tvi-express-logoTVI Express’ long fought battles with the authorities in Indonesia seems to have come to a head yesterday with the revoking of their ‘business license’.

Effective immediately, TVI Express’ business activities in Indonesia have been frozen.

Citing an ongoing dispute over their license suspension, previously TVI Express had claimed that they were ‘a foreign company with previous approval by BKPM‘ (Indonesia’s ‘Investment Co-ordinating Board’).

Not having a bar of it, Suara Karya Online report that BKPM sent TVI Express a letter stating that TVI Express’ business activities ‘not correspond with the business license issued by the BKPM‘ (which was for a travel agent business).

This letter was sent in June and TVI were given till the end of July to respond. As far as I can tell, they never did and as such BKPM have now revoked their license and reported ‘TVI Express to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters on Wednesday‘ (21/09/2011).

Specifically, Goenarni Goenawan (Director of TVI Express Indonesia and 41 percent stake holder in TVI Express), Ni Komang Suratiningsih (10 percent stakeholder in TVI Express) and Tharun Trikha (49 percent stakeholder in TVI Express) have been accussed of  ‘committing illegal actions (that) hurt consumers in Indonesia‘ after some Indonesians invested USD 2.6 million (that can’t be right? Ouch!) into TVI.

Will Trikha, Suratiningsih and Goenawan face the charges laid out against them?

Not likely as TVI Express has already moved onto the Phillipines, where they hope to continue to the scam before having to move on somewhere else.

No doubt the trio will never set foot in Indonesia again.

Meanwhile, hopefully someone in the Phillipines is taking notice of all this (local media, government regulators and the general public, I’m looking at you!), as at this point, TVI Express and criminal activity really isn’t all that surprising.

Hopefully the Phillipines might be able to nip  TVI in the bud before the scam does too much damage.

Good luck guys!