unascos-logoJamison Palmer was one of the ringleaders who sold the uFun Club Ponzi scheme to US investors.

Through uFun Dominators and other Facebook groups, Palmer was instrumental in pitching the billion dollar Ponzi scheme to US investors.

jamison-palmer-ufun-club-utoken-Ponzi-investorSeeking Ponzi riches, Palmer (right) even went so far as to relocate from the US to Thailand.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Palmer’s efforts was the now notorious YouTube video in which Palmer claimed Thai authorities had given uFun Club the all-clear.

Those claims turned out to be bogus, with Thai authorities cracking down on uFun Club back in April.

After learning of arrest warrants issued against his fellow top investors, Palmer fled Thailand and returned to the US. He’s currently believed to be hiding out in Indonesia.

Having laid low since April, now it seems Palmer is eager to continue his Ponzi scamming through Unascos.

Palmer’s latest communication was recently posted to a closed Facebook group he communicates to uFun Club victims he scammed through;

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything here. Some time back I was advised not to make any public posts until the situation was sorted out in Thailand.

Who advised Palmer to lay low is unclear. But if it was legal advice, one can only wonder what said source of advice might advise when it comes to investing in and promoting Ponzi schemes.

Well… much time has gone by and my understanding is that the legal situation is ongoing in Thailand and that Dato Danial Tay is still doing everything he can to work with the authorities in Thailand to get the situation resolved.

Dato Dan has had months to travel to Thailand and clear his name. Instead he’s hiding out in Malaysia and continuing to scam people through Unascos (uFun Club rebranded).

I know many people probably believe I have abandoned this group and don’t care that people have been left in the dark. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some time back I had given leaders access to the new private mastermind group and the option to invite their downlines so everyone could get the latest updates.

For whatever reason… most of the people here were not invited. So things did not go according to the original plan.

This whole situation has caused a great deal of stress. I have worked so hard over the years to always do right by people and protect my reputation. Now I feel like many people blame me for this situation and it is very difficult to accept that.

Especially since I did not get involved with this project for the money.

The truth is… At this stage of my life, I don’t do anything I do for the money. In fact, I don’t have a need to do anything at all.

Right. Because people invest in and promote Ponzi schemes out of the goodness of their hearts – not because they get blinded by dollar signs and want to rip off anyone they can convince to invest.

Round of applause for Mother Palmer.

I got involved with this project because I saw it as a tremendous opportunity to help countless people from around the world.

After my near death experience years back… I have always had a dream of being able to look back over my life and know that it impacted many people in a positive way.

I know many of you had put your trust in me and that means more to me than you could possibly know.

I want to publicly apologize for any way I may have let you down and any inconvenience you may have experienced up to this point.

Half-assed apology (no refunds), and now here comes the sell…

That said… I want to publicly give respect to Dato Danial Tay. To this day… I believe that he is a visionary and a man of integrity.

I still believe that the UFUN business model was completely legitimate. The problem was that because of the tremendous success… it had become a threat for a number of reasons.

Palmer of course doesn’t state why paying existing investors with newly invested funds is legitimate. That it was a threat is not in contention, as it’s widely accepted Ponzi schemes and the investment fraud they foster put the economies they operate in at risk.

I see what happened in Thailand as a crime against the people. It just goes to show that government can do whatever they want right or wrong.

Meanwhile in reality, the only crime committed was that of Ponzi investment fraud. Committed by the fraudsters promoting and running the scheme, most of which scattered like the thieves they are when authorities came knocking.

Because of the high concentration of members in Thailand… this incident did become a serious problem for the company. Most companies could not survive with having assets seized and accounts frozen like this.

In fact, most companies would have shut their doors and all of the members would have taken a loss.

Danial Tay, being the man that he is, vowed to make sure that members would not take a loss and would be made whole no matter what it takes.

He is still doing everything he can to move things forward and make this happen.

How many leaders are willing to do something like this?

In Ponzi circles, a whole bunch of them. Reload scams are a dime a dozen.

I think it is a shame that many people want to blame Danial and the company or what happened.

If any crime has been committed, I believe it has been committed by the police in Thailand. There were no “victims” until the police got involved.

“No victims” in the sense it was only after police revealed the extent of fraud taking place, and the owners and operators of the scam scattered, that victims realized they’d been conned out of over a billion dollars.

Yeah, “no victims”.

Rather than people being upset with the company… people should be upset with the people that launched an attack against the company.

That this was even allowed to take place when it was doing so much good for so many people around the world.

Right. How dare people get upset with scammers who stole from them, such as Palmer. How dare they!

All of that being said… I know that the company has been working hard on making things right and making all of the members whole again.

How many companies have you been involved with that were willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you didn’t lose your money and were made whole again?

I know they have been working nonstop for months now and I have not seen all the details of the new structure. I am planning on meeting with Danial and some of the other key people over the next week.

Obviously… I am unable to give an opinion on the new structure at this point. However, once I have a good understanding, I promise to give it to you straight no matter what.

Also, since most of you have not been invited to the private mastermind, I am going to open it up to any UFUN members that want to join. And for you only… I am going to give full access to the training / content at no charge.

Again I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and your frustration. I have been just as upset and frustrated as anyone else.

Please stay tuned for more information…

Allow me to make some bold predictions.

The mastermind Jamison Palmer is so graciously “opening up”, serves no other purpose than to condition those participating into accepting getting scammed again.

Meanwhile Palmer is going to fly from Indonesia to Malaysia for some photos with Dato Dan, for his Mastermind, Facebook feed and however else he plans to market Unascos.

Upon returning, Palmer will declare Unascos to be the greatest business model he’s ever seen and crown Dato Dan the new Pharoah of Fraud.

Then the efforts scam US investors through Unascos will begin in earnest.

I for one look forward to more comical “Unascos is not a fraud because I opened up a word document and unrelated website” style videos from Palmer.

And to anyone who thinks recouping uFun Club losses via investment in Unascos is a good idea, be advised that nobody is actually making money in the scheme.

You have a bunch of uFun Club die-hards promoting an ever-growing value attached to the Unascos Ponzi points Dato Dan sold them.

There’s of course nothing backing these values, other than Dan artificially raising the value when he sees fit, Solely to convince those who’ve already invested they’re getting an ever-increasing ROI.

Your newly invested funds will be used to pay off some of those investors, with you hoping suckers join after you and invest to fund your own Unascos ROI.

You’ve been down this road before with uFun Club, you know how it ends.