At the request of Plaintiffs Armen Temurian, the upcoming Vista Network v. Phillip Piccolo and friends trial has been delayed.

In initially scheduled for April 27th, on March 31st the court postponed the trial to a to yet be decided date.

Temurian’s continuance motion was filed on March 18th. In it he cites “number of issues that have not been resolved” as justification for the delay.

Absolutely no action has been taken by any of these pending matters, and the parties are being forced to by Court Order to comply strictly with other procedural matters when there are items that are pending that would greatly affect the strategy of trial and disclosures.

COVID-19 is also brought up:

Plaintiffs and Plaintiff’s lead counsel reside in California, where the COVID-19 (hereinafter, “Coronavirus”) pandemic has decimated the normal lifestyle the community.

In that, both the Federal Government and the State Governments of Florida and California have declared an Emergency.

In some communities in California, the local government has enacted a “shelter-in-place” order, along with gatherings being outright banned.

This means that Plaintiff will not even be able to bring witnesses because it is likely that they will not even be able to travel.

We’ll continue to monitor the case docket for a new trial date.


Update 8th May 2020 – Vista Network’s lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by Armen Temurian. As of May 1st the case is closed.