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Crowd4x Review: Wealth4AllTeam attempt a forex Ponzi

There is no information on the Crowd4x website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Crowd4x website domain was registered on the 10th of March 2014, however the domain registration is set to private. Crowd4x marketing videos on YouTube reveal a “Victor Ronzulli” speaking on behalf of the company: Ronzulli repeatedly refers to himself [Continue reading…]

AdRevWorld Review: Wealth4AllTeam launch ad scheme

After informing investors that their second Ponzi scheme, officially promoted as a “total passive investment program” paying out a 1.6% daily ROI sourced from “new deposits”, had collapsed just 2 months after they launched it, Wealth4AllTeam announced to the world that they “suspending all withdrawals until September 2013“. In an email sent out to Wealth4AllTeam [Continue reading…]

Wealth4AllTeam suspend payments till Sep 2013

One of the minor irritants of a Ponzi scheme is that sooner or later the money being withdrawn exceeds new money being invested. This can usually be sustained for a short while but sooner or later those payouts have to stop. Last we checked in with Wealth4AllTeam they had just come off the relaunch of [Continue reading…]

Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi reboot collapses after 2 mths

Back in late December 2012 Wealth4AllTeam announced that they were rebooting the infamous 10 day ROI scheme. This scheme collapsed around August 2012, with Wealth4AllTeam launching a new opportunity under the “Primus Hub” brand. Guaranteeing a 1.6% daily ROI sourced from “new deposits”,¬†Wealth4AllTeam described the reboot as ‘a total passive investment only program‘ that accepted [Continue reading…]

Wealth4AllTeam management unveil Ponzi reboot plan

Typically when a Ponzi or pyramid scheme launches in the MLM industry, management or those behind the scheme attempt to justify the scheme via misdirection and flawed logic. To achieve this all manner of tactics are deployed. Some profess the legitimacy of their schemes behind ad packs they bundle with the admission price into their [Continue reading…]

Primus Social Review: Wealth4AllTeam rebooted

Launched in 2010, Wealth4AllTeam was an investment opportunity that offered members 193%-250% ROIs over 60 or 120 days (depending on how much was invested). With no retail arm and ROIs paid out to members solely from new investment money coming in from members, in late August/early October the Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme finally collapsed. Rather than [Continue reading…]

Wealth4AllTeam Review: 10 day ROI scheme

At the core of any MLM business should be the marketing and sale of products or services. If you can sell those products and services due to your efforts and genuine demand, then all the more power to you. Keeping that in mind, when a company describes its products or services simply as ‘a non [Continue reading…]