Following a dramatic drop in recruitment, Gift of Legacy appears to be collapsing from within.

Admins are fighting, recruitment has collapsed and anybody who asks questions is having their account(s) seized.

Publicly Gift of Legacy is fronted by Chris Hattingh and Candice Donadel. Behind the scenes however they’re joined by Jacques Marais, Jenny Brandt and Hercules Viljoen.

Marais (right) claims Gift of Legacy is his “brainchild and pride and joy”.

Yesterday Marais posted a message to Gift of Legacy’s official Telegram group, claiming the scam had been “stolen” from him.

I am saddened in more ways than one about the events that have transpired over the last few days, and also the last few months.

As you all know, GL – my brainchild and pride and joy – Gift of Legacy, was taken from me by the ‘Core Leaders’ and launched to the community before it was ready.

As a result, it has not performed nor lived up to the initial promises that were made, and to this day, – even though it has been out of my control, I feel responsible for that. And therefore responsible to each and every one of you.

I want you all to know that when I started GL, it was intended to be run with integrity, a fierce sense of community and 100% transparency.

A few days ago, I aired some shocking truths. Shocking to me, and to you – because even though they stole my program, I didn’t expect the ‘Core Leaders’ to steal mine and my family’s GL accounts too.

Regardless of when it was released or whether Marais’ positions were stolen, he knows full well math is math and all gifting schemes collapse when there’s nobody left to recruit.

Had that of been all Marais was whinging about, I wouldn’t be putting this article together.

Marais goes on to give us some popcorn worthy infighting;

To this day, they have not been able to give a reasonable explanation for this – even though I have sent correspondence demanding to know why.

I have just sent another e-mail to the ‘Core 4’ telling them that I will be walking away and have asked them to stop mentioning my name on Zoom for any reason whatsoever and to pay the abundance from gifts to the relevant owners of these accounts.

Regardless of the ‘ownership’ issues – I am a participant in the system, just like any other. I shared my story with you because I wanted to you know that they have access to the database and that if they can do this to mine and my family’s accounts – they can do this to you too!

By virtue of this fact, it proves that GL is NOT a decentralized system, but a toy for the ‘Core Leaders’ to manipulate as they see fit.

This goes against the intrinsic ethos of what a Gifting Program is all about.

When is enough actually enough for the ‘Core Leader’? Take my program, take my boards…..what’s next?

Apparently silencing anyone who complains about getting scammed, or Hattingh and Donadel further rigging Gift of Legacy in their favor.

Every single one of my supporters (who are also participants of GL) have been blocked from all of their platforms for asking questions.

Questions not only about my allegations, but also questions of their own – like ‘how does the algorithm work?’ and ‘I brought in 50 people but none of them landed on my board!’ etc….So much for transparency.

As for what’s next for Marais, he’s learnt nothing and hopes to launch another gifting scam.

I have told the honest truth about everything that has happened. Some will believe me, some won’t. And I’m ok with that, because I know who I am as a human being.

I have exposed the failings of GL and the ‘Core Leaders’. How you choose to proceed on your journey with GL is now up to you.

I visited the authorities and after a lengthy discussion, the finality was that GL would be no more.

I have decided to walk away from all the negativity and put the community first, to rather focus my energy on creating an new program that will deliver on all it’s promises – the platform that GL was intended to be. I owe it to each and every one of you– so I am more fired up than ever!

This program will be a Gifting Platform like none other. I’ve had more than enough time to think about things and improve on, and to all the systems I created for GL.

Not only that, but I have aligned with genuine people this time around – people who I trust and who trust me. People who have the same dream as me. People who will put the community first…..ALWAYS.

I will be closing this group directly after I post this statement, for obvious reasons.

Please know in your hearts that I value and appreciate every one of you, for walking this road with me and for believing in me.

Could I ask respectfully, that you don’t send me private messages regarding GL at all. I am moving on to bigger and better things.

Redemption will be the new platform. I will post more info about that in due course.

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Much love,
Jacques Marais

Few thoughts:

  1. Jacques Marais hasn’t been truthful about anything. Gift of Legacy is/was a scam designed to funnel as much money from recruited plebs to those at the top. Marais is only butthurt he’s no longer at the top. That’s what being truthful looks like.
  2. South African authorities are investigating Gift of Legacy. Marais is lying if he’s representing he went to them and came clean on Gift of Legacy being a scam and his involvement. Such to the extent Marais has had any contact with authorities, it’d be to moan about getting ousted from his illegal gifting scheme.
  3. All gifting schemes funnel money from recruited plebs to the company’s owners and top recruiters. It is mathematically impossible for the vast majority of participants to make money. Such was the case with Kindred Hearts, on which Gift Of Legacy was modeled. Such is the case with Gift of Legacy. And such will be the case with Marais’ new gifting scam.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely anything will come from the South African Gift of Legacy investigation. There’s a pattern of authorities announcing MLM fraud investigations, and then nothing happening.

This allows local scammers to reboot scams willy nilly, with consumer losses for the most part going unreported.

Now that it’s all but collapsed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hattingh and Donadel reboot Gift of Legacy over the coming months too.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.