The Berlin Group operate in the MLM cryptocurrency niche and appear to be based out of Australia.

Two corporate addresses for The Berlin Group are provided on their website.

The first is in Brisbane and belongs to Servcorp, a virtual office provider.

The second address is an apartment in Melbourne. The connection between the Melbourne apartment and The Berlin Group, if any, is unclear.

Heading up the Berlin Group is Director and CEO, Joachim Pydde (right).

According to Pydde’s Berlin Group corporate bio, prior to the current MLM offering he was selling coffee to supermarkets.

The current Berlin Group MLM offering appears to be spearheaded by Laurie Suarez.

Cited as The Berlin Group’s Executive Operations Manager, Suarez has a “solid foundation in crypto” and

was seconded by the Berlin Group to implement a capital raising Bot to facilitate in the inception of the various projects the company has on the table.

Suarez’s “crypto foundation” is not specified, nor was I able to tie him or Joachim Pydde to any other MLM companies.

What I did learn however is that Suarez, better known as Lorenzo David Suarez and Laurence Suarez, is a “convicted fraudster“.

Peter Ohanyan, cited as The Berlin Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, was promoting 3T Networks earlier this year (March’ish).

3T Networks was an illegal unregistered securities offering, combined with pyramid recruitment.

After 3T Networks collapsed Ohanyan started promoting GroceryBit, a failed cryptocurrency cashback scheme.

Read on for a full review of The Berlin Group MLM opportunity.

The Berlin Group Products

The Berlin Group has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market The Berlin Group affiliate membership itself.

The Berlin Group Compensation Plan

The Berlin Group affiliates invest bitcoin in The Recycle Bot.

The Recycle Bot is a Telegram-based bot The Berlin Group operate.

Through The Recycle Bot, the Berlin Group offer affiliates a 2.8% daily ROI for 60 days.

The Berlin Group pays referral commissions on Recycle Bot invested funds down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • level 2 – 3%
  • level 3 – 1%

Joining The Berlin Group

The Berlin Group affiliate membership is free.

Full participation in the attached MLM opportunity however requires a 0.002 BTC or higher investment.


The ruse behind The Berlin Group’s daily ROI scheme is recycling.

Beyond calling their Telegram Ponzi bot “The Recycling Bot”, in reality The Berlin Group has nothing to do with advertising.

One need only look at The Berlin Group’s Terms and Conditions to confirm what The Recycle Bot actually is:

The Recycle Bot is officially a “Crypto Growth Bot” and should only be referenced as such.

In The Berlin Group’s own words the Recycle Bot “grows” investor’s cryptocurrency, to the tune of 168% every 60 days.

If you visit The Berlin Group’s website, you’ll find limited reference to The Recycle Bot and absolutely no specifics as to the MLM side of the business.

In fact, The Berlin Group even go so far as to ban affiliates from mentioning it anywhere.

No use of the name The Recycle Bot/The Recycle Growth Bot in any manner in a URL name, website, blogs, review page or any public domain listed on the internet that may contain the name The Recycle Bot/The Recycle Growth Bot.

You are not permitted to create videos on YouTube or any other video platform regarding The Recycle Bot/The Recycle Growth Bot.

You are not permitted to make public social media posts anywhere that include The Recycle Bot/The Recycle Growth Bot.

You are not permitted to post or share videos or images of The Recycle Bot/The Recycle Growth Bot.

The reason for this is of course the only verifiable source of revenue entering The Berlin Group and their Telegram bot is new investment.

All The Berlin Group are doing is recycling newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, making it a Ponzi scheme.

But Oz, this is a fully incorporated Australian company!

Yeah, about that…

Sure, The Berlin Group is incorporated in Australia both with an ABN (46 604 311 300) and ACN (604 311 300).

As with any MLM company that incorporates itself in Australia however, this is simply smoke and mirrors.

As far as corporate filings go, The Berlin Group was incorporated in 2015 and hasn’t filed anything since 2016 – well before they launched their The Recycle Bot.

No doubt Joachim Pydde and the rest of the admins are hoping to make as much money before The Berlin Group inevitably collapses.

Historically I don’t think we’ve seen ASIC take any action against scams until long after they’ve collapsed, and rarely do Australian authorities pursue MLM related fraud.

Typically they just delist and forget about it. Which will probably happen with The Berlin Group.

As I mentioned however, The Berlin Group’s Australian incorporation is just smoke and mirrors.

Alexa currently cite the UK (61%), Greece (11.4%) and the Philippines (6.2%) as the primary sources of traffic to The Berlin Group website.

Neither The Berlin Group or their Recycle Bot are licensed to operate as an investment platform in any of these jurisdictions.

Potential The Berlin Group investors need only need look as far as iCenter, Alpha Cash, V-Tec, RobinHood Global, Business Bot Incubator and Lara With Me for Telegram Ponzi bot losses.

Ponzi math is a zero sum game and The Berlin Group’s Recycle Bot will end no differently.