Two and a half years in the making and despite Speak Asia’s best attempts to thwart investigations into the company at judicial and local levels, Indian authorities  on the 16th of December finally filed a chargesheet against Speak Asia.

“The accused have been booked for forgery, criminal conspiracy and cheating among other charges under the Indian Penal Code and Prize Chit and Money Circulation Banning Act. The maximum punishment for these offences is up to seven years’ jail,” said B P Shelke, investigating officer.

Named in the chargesheet are

Tarak Bajpai; director of Tulsiyat Tek Rajiv Mehrotra; SpeakAsia prime franchisee Deepankar Sarkar; panelists Ashish Dandekar, Raeesh Shaikh, Rahul Shah, Sanjiv Dandona among others; and eight firms-SpeakAsia Online, Haren Ventures Pvt Ltd, Tulsiyat Tek, Tulsient Info System, Kritanj Management and Allied Services, Seamless Outsourcing, Seven Rings Education and Seven Rings International.

I wonder if any of Kumar’s AISPA cronies made it onto the list? Or were they truly just collective sheep operating solely on the promise of one day getting paid their Ponzi returns?

The EOW’s chargesheet comes in at over 5000 pages and will no doubt take whoever has to go through it some considerable time to digest.

The charge sheet contains all the evidence that we have collected during the investigation. It was a lengthy probe. The money was collected in India, laundered in Dubai and other countries, and hence, it took time to file the charge sheet.

No doubt. Here at BehindMLM we’ve been covering the case since early 2011 and I imagine if one were to print out all 77 articles and their respective comments to date, you’d have a similarly sizeable stack of paper too.

Looking forward Rajvardhan Sinha, EOW chief, advised

We will be filing supplementary charge sheets too.

The police have also issued look-out notices against the wanted accused-Manoj Kumar Sharma, India CEO of SpeakAsia; Ramnivas Pal, promoter; and Harendar Kaur, global head of SpeakAsia online-across all airports in the country. They will be detained once they arrive/ try to leave the country.

EOW officers said that they will file chargesheet against mastermind Ram Sumiran Pal and his brother Ram Niwas later.

Sounds good to me, although I’m not sure how effective airport notices will be, considering the chosen route of escape/re-entry into India by Speak Asia management appears to be by train to Nepal.

Meanwhile over at the Kumar camp, desperate denial is still the dish of the day:

The EOW ,in pursuance to the Bombay HC order in WP 1127, has filed the Charge Sheet in FIR 60.

The Charge Sheet was filed today ie 16th, Dec, 2013, at approx 4.45 pm in the Magistrates Courtroom no 47 of Magistrate Mrs Shinde, Esplanade Court.The process of filing is on right now.


– Ashok Bahirwani

Only in the bizarre world of Ponzi scammers does having charges of ‘forgery, criminal conspiracy and cheating’ filed against you warrant “congratulations”.

As we wait for the Indian legal process to move forward, the big question now is whether or not Manoj Kumar will come out of hiding and face the music.

Bit hard to argue your legitimacy when you’re hiding away in your fortress of solitude and pulling the strings of your puppets with stolen panelist money…