YouGetPaidFast launched in September 2013 and is headed up by admin and owner Paul Darby.

Darby operated YouGetPaidFast behind the parent company “Unimax Services”, with an address provided on the YouGetPaidFast website in the US state of Texas.


The Unimax Services website (“”) was registered in 2006 and for almost a decade has been the platform Paul Darby has used to launch numerous business opportunities.

These include The Best Traffic of Your Life”, Save Your Daughters (??), Encer Agency, The Net Millionaires Social Network and Websites on TV.

Read on for a full review of the YouGetPaidFast MLM business opportunity.

The YouGetPaidFast Product Line

YouGetPaidFast has no retailable products or services, with affiliates being only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Bundled with affiliate membership is some sort of traffic exchange service, however details on this service are not provided to the general public on the YouGetPaidFast website.

The YouGetPaidFast Compensation Plan

The YouGetPaidFast compensation revolves around affiliates joining the company for $28 and splitting this payment between the affiliate who recruited them and their upline.

Payments by new affiliates are made between affiliates via money order, with one $7 payment going to the affiliate who recruited them, $7 to the recruitment who recruited them and the last $7 to the affiliate who recruited them.

After a YouGetPaidFast affiliate has bought into the scheme, they in turn receive $7 payments from affiliates they recruit, paid out down an additional three levels of recruitment.

Joining YouGetPaidFast

With affiliates required to pay $28 to the affiliate who recruited them and their upline, effectively affiliate membership to YouGetPaidFast is $28.


Back when the internet was in its infancy and before it existed, participants of cash gifting schemes primarily used money orders to exchange money between themselves.

Take that core and combine it with internet marketing exposure and a token product and that’s pretty much what you have with YouGetPaidFast.

Affiliates gifting each other with the payments stopping once new affiliates cease being recruited into the scheme and gifting their upline.

So how does Paul Darby explain away the blatant gifting nature of YouGetPaidFast?

Is this like a fancy gifting program?

No. Gifting programs are typically ponzi schemes with no product or service offered.

The You Get Paid Fast program not only has a product, we have multiple expensive, valuable, wonderful products that are of great value and worth to anyone wishing to make an income online. We are simply a hot business with a killer affiliate program.

The traffic exchange service is present as a cover for the scheme, however any claim that it is being bought and sold is destroyed by merit that affiliates pay each other.

Paul Darby himself has a position in the YouGetPaidFast compensation plan (at the top) so the company itself makes no money as nothing is being bought and sold within the scheme (other than the right to participate, which is “pay to play”).

Putting aside the additional red flag of a complete lack of retail within YouGetPaidFast, one could replace the traffic exchange service with anything and the compensation plan would remain intact.

This is because rather than the sale of a product or service to retail customers, YouGetPaidFast simply requires new affiliates to gift existing affiliates in order for commissions to be generated.

What’s worse is, if Darby is to be believed, the $28 gifting scheme appears to only be the start of YouGetPaidFast;

With funds from this company (we) will be creating a new company to travel in portable internet cafe’s to economically hard hit towns and will be setting up income earning accounts for these people, then we will rent/least/purchase a structure and leave a permanent internet cafe for the town/city and will move to the next town.

As for refunds?

When you complete your purchase, you, the buyer, are claiming that you have read, accepted and fully understand the terms of this agreement. Which includes a zero refund policy. That is no refunds offered.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that all participants of YouGetPaidFast are submitting themselves to Paul Darby’s personal email list:

Buyer agrees to post-sale contact from joint venture partners of the Seller or from others who have a commercial relationship with the Seller.

Buyer agrees that all personal information about the buyer or his or her buying habits and preferences, including address and phone number, may be placed in a general database and agrees that this information may be shared, rented or sold to third parties.

“Buyer” of course referring to participating affiliates and the “seller” being Paul Darby through YouGetPaidFast.

Enjoy the spam folks.