affiliates buys into one of the four tiers, they are placed at the top of a corresponding 2×3 matrix.

Positions in the matrix are filled via subsequent gifting payments. When all positions are filled a “cycle” is triggered.

The first cycle at each matrix tier triggers payments and generation of new positions as follows:

  • Bronze (positions cost $100) – $300 in gifting payments, generates a new Bronze position plus entry into the Silver matrix tier
  • Silver (positions cost $400) – $1200 in gifting payments, generates a new Silver position plus entry into the Gold matrix tier
  • Gold (positions cost $1600) – $6200 in gifting payments, generates a new Gold position plus entry into the Platinum matrix tier
  • Platinum (positions cost $5000) – $35,000 in gifting payments and generates a new Platinum matrix tier position

Subsequent cycles don’t need to generate higher cycler tier positions and so pay out more in gifting payments:

  • Bronze – $700 in gifting payments and generates a new Bronze position
  • Silver – $2800 in gifting payments and generates a new Silver position
  • Gold – $11,200 in gifting payments and generates a new Gold position
  • Platinum – $35,000 in gifting payments and generates a new Platinum position

Note that because Platinum is the highest tier, first and subsequent cycle gifting payments are the same.

Joining Gift of Legacy

Gift of Legacy affiliate membership is tied to a $100 gifting payment.

Gifting payments within Gift of Legacy are made via PayPal, Wise, bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

Gift of Legacy Conclusion

Gift Of Legacy’s marketing shtick is “an incredible algorithm”. The algorithm supposedly ensures “everyone can ride the board of abundance”.

This is of course baloney; Gift Of Legacy is a simple matrix-based gifting scheme.

Matrix-based gifting schemes are less common now (most of the scammers have moved onto crypto), but were a dime a dozen 5-10 years ago.

Constant recruitment is required to keep a gifting scheme afloat. This combines gifting with a pyramid scheme model.

When recruitment inevitably collapses, so too does the gifting scheme.

Being a matrix-based gifting scheme, Gift Of Legacy’s collapse will be preceded by its matrices stalling.

Once enough matrices have stalled, that’s the end of the scam.

On the numbers side of things you have $100 going in and $42,700 coming out. Additional cycles pull out even more funds.

Without accounting for additional cycles, the math behind Gift of Legacy is already ridiculous.

One person needs 427 $100 gifting payments to withdraw across all four tiers. Those 427 people need 427 $100 gifting payments each, they need 427 $100 gifting payments each and… pretty soon you’re looking at numbers running into the billions.

That’s obviously not going to happen, and so the stage is set for your typical MLM gifting scheme collapse.

As with all MLM gifting schemes, the primary beneficiaries are those running them.

With Gift of Legacy that’d be Chris Hattingh and friends.

This transfer of money takes place through one or more preloaded admin positions.

These positions cycle first and through these cycles, suck up the majority of gifted in funds at the higher gifting tiers.

In order for that to happen, the majority of Gift Of Legacy participants have to lose money.

And that’s exactly how every MLM gifting scheme plays out.

This is basic math. Anyone telling you otherwise is, knowingly or otherwise, lying to you.

Gift Of Legacy is currently scheduled to relaunch on November 20th:

Those promoting Gift Of Legacy are actively targeting those financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apparently further ruining them financially through a gifting scam is somehow helping.


Update 8th December 2021 – Despite promising an “official confirmed” launch in late November, Gift of Legacy still hasn’t launched.

A visit to Gift of Legacy’s website today reveals any mention of a launch date has been removed.

Instead the website now states “launch to be announced… soon”.

Videos discussing the late November launch have been deleted from Gift of Legacy’s YouTube channel.

One of those videos was cited and linked to in this review. As such I’ve had to disable the previously accessible link.