Faith Sloan’s TelexFree trial looks set to be delayed for a second time.

The first delay occurred due to President Trump’s government shutdown.

Now a second delay looks likely due to Sloan’s attorney being hospitalized for medical complications.

As per a physician note submitted to the SEC, Sloan’s attorney has been hospitalized since February 7th.

When Sloan’s attorney will be released from hospital is unclear, but he is not expected to be able to return to work ‘until March 4, 2019 at the earliest‘.

Given the uncertainty of when Sloan’s attorney might be released, the SEC has filed for a stay on the upcoming March 25th trial date.

The Commission will file a further motion for new deadlines once counsel is out of the hospital and his health is reassessed.

Faith Sloan is the last of the ten TelexFree defendants the SEC sued back in 2014. The SEC alleges that Sloan stole $1,073,316 from Telexfree victims.

A pending $1.2 million dollar partial judgment motion is also in play but yet to be ruled on.

As per her Facebook profile, Sloan is/was recently in Trinidad to meet with former OneCoin scammer, Daniel Grenon.

After OneCoin collapsed, Grenon was involved in the Worldwide Cryptocurrency Investment and CGI Limited/Global Ponzi schemes.

The SEC’s motion for a continued trial date has yet to be ruled on. Stay tuned…


Update 24th February 2019 – A new trial date for May 13th has been scheduled.


Update 12th April 2019 – Pending approval of a proposed settlement with the SEC, Faith Sloan’s trial has been postponed to June 10th.