Bitcoiin defendant John Demarr will surrender $3,513,305.14 as part of his plea deal with the DOJ.

DeMarr’s forfeiture agreement is detailed in a letter motion filed on December 21st, 2021.

The motion includes an attached proposed order, which identifies the $3.5 million as being derived from DeMarr’s criminal conduct.

The order states ‘the Forfeiture Money Judgment shall be paid in full on or before July 30, 2021′, which I’m assuming is a 2022 typo.

Of additional note is that the forfeiture amount

is not to be considered a payment of a fine, penalty, restitution loss amount or a payment of any income taxes that may be due, and shall survive bankruptcy.

This means DeMarr could be up for additional financial penalties at sentencing.

DeMarr is currently scheduled to be sentenced on April 8th, 2022.


Update 6th February 2022 – On January 11th DeMarr’s sentencing was rescheduled again for April 5th.


Update 7th April 2022 – DeMarr’s sentencing hearing was held on April 5th but didn’t result in a sentence.

DeMarr appears to have objected to the DOJ’s Pre-sentence Report. And whatever that objection was, it was unable to be resolved on April 5th.

As a result DeMarr has been directed to file his PSR objection by April 11th. The DOJ will then file a response by April 13th.

Pending resolution of DeMarr’s objection(s), stay tuned…


Update 20th May 2022 – DeMarr has a new sentencing hearing scheduled for May 25th.