In the wake of Wiseling’s collapse, Ghana’s SEC has issued a securities fraud warning.

As per the SEC’s February 23rd notice;

The General Public is hereby put on notice that WISELING ONLINE INVESTMENT COMPANY, a Finnish-based company operating in Ghana has not been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to carry out any Capital Market activity including investing or trading for returns.

This is the equivalent of a securities fraud warning in other jurisdictions.

As of a few days ago Wiseling has been feeding nonsense about “new SEC regulations” to its investors.

We are only limited to Telegram for now. Due to the ongoing issues.

All these are parts of the new SEC regulations we are currently trying to adjust to. Stay calm.

Whether this was referring to Ghana’s SEC or the SEC issuing a warning a few days later just being a coincidence is unknown.

What we do know is securities law cited by Ghana’s SEC are nothing new.

Wiseling is in the midst of an exit-scam and the none of the excuses they are feeding investors should be taken at face value.

As part of Wiseling’s exit-scam, the company pulled its website offline a few days ago.

Alexa traffic estimates reveal Wiseling’s investors are primarily from South Korea, the US and Pakistan.

Neither country has announced any regulatory action against Wiseling so far.