As dubious schemes pop up in the MLM industry there’s usually an accompaniment of silly arguments explaining how said scheme is infact not dubious.

These arguments usually begin with the claim that anyone who thinks otherwise is “uneducated” or “just doesn’t get it”, followed by any number of fallacy-ridden arguments.

“We’re legal because we haven’t been shut down!”, “we have a product!”, “you’re just jealous!”, “my upline said…” are just some of the more commonly used arguments we frequently see here on BehindMLM.

(Editorial note: Even as I sit here and write this article, someone just now tried to pull the “we’re legal because we haven’t been shut down!” argument elsewhere on the site…)

Last month Paul Darby launched YouGetPaidFast, a gifting scheme in which participants send each other $7 money orders via the US postal service.

Upon signing up an affiliate is given 4 names and addresses to send the money orders to, after which the recipients mark the money as received. When this happens the newly recruited affiliates moves up the list and is eligible to receive $7 money orders from those they recruit and the new affiliates those recruited recruit and so on.


As obvious a gifting scheme as they come, Paul Darby (right) addresses this concern on the YouGetPaidFast website’s FAQ:

Is this like a fancy gifting program?

No. Gifting programs are typically ponzi schemes with no product or service offered.

The You Get Paid Fast program not only has a product, we have multiple expensive, valuable, wonderful products that are of great value and worth to anyone wishing to make an income online.

Whilst it’s undeniable that YouGetPaidFast bundles a bunch of useless digital downloads with affiliate membership, these “products” have nothing to do with the YouGetPaidFast compensation plan or business model.

Affiliates sign up, gift four levels of the upline affiliate who recruited them and then recruit others who do the same. It is the gifting opportunity itself that participants are marketed and sold on, rather than commissions generated via the sale of products to non-participant end-users.

Paul Darby himself actively markets the gifting opportunity in his YouTube videos. In a video titled “What ta do”, Darby explains

So, if ya wanna know everything ya have to do to do get the system completely set up… ya have to follow a process and here’s that process. Here’s how it works.

Go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a button called “one”. Click on it, pay your seven bucks.

You’ll automatically be returned back to button number two. Click on that, seven bucks.

When you get to the fourth you’ll have paid twenty-eight bucks and you’re done. You own a business for twenty-eight dollars.

Infact so obvious is the gifting nature of Darby’s YouGetPaidFast scheme that he felt the need to send out an email to affiliates, advising them not to accept payments accompanied by signed documents:

Dear everyone…

I got an envelope today with a money order wrapped in a “legal” document stating that this was a legal gift to Paul Darby and it was signed and was just a wonderful thing.

So… first of all if you get anything, ANYTHING like this – do not cash the check.

It`s someone gifting you in the mail and if you complete the transaction you just gifted.

Let`s play, get a lawyer and fight a big legal battle and perhaps go to jail for breaking several laws.

I think frankly that this was a set up and not a mistake.

So if you get anything with a little note that says “please add me to your list” or this is a legal “gift” pretend it`s on fire and run away.

We are not only very legal but we are very much onto a good thing here – just know that when you start having significant money,  some people will want it.

Ok gotta scoot, I`m validating payments and marking people paid!

All my best,
Paul Darby

Receiving money orders from people who send them to qualify to receive money orders from people they recruit? Totally not a gifting scheme.

Receiving money orders from people who send them to qualify to receive money orders from people they recruit… with a signature? Totally a gifting scheme EVERYBODY RUN FOR THE HILLS!

And if you thought Darby’s bizarre logic couldn’t get any… bizarrer (?), think again.

Fresh from a weekend of receiving checks from participants in his scheme, Darby uploaded a new YouTube video titled “Scams, lawyers, the FBI Customer Service & More”.

Moving on from “but we have a product” and “don’t sign anything and it’s not a gifting scheme!”, Darby’s lays out his latest “YouGetPaidFast is not a cash gifting scheme” strategy:

[7:40] I had a slight bump in the road and the only reason I mention it is because some of you may have seen it.

The danger bringing up something like this is um, a lot of people love drama and they latch onto something like this in an inappropriate level of interest and intent.

So, I’m gunna tell you it’s not a big deal. However, we did have somebody post on a big forum that uh, this (YouGetPaidFast) was a scam, and that Paul Darby was running a Ponzi scheme, etc., etc. And, there was no product, and there was some things said that were defamatory and libellous to the point that um, I’m gunna have to deal with it. And here’s why:

I was um, reading on there that this person has contacted the FBI and put a link on there so that everybody else could contact the FBI. And that if they didn’t want to go to prison they needed to contact the FBI too… and, I was going to prison because I was definitely running a scam.

Normally I wrote back to the person that sent this and I had a big smiley face and went on I don’t have time for it (sic).

However, what a lot of you don’t know is I am fortunate and blessed that um, I probably have a little bit different relationship with the FBI people than most do. And that I have FBI agents on my speed dial. And am friends with law enforcement types and federal agent typesbecause I… what, how do I keep this short…

I do a lot of work as a private contractor and travel around the country and do law enforcement training, and firefighter training and military training for first responders for anti-terrorism mitigation.

So, I know all these guys. I hang out with them for a week at a time in yknow, schools. Or I get to go um, down in underground chambers and um, work in bio-hazard conditions and get live nerve gas. Or get to go out on the bomb range, or train on the active shooter scenarios and that kind of fun stuff.

I mean, so I contacted one (an FBI agent) and said “look, here’s what was said,” and they go

“look, you have a real product. It’s a $28 product. You’re not at any level of running any kind of scam and you’re selling a higher value worth than what you’re charging. And you have a program where you pay for people that are sponsors.”

Now we use the words “affiliates” and “resellers” but they don’t necessarily know that so they used “sponsors”.

Um, and then he suggested that I get a cease and desist order filed through the attorneys.

You heard it here first folks. If you have FBI agents on speed-dial and attach products that have nothing to do with how affiliates receive money within your scheme, apparently you don’t need to worry about running a cash gifting scheme in the US.

What’s more, the FBI will even go so far as to give you their blessing and advise  you take legal action against anyone who suggests otherwise.

Darby continues on in the video mentioning that, after chatting with his FBI informant, he went on to talk to his pastor who declared

[10:50] Look, being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have legal rights, that you’re not allowed to use the court system.

[11:20] So if somebody puts in libellous and slanderous statements and attacks a business and attacks an individual, there are legal ramifications for that.

So, I’ll be doing that.

[12:47] I guess I will have to make an example of somebody and then post all that. So the next people coming in that think it would be cute to go into a theatre and yell “fire!”, or think it would be cute to get hard-working, honest, excellent men and women’s business, and hurt them financially, thousands of families around the world – because they’re angry and want to do a Jerry Springer act, they might be mean or they want to hurt somebody… we’ll just put a stop to that.

Darby claims that as a result of the discussion about the FBI published on the “popular forum”, around two hundred or so affiliates left YouGetPaidFast. Rather than “deal with it” though, Darby just marked them all as “paid” and continued on with the scheme.

I’m having a hard time looking at Darby’s response to people quitting as anything other than wholesale fraud. From a business perspective he’s citing the exchange of money between participants that simply never took place.

But apparently that’s just another day inside YouGetPaidFast…

Darby doesn’t name “the forum” he references in his video, however I believe he’s referring to the thread “”. On October 1st poster “ElmerFudd” wrote,

People should make decision based on all the facts they can gather.

So allow me to give readers the most important piece of information they can have so they can make an informed decision.

Whilst there does seem to be a product here there was no mention of the product(s) by you or admin till you did so in post #50 that I can see.

Till now both you and admin have only spoke about recruiting and how there are no fees and no matrix and how you get paid directly from other members who you sign up. There has been zero talk about the product.

United States law is crystal clear on this. When the emphasis is on recruiting and not on selling the product then the whole thing is a pyramid scheme.

This is clearly the case here that this program is a pyramid scheme.

Since the participation and promotion of pyramid schemes is illegal in the USA I urge you to stop participating in this illegal activity at once.

I have taken the liberty of informing the FBI Chicago office. I have provided them your name and home address which I got from the page you pitching in your sig. I also informed the FBI of this thread and I provided a link.

Any concerned citizen wishing to inform the FBI can do so via the following contact information.

FBI Chicago

2111 West Roosevelt Road Chicago, IL 60608-1128

(312) 421-6700

Whether or not Paul Darby has any Chicago FBI agents on speed-dial is unclear  as YouGetPaidFast is based out of Texas. Geography aside however, one certainly gets the impression that, rather than conduct their own investigation, Darby is on rather personal terms with the FBI such that any matters will be sorted out on a one to one basis behind closed doors.

Perhaps Darby might even go so far as to ask his FBI agent contact to pay a visit to and rough up the owners of the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Y’know… to really get his message out there:

“Fuck with Paul Darby and you fuck with the FBI. Fo’realz.”

Stay tuned…