After months of silence, denials and accusations of rumour spreading Polaris management have finally admitted the link between Polaris Media Group and Scientology.

In an email sent out to Polaris Media Group distributors today, Polaris CEO Shane Krider has finally broken his silence and publicly admitted he is a member of the church of Scientology.

Religious Freedom and Polaris

“There have been some comments and concerns voiced about me being a member of the Church of Scientology. I’m not here to defend my religion. What I believe is my personal choice. I don’t enforce it on others. And I certainly don’t expect them to enforce their views on me.

At Polaris we don’t practice or condone any form of discrimination – gender, race, sexual orientation or religion – because we believe that this a personal choice and it’s not relevant to the business.

I do take issue with people who discriminate on the subject of religion and confuse it with my business activities.

That’s like saying you won’t do business with someone who is Jewish or Muslim. Or refusing to buy from a Protestant or a Catholic. It’s just wrong.

Polaris is purely a business opportunity. We focus on helping people be the best they can and live a great life. If some people don’t want to participate because of my religion, that’s their choice. But instead of worrying about what I believe, look at what we do and what we produce. Judge us on the success of our distributors, our contribution to others and how we help those in need.

Shane Krider


Polaris Media Group

Far be it from me to crucify Krider for finally coming clean, whilst I strongly disagree with his religion he is free to practice what he chooses.

What I will say though is it is well known you cannot advance in Scientology without paying vast amounts of money. That money has to come from somewhere.

For every sale a distributor makes a sizeable chunk of money finds its way back to Polaris HQ, of which Krider draws his own salary.

It is feasible that whilst Polaris on it’s own might have no business ties to Scientology, management who directly make money from the company certainly do.

What is interesting is Krider’s public acknowledgement adds fuel to the fire over discussion about the recent departure of several Polaris EMC members. Was being asked to join Scientology the last straw?

Additionally the recent claims made by ex-EMC member Elana Fraga on Scientology and Polaris are certainly given additional weight in their credibility.

As per usual Scientology policy Krider has come out and played the religious persecution card. I don’t need to reaffirm my own personal opinion of the “religion”, there’s plenty of information out there readily available on Scientology for you to review and come to your own conclusion.

Recently Senator Nick Xenophon stood up in the Australian parliament and declared Scientology a “criminal organisation”. Currently a senate inquiry is pending approval of the government.

I encourage all Polaris distributors, current, potential and past to read up on Scientology and “know for yourself” what you are potentially becoming financially involved in.