Riway’s Purtier is a deer placenta supplement.

In social media posts, various distributors have claimed Purtier boosts immune systems – with a particular focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is this factually incorrect, it’s downright dangerous.

As it stands there are zero medical studies confirming Purtier has any medical benefits whatsoever. Nor is Purtier approved to treat, manage or cure and medical conditions in any country.

Riway itself promotes Purtier as an anti-aging supplement:

Defining a new era of youth – transcending the passage of time, PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition is the answer to defying age and embracing our youth.

Based on nothing at all, Riway distributors are running around the internet touting Purtier as an immune system booster:

As per the examples above, both of which were published within the last 24 hours, the marketing angle is that Purtier can prevent COVID-19.

The ad on the right goes a step further, claiming Purtier

Helps recovery after illness.

Helps improve the performance of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and digestive organs.

Helps overcome menopausal disorders, parkinsonism, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, back pain and low back pain.

Helps care for patients with inflammation, of the blood vessels of the brain, heart and circulation of blood.

Assist the recovery process of arthritis and degenerative diseases of connective tissues.

This, like the immune system marketing and COVID-19 hashtag marketing, is all nonsense.

The deplorable people behind these marketing campaigns are trying to make a quick buck on the current social climate.

COVID-19 is very much real and you should be taking all the recommended precautions to prevent its spread.

Sitting at home munching on deer placenta pills is not one of those such precautions.

If you’re running around promoting Purtier as a COVID-19 preventative or treatment, please stop. You are literally putting people’s lives at risk.

As for Riway putting a stop to this themselves. Don’t count on it.

Riway has been turning a blind eye to the outrageous medical claims their distributors have been making for years.

As long as the money rolls in, evidently Riway doesn’t care who was told what to get it.


Update 15th August 2021 – Riway has been prosecuted and convicted in Singapore over misleading and false health claims related to Purtier.