Last week I wrote about TVI Express South Africa playing the race card as the South African regulators closed in on the business.

This investigation, launched by the South African Reserve Bank, came on top of an already existing criminal investigation underway by the South African department of Trade.

Whilst the South African Reserve Bank investigation was only just recently launched, the Department of Trade investigation has been running for a while now, and just last week resulted in the first arrests over the promotion of TVI Express in South Africa.

Mysteriously credited with ‘owning’ TVI Express,

(Irvin) Shirindzi, 28, owner of TVI Express, and his wife, Glenda Shirindzi, 24, were arrested by the police on Thursday last week for allegedly running a money laundering scheme.

This no doubt follows on from the continued promotion of TVI Express in South Africa, despite the Sotuh African Department of Trade declaring the business opportunity to be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Currently the pair are out on bail with a hearing set for June 14th on the condition that they report to a local police station daily.

As for the ownership claim, that one’s got me a little stumped. I can only assume that by ‘ownership’ the implication is that the Shirindzi’s were the first to introduce TVI Express into South Africa, or that they were the most successful and active in promoting it.

Despite South African regulators officially declaring TVI Express to be a pyramid scheme, the subsequent arrests that have followed and the ongoing criminal and financial investigations by South African authorities, it seems TVI members in South Africa are determined as ever to continue promoting the business.

One anonymous female member of TVI Express inferred that ‘nothing will stop us from going ahead and investing in TVI Express‘.

Meanwhile instead of being angry that the Shirindzi’s had introduced them to a pyramid scheme and ripped potentially thousands of people off, TVI supporters instead ‘hugged and showed support’ for the couple upon their bail release.

In the face of such criticism and regulatory crackdown, one can only wonder exactly what it will take to shut down TVI Express in South Africa. And furthermore, just how mindlessly brainwashed are TVI’s supporters there?