The Z System, also going by the Z 712 Money System, is the latest MLM opportunity from serial scammer Paul Darby.

To his credit, Darby fronts The Z System in a marketing video front and center on the company’s website.

BehindMLM first covered Darby in 2013, as owner of the YouGetPaidFast gifting scheme. Back then Darby was launching various scams under Unimax Services branding.

After YouGetPaidFast collapsed, Darby continued promoting third-party scams to his victims.

Darby dropped off after Internet Lifestyle Network, at least as far as popping up on BehindMLM’s radar. Darby’s YouTube channel reveals he’s been flogging a “new” marketing system under various names over the past few years.

The Z System’s Terms and Conditions document suggests Darby is based out of Texas in the US.

Read on for a full review of the Z System’s MLM opportunity.

The Z System’s Products

The Z System has no retailable products or services.

The company offers a free “The Z App” email marketing app. As pitched by Darby;

You can put the cool stuff that you find to market with online, any two products or services, change them out whatever you want.

All you do is cut and paste affiliate links into the system and it will start professionally emailing the most beautiful emails for you.

You don’t write ’em, you don’t think about ’em, you don’t set ’em up. You cut and paste in what you want to sell and hit “done”.

Darby claims The Z App is worth $1900.

The Z System’s Compensation Plan

The Z System affiliates sign up for $99 a month. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

The Z System affiliates earn recruitment commissions down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • 50% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • 25% on level 2

Commissions are paid as long as recruited affiliates continue to pay monthly membership fees.

Joining The Z System

The Z System affiliate membership is $97 a month.

The Z System Conclusion

The Z System is the latest name Darby is flogging his email generation app through.

If you look at Darby’s YouTube channel, you’ll find him promoting Joel Therein’s Now Lifestyle under various names. Earlier this year it was the Magic List Machine.

Before The Z System, announced in early July, there was “The New Tech Millionaires”.  Before that it was “The Genius App”. Before that it was “Mr. X Web Traffic” and so on and so forth.

Apart from questionable income claims…

…that very likely violate the FTC Act, there’s nothing wrong with The Z App on its own. It’s an email marketing tool. You’ll of course need an email list to plug in… which Darby might be harvesting on the backend for his own list. Who knows.

What I can tell you is, Darby sounded pretty desperate in a June 2022 marketing video;

Look, if the owner of a very successful marketing firm tells you that they’ve partnered up with a $300 million dollar company and the owner of another very successful marketing firm, and we have something that can help you become a very successful marketing firm, and you don’t get it because you’re scared or whatever, then you’re just freaking lost as a goose.

You’re a freaking cow. And you’re just waiting for somebody to lead you into the chute, and either remove your testicles or pooh! in the head and turn you into hamburgers.

The problem with The Z System is its attached MLM opportunity. It’s a pyramid scheme.

While The Z System has an email marketing app, it’s given away for free and has nothing to do with the MLM opportunity.

100% of commission paid out through The Z System are tied to recruitment. This is what makes it a pyramid scheme.

Invariably marketing tools attached to pyramid schemes wind up being primarily used to market the pyramid scheme itself. And that’s what we have with The Z System.

Regardless of how long it takes, pyramid schemes inevitably collapse when recruitment dries up. This is why you have Darby launching new schemes with different names every few months.

Take The Genius App, which Darby launched in late 2020. It’s dead.

SimilarWeb reports traffic to The New Tech Millionaires’ website, launched to promote List Leverage in 2019 and recycled as a “100% commissions” gifting scheme in November 2021, is steadily in decline.

There’s a pattern here. Expect The Z System to be abandoned or relaunched with a new name by the end of the year.