Uforia Science launched in late 2018. The company is part of LaCore Enterprises and is essentially a reboot of Foru International.

Following a failed merger between Uforia Science and MaVie earlier this year, things appear to have further deteriorated.

Travis and Summer Flaherty have been with Uforia Science from the beginning.

The Flahertys are top earners within Uforia Science. A year ago a marketing piece in BusinessForHome celebrated the Flahertys’ 5000 strong downline.

Yesterday Travis Flaherty confirmed his and his wife’s departure from the company.

The past few days, we have experienced all that is expected from a top earner of a company leaving. (We could write a book on this topic alone. lol.)

We have been betrayed by people that we considered to be “loyal” friends.

Despite our best efforts to honor the P&P’s and communicate our plans and negotiate a peaceful transition, we were suspended without income.

We have been verbally attacked and even had our lives threatened, by a so called “friend.”

I put the call on speaker (So Summer could listen) and had a former business partner start crazily screaming threats of coming to our home to kill my wife and I.

Sadly, my children heard the call and have been having nightmares ever since.

We were the subject of a carefully orchestrated “emergency call,” where deliberate lies and half truths were told about us, to slander our character. All in an effort to control (spin) a narrative.

Even today, the company CEO took shots at us on a national webinar.

Isn’t it funny, only weeks prior they were inviting us to give a keynote at the convention. Now we are demonized because we wanted to add a secondary income stream.

We’ve been threatened with lawsuits. And the list goes on and on….

Flaherty states he and his wife are going in a “new direction”. This involves “starting a new opportunity” but Flaherty doesn’t go into specifics.

Simultaneously, another Uforia Science top earner has also announced they’re starting their own company.

John Malott pitches himself as “the world’s leading authority on home-based” businesses”. He joined Uforia Science shortly after launch in late 2018.

In since-deleted marketing material, Uforia Science grouped the Flahertys and Malotts as “Creator Leaders”.

In light of his close ties to Uforia Science, a webinar held by Malott a few days ago contained some bizarre revelations.

We are still in Uforia but we are making a change, for us it’s for the better.

We’re gonna continue to support our teams inside Uforia … there is nothing wrong with Uforia. I know that there’s been a few people that have left.

We believe Uforia is a fantastic company. Terry LaCore, the majority owner of the Uforia company, is a close friend.

And he is also now a business partner of ours. You guys can stay tuned because we are gonna be launching a brand new company with Mr. Terry LaCore.

We’re going to be creating an unbelievable culture, active lifestyle based company. It’s gonna be very simple but unique.

We are not gonna be out in front inside Uforia going forward, that is the truth. But we also believe that Uforia is an excellent opportunity.

We are going to create our own company, in which I will be the Chief Executive Officer of that company.

Two Uforia Science’s top earners, two new companies… and one of the companies is backed by LaCore Enterprises?

What on Earth is going on at Uforia?

Uforia Science CEO Kevin Raulston held a company webinar this past Saturday. I believe this is the “national webinar” Travis Flaherty referenced above.

I went looking for answers there but the Zoom link redirected me to a scheduled Saturday 13th webinar.

No idea what “the biggest news in Uforia’s history” was, as the webinar doesn’t appear to have been archived.

All I was able to find was a hype train promoting “Shield UB”, a new drink product.

In any event it should be obvious that something is up at Uforia. We have the Flahertys going off with some new company. The Malotts starting a new company, through LaCore Enterprises – who as Uforia’s owner you’d think would be focusing on keeping the company together.

And apparently Uforia Science’s CEO is slagging former top-earners for leaving on corporate webinars.

We’ve documented LaCore Enterprises competing against itself previously. But having top earners in one company front another in-house company sounds like a cross-recruiting disaster in the making.

Stay tuned for any developments as we receive them.