Back in late February Uforia Science and MaVie announced they were merging into One You DNA.

One You DNA appears to have since been abandoned, following the announcement MaVie has merged with Ariix.

As reported by BusinessForHome earlier today;

Through this partnership, MaVie Representatives will unify with the current ARIIX Representative base by transitioning to the ARIIX patent-pending and award-winning ACTIV8 Compensation Plan.

MaVie Representatives will also have access to the ARIIX products in all available ARIIX registered markets.

MaVie product availability to ARIIX Representatives will be determined at a future date.

During the gradual integration process, both companies’ businesses will continue to operate as usual.

MaVie has had a cozy relationship with Ariix since launch. Two years ago WorldVentures sued MaVie, claiming founder Abboud Barakat

used its confidential information to benefit Ariix and the launch of MaVie.

That lawsuit was settled in December 2019. Details of the settlement were not made public.

MaVie’s merger with Ariix raises two immediate questions:

  1. Why did the One You DNA merger fall through?
  2. What is the state of MaVie as a company such that Barakat was shopping it around to potential buyers?

At the time of publication the previously accessible One You DNA website was unresponsive.

At the time of MaVie’s Uforia Science merger, Barakat (right) stated:

We feel strongly that joining forces will allow us to realize our strategic goals as we aspire to be the next billion-dollar company.

Today that’s changed to:

Our partnership with ARIIX provides the ideal environment for significant growth.

While ARIIX will provide the MaVie family with greater worldwide sales reach, we are most excited for the opportunity to work within its ethical and value-driven business model — a model that is very difficult to find today.

Whether that’s a dig at Uforia Science is unclear.