The National Bank of Slovakiahas issued investment fraud warnings against Skyway Capital and Five Winds.

With respect to Skyway Capital, the Bank of Slovakia has issued a warning against First Skyway Invest Group Ltd (UK).

Skyway Capital operates via a network of shell companies, all ultimately owned and operated by the same people.

The regulator warns that Skyway Capital is not registered to offer securities in Slovakia or the EU, and therefore illegally solicits investment from Slovakians.

Skyway Capital launched back in 2016. The company initially advertised 22% daily ROIs, however that was pulled shortly after launch.

As I understand it Skyway Capital continues to pay pyramid recruitment commissions, however ROI payouts have been suspended for some time.

To date Skyway Capital has failed to provide evidence of external revenue has been provided.

Instead the company focuses on attracting gullible investors through transport themed marketing hype and promises.

The Bank of Slovakia’s Five Winds warning is again securities related.

The regulator warns that Five Winds Asset Management and QW Lianora Swiss Consulting are not licensed to provide investment services in Slovakia or the EU.

Like Skyway Capital, Five Winds has a number of shell companies attached to it.

In addition to securities fraud, the Bank of Slovakia states Five Winds ‘is most likely to be a pyramid fraud‘.

BehindMLM confirmed as much in our September 2017 Five Winds review.

It’s worth pointing out that Five Winds was a reboot of the Questra World Ponzi scheme, which operated through Atlantic Global Asset Management.

The Bank of Slovakia issues a separate fraud warning against Atlantic Global Asset Management in July 2017.