TelexFree has recently been attempting to make inroads in Europe. In addition to heavily promoting the investment scheme throughout Russia, the company’s affiliate investors have also targeted western European countries.

Anticipating Europe to be a primary source of new investor funds with which to pay out existing investors with, TelexFree are even going so far as to hold their next conference in Madrid, Spain this weekend.

Fortunately all this Ponzi pimping hasn’t gone unnoticed, with at least one police department in the UK issuing a public warning against what they refer to as a “scam”.

In their scam warning, issued this month, the States of Jersey Police department warn

The States of Jersey Police have been made aware of a potential fraud which is targeting Jersey’s Madeiran community.

Guernsey Police have issued a similar appeal.

The scheme is under a company name of TELEXFREE and would require initial investments with the promise of big returns.

The scheme originated from Brazil and is currently being investigated by the Brazilian authorities as it is believed to be fraudulent.

Jersey Police know that islanders have been approached to “invest” in the scheme, but as yet have not had any contact from victims of the scam.

If anyone in Jersey has invested money into a TELEXFREE scheme they should contact the Joint Financial Crimes Unit on Tel: 01534 612250 (during office hours) or Police headquarters on 01534 612612 (at other times).

The last paragraph of the scam alert would indicate that the police are looking to gather information on TelexFree, perhaps for investigative use later should the investment scheme gain traction locally.

On their “About Us” website page, the States of Jersey police department write

The States of Jersey Police serves a resident population of nearly 98,000 people as well as over 700,000 visitors to Jersey each year.

At face value, the challenges involved in policing Jersey may seem to equate to policing a small town in the United Kingdom. But Jersey’s status as a Crown Dependency with its own government and legislation create a distinct policing environment:

The main difference is that the States of Jersey Police must be largely self-sufficient in developing and maintaining services that are provided through a local, regional and national level police service infrastructure in the United Kingdom.

Whether or not the department will take any further action against the company and any local promoters remains to be seen.


Footnote: My thanks to BehindMLM reader Frontier for providing us with this news tip.