speak-asia-online-logoDespite it being over five years since Indian police first filed a First Information Report on Speak Asia, turns out there are still dedicated officers working the case.

Two Speak Asia suspects were arrested last week, one the wife of Speak Asia CEO, Manoj Kumar Sharma.

Rema Sharma, along with her husband and Rajeev Mehrotra were behind Tulsiyat Tech, a company set up to manage funds invested into Speak Asia.

Rema Sharma has told police that her husband Manoj Kumar Sharma died of cancer back in 2014.

Rumors of Sharma’s death in a Singapore hospital first surfaced in 2014. To the best of my knowledge the claim has never been independently verified.

An Interpol red corner notice for Manoj Kumar remains in place.

Renu Sharma was finally arrested because ‘she was one of the directors of Tulsiyat‘.

Through Tulsiyat, Sharma and her co-conspirators laundered over Rs. 7 billion ($105.2 million USD) from India to Singapore.

The other suspect arrested was Arun Rai, a top Speak Asia investor.

Rai stands accused of transferring’over Rs. 70 crore from his account to Speak Asia’s‘.

On Wednesday , he was to board a flight from Kolkata airport for Bangkok when immigration officials detained him and informed us.

We took his custody and produced him before the court on Thursday .

Both Renu Sharma and Arun Rai have been remanded in police till October 13th.

To date police have made 32 arrests in connection with the Speak Asia case and frozen 215 bank accounts containing over Rs. 1.4 billion ($21.1 million USD).

The overall status of the Speak Asia case was not reported.