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TVI Express turns 2: Analysis of TVI’s 2010 factsheet

Recently TVI Express celebrated two years of being in business in the MLM industry. Along with the celebrations, most of which used the milestone as a pointer to the legitimacy of the TVI, TVI members took the opportunity to share with the world some statistics about the company. Despite troubles in Africa and Australia recently [Continue reading…]

Fostering Fraud: TVI Express abandon acct verification

Back in December last year, TVI Express took note of its members concerned and sought to address claims that fraud was rampant in the business. With no verification process attached to the process of joining TVI Express, members in countries where identity fraud was difficult to police were presumably finding it easy to inflate TVI [Continue reading…]

South Africa to criminally investigate TVI Express

As we draw to the close of 2010, another major blow has been dealt to TVI Express’ operations in Africa. On the 29th of December, 2010, South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry not only officially confirmed TVI has been declared a pyramid scheme in South Africa, but also that they intended to launch criminal [Continue reading…]

TVI Express is being marketed in Africa on lies

Hot on the heels of the regulatory crackdown on TVI Express by the Bank of Namibia a month or so ago,  Swaziland has since decided to launch it’s own investigation into TVI Express. To be conducted by the Central Bank of Swaziland, the investigation revolves around the bank’s claim that TVI is a pyramid scheme. [Continue reading…]

TVI Express moving to ‘the world’s top server farm’

There’s a lot of outrageous claims made in the MLM industry. Some of them are deceptive, some of them are disheartening, some of them are outright lies and some of them… well, some of them are just comical. I was browsing through some information about TVI Express the other day when I couldn’t help but [Continue reading…]

Members claim BON has no jurisdiction over TVI Express

Following the Bank Of Namibia’s claims that TVI Express is an illegal pyramid scheme, members of TVI Express lawyered up and rolled out threats of a class action lawsuit unless the bank met their demands. Through their lawyers, Metcalfe Attorneys, members of TVI Express demanded that the bank meet with them and retract their public [Continue reading…]

TVI Express warns legal action over BON pyramid claims

Late last week the Bank of Namibia warned Namibians against participating in TVI Express. The bank claimed that TVI Express was nothing more then a pyramid scheme and stated that in the whole, selling of purported products or services is a small component of the business models in the scheme and therefore designed to defraud [Continue reading…]

Bank of Namibia claims TVI Express an ‘illegal scheme’

Ah Africa, home of blood diamonds, daily mass rapes, guerrilla warfare, theft, car hijackings and of course the largest internet scam industry on the planet. Anyone who’s been on the internet for more then ten minutes has undoubtedly come across a 419 scam email from someone claiming to want to export riches from somewhere in [Continue reading…]

Jack Panaghis attempts to validate TVI Express

A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the “straw man”), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position. -Wikipedia definition of [Continue reading…]

TVI Express in 2010: Expansion or inevitable collapse?

It’s no secret that TVI Express has had a rough year. Their first major hiccup was in Australia after the ACCC accused TVI Express of being a pyramid scheme and launched court action. The case is currently being played out. Meanwhile over the in the US, TVI Express received a confirmed cease and desist in [Continue reading…]