A few months ago a Riway customer in New Zealand ordered and received two bottles of Purtier placenta.

Examination of the product packaging revealed a concerning discrepancy that, to date, has gone unanswered.

The products in question were ordered from Enecia Gallaza, who is believed to be a Riway distributor.

As recounted by the Gallaza’s customer;

On the packs one was labeled Purtier Placenta Made in NZ but the other bottle there was no label Made in NZ.

Riway themselves advertise Purtier as “made in New Zealand” and from the outside, both boxes of Purtier received appear the same:

The bottles themselves though are different. One bottle is marked “Made in New Zealand”:

The other list import and distribution information for Riway Philippines in its place.

Also of note are the different manufacture and expiry dates.

The New Zealand bottle was manufactured in November 2018 and is good till November 2021.

The Philippines bottle was manufactured in February 2019 and is good till February 2021.

The Purtier bottle marked made in New Zealand has an additional year of shelf life over its Philippine equivalent.

Whether the Riway Philippines bottle of Purtier was made in New Zealand is unclear.

The customer has thus far reached out to Gallaza, Shehan Saparamadu, another New Zealand based Riway distributor and one other distributor in the Philippines.

To date neither of them have given the customer

a satisfactory answer as to why the ingredients in the bottle are different when they are both in sixth edition.

They are pointing fingers that it was the requirement of FDA in the Philippines?  It seems very confusing to me.

If there is a Philippine FDA directive, that doesn’t explain why that product is being sold in New Zealand.

Especially when retail customers in New Zealand are being charged $600 NZD (~$384 USD) a bottle, for what they are lead to believe is locally produced and manufactured Purtier.

Elsewhere on the internet other brands of New Zealand deer placenta capsules are available for $33.90 to ~$86 NZD a bottle.