Fugitives Kristijan Krstic and wife Xenia Faye Natividad Atilano, have been on the run since August 2021.

The crime couple are wanted by US authorities, on charges related to a $70 million Ponzi empire.

Following their arrest at the request of US authorities in Serbia, Atilano was released early due to pregnancy. Krstic was released in July 2021 under murky circumstances.

Krstic and Atilano then promptly fled, and haven’t been seen since. Serbian authorities have remained silent on how the pair escaped.

Now some of the couple’s kids have turned up in the Philippines, prompting speculation Krstic and Atilano might be staying near family there.

Krstic (right) and Atilano have a number of kids together. Atilano’s sixth was born in 2020, prompting the early release of Atilano after her arrest.

The Krstic’s and Atilano’s children were with them at time of Krstic’s 2021 release. We know this because Krstic’s return to the family home was filmed:

Karen Atilano Bathan is Xenia Atilano’s sister. As recently as July 31st, Bathan shared photos of Krstic’s and Atilano’s third youngest son on social media:

In another photo, published in May, Krstic’s and Atilano’s third youngest can be seen:

The third youngest, who goes by “K3”, recently commandeered Kristijan Krstic’s old Instagram account.

A livestream appeared on the account two weeks ago, featuring K3, K4 (the second youngest) and relatives.

The elder son, “K2”, is referenced as being “home with the nanny”. So it appears sons K2, K3 and K4 are currently in the Philippines.

The “Kx” naming convention appears to be an attempt to avoid confusion due to similar names given to Krstic’s sons.

Another player is Jeng “Jessica” Atilano, Xenia Atilano’s mother. Following Xenia’s arrest, Jeng flew to Serbia to look after the children.

In a statement issued to the media in November 2020, Jeng Atilano stated;

I am here to appeal to the Serbian government not to extradite my pregnant daughter, her husband and other Serbian citizens to the United States of America.

I can’t imagine how her six minor children, as well as the seventh on the way, will grow up and live without their parents.

I came from the Philippines to try to help them, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to bear this suffering.

I don’t know if all six of the referenced kids are Krstic’s or whether they’re from a previous relationship. In any event in December 2020, a month later Jeng Atilano was back in the Philippines.

Kristijan Krstic and Xenia Atilano living in the Philippines isn’t unprecedented.

In November 2019 Krstic and Atilano sold a luxury apartment in Taguig City:

Jeng Atilano’s social media places Xenia in the Philippines as late as July 2020, so they appear to have stuck around after the sale.

The arrests in Serbia took place a few weeks later that same month.

One BehindMLM reader is adamant Krstic and Atilano have returned to the Philippines;

If they really want to catch the Krstics… just follow the mother and sister of Xenia who is in their hometown Zamboanga city, Philippines.

Rumor has it the mother goes to many banks and withdraws a lot of $$$ to these banks on a regular basis and to top it off the Krstics bought a lot of properties (houses, condos, luxury cars etc) in manila, Philippines before they got caught…

FOLLOW THE FAMILY and the mothers $$$ trail and i bet, the Krstics are in the Philippines hiding in the south!!!

I might be putting too much weight on it, but based on Jeng Atilano’s statement about Xenia’s children, I’m inclined to agree. Where their kids are is likely where Krstic and Atilano (right) are.

Whether that’s in the southern Philippines or elsewhere in the country though. Zamboanga City is in the far south-west of the Philippines.

Another possibility is the two older children and youngest (born 2020), who are conspicuously absent, are living with Krstic and Atilano elsewhere. This could be Serbia (unlikely) or the Philippines.

Such to the extent Krstic and Atilano have and are travelling, it’ll be on dodgy documentation. Krstic’s and Atilano’s indictment references the use of “fake passports”.

They remain wanted fugitives.

Both Serbia and the Philippines have extradition treaties with the US.


Update 25th October 2022 – Kristijan Krstic has deleted his old Instagram account.


Update 4th November 2023 – Kristijan Krstic was arrested in Georgia in February 2023. He was subsequently extradited to the US on October 30th.

The status of Krstic’s wife, Xenia, remains unclear.