It’s official; the Skyway Capital Ponzi brand is toxic.

So toxic that Skyway Capital has outright banned affiliate investors from publicly mentioning its name.

As per a press-release published earlier this month, Skyway Capital affiliates are banned from using

drawings, illustrations, images, photos and videos with images of SkyWay string transport objects and track structure in presentations, use symbols, logos, photos of official SkyWay representatives, including photos of the author of the technology – Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky.

(Giving) a personal assessment of current events related to SkyWay technology and provide it as official information.

(And) disseminat(ing) information that does not have official confirmation.

Skyway Capital goes on to “urgently demand” affiliates

remove all previously published information that could cause reputational harm to the SkyWay group of companies … especially all information about the development of technology in the United Arab Emirates.

Do not comment on posts and news related to the development of SkyWay technology in public groups of social networks and forums on the Internet.

This includes replacing any public mention of

  • Skyway with “innovative transport technologies”;
  • SWIG with “NEEW group of companies; and
  • SWIG PA with “TNG PA (Transnet group).

Skyway Capital’s bizarre edict was made as the company attempts to rebrand itself as the New Economic Evolution of the World, or NEEW for short.

New Economic Evolution of the World is a marketing term Skyway Capital first used in December 2017.

As to what’s behind the New Economic Evolution of the World panic and Skyway Capital disassociation, typically we see this sort of stuff when banking channels are at stake.

The UAE isn’t known for regulation of MLM Ponzi schemes, so it’s quite possible that New Economic Evolution of the World is an attempt to keep banking channels open.

A clean company name to fool financial regulators. Although why Skyway didn’t just set up more shell companies is unclear.

The alternative hilarious narrative is that mentioning Skyway Capital somehow causes “reputational harm”, specific to the UAE.

Violation of this prohibition will be regarded as willful sabotage!

Accounts of violators will be blocked without the right to recover.

Grab your popcorn folks. Sounds like this Ponzi implosion is just getting started…